Want To Meet Up?

First, I have to address the meet-ups. I love them, and I offered to meet and make as many friends as possible. That said, Craig and I have ground rules for them- for our safety and for yours.  Until I meet you, even though we have chatted online, I still don’t “know” you.  You may think you know me and my family because of this blog, which is great, but I am still getting to know you.  Our time is valuable, just as much as yours is, so unless we can commit a full day that has been planned in advance, we are most likely open to a ride, or a soda, possibly a meal, conversation and a picture.  I am not complaining AT ALL, they have all been great, but there have been times that meets went longer than they should have because I just didn’t have the heart to speak up and say something.

We have also discussed that unless you are a local friend we have hung out with, Craig and I are covering our bases and will not be meeting up with anyone of the opposite sex by ourselves.  I say this out of love and responsibility to my family and marriage, and I don’t want the meets to end if one of them should sour. I hope all of you understand where I am coming from on this.

Most of the times it will likely be just myself at the Meets, as Craig is working and we feel the kids being involved with them hasn’t worked out so they will not be involved further unless discussed prior to a Meet.

That all being said, I would LOVE to meet you- so please send me an email at amy@therelocatedtourist.com with when you are in WDW, and I will try to make time for you. God bless you and yours!


  1. Hello!
    I have just found your blog and cannot believe how similar our stories are! I myself just moved to Orlando 2 weeks ago after years of dreaming. I will be starting as a massage therapist in Shades of Green in a few days. If you and your family are ever free I would love to meet up with you. I don’t really know anyone in this area yet and judging by your blog you guys are awesome! 🙂 Hope to hear back from you!

    ~Jillian Reck

    • I won’t be able to get into the parks for another few weeks due to getting my company ID, but if you wanted to meet at a resort or Downtown for lunch or something that could be fun. Or if you would prefer we can wait and meet in the parks later in the month. I will be free Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays or after 7 pm the rest of the week.

  2. Amy, did you change your cell number? I have tried to text but have not heard back–I know you have my contact info but in the meantime I’ve been following your new life, hope to meet up again in October!
    Bethany (lovethemouse) in Canada

  3. I love your site, I got the address from Linkedin discussions about Disney. This is a cool thing you have done, it is a great idea. I will drop you a line when we come down next year.
    Dizneydude, Indiana, D23 charter member, stockholder, Disney collector and Disney fanatic.

  4. Hi Amy…….I just read all of your posts (from the beginning) and am finally “caught up”! I am a travel agent in Central New York and specialize in Disney. I just love your passion for the disney product! My family will be in Disney (staying at Windsor Hills) from August 9 – 16. I would love to meet up with you if you happen to be in the same park as we are to say a quick “hi”! I’ll be there with my husband and my 2 kids who are 12 and 9. Do you think it will be possible??


    • Is there a certain park that’s easiest for you to get to? I have our schedule all mapped out (because of dining reservations) for the entire week. If there’s an better park for you or a better day (from Aug 9 – 16), please let me know. We can then narrow it down. I would love for my kids to meet you!! I’ll have to explain your “journey” to them while we’re on the plane!


  5. Hi Amy,
    Payton and I will be at Saratoga Springs from August 18th (around 3) until the 26th (around noon). I was wondering if you wanted to meet somewhere to do whatever (talk, ride, eat, drink, etc.)? If the girls or Craig are home, I’d love to see them too.. The only day we have definite plans would be Wednesday the 24th. Payton has a tee time for 10:00AM and I usually ride along with him and take pictures. The golf courses are BEAUTIFUL! Disney charges a ride-along fee of $15.00, but its worth every penny.
    If you have time to meet up, is there anything from here in Wisconsin that you would like me to bring (sausage, cheese, etc.). Just let me know and we’ll be there in 3 days. OH BOY!!
    I hope everything goes well with the girls and the new schools. I love reading all your posts about your new life in Florida. It kind of makes me feel like if I close my eyes and use a little bit of pixie dust, I’m almost there with you.


  6. Hi,

    I’m a new contributing writer for The Disney Driven Life and have been asked to write articles about people pursuing Disney in some unique way. I’d like to do a story on your dream, can you contact me and let me know if you’d like to do one?



  7. Do you ever do group meets or playdates? My kids and I go almost every Wed. afternoon (when schools let out early) and Saturday mornings. They almost always want to go to AK to play in the boneyard area, and I am bored (or bring a book) sitting by my lonesome self. If anyone has children 4-6 yrs. old and wants to have a playdate, at either the parks or Winter Garden’s splash pad, let me know.

  8. Hi Amy…

    this is SusanM from magictrips and more recently magical trips. love your site and really enjoy reading all the posts. i am going to be in WDW area july 2-11. i am excited about my trip since last summers visit i got sick 3 days into the trip and spent the rest of the trip in my room… just wanted to say hi…

    • would love to meet up. yes Magicaltrips.proboards was started by Adi from magic trips when the old site shut down. some people moved over but lots just gave up. but us die-hard disney fans are there. i am checking in to all star music (so far – unless i change) on Monday july 2 and staying until wed july 11. maybe i will run into you there. have a great day