The Relocators Roster

Our friends who have moved or who are going to move to live their dreams in Florida too… email me at if you would like to be added to the list.

Brian and Beatrice Feeney- Moved from High Point, NC to Winter Park, FL

Cherry– Moved from Southern New Jersey to Orlando, FL

Korie and Bill Aiken– Moved from Syracuse, NY to Lakeland, FL

Robyn– Moved from Quakertown, PA to Orlando, FL

Tim and Mary– Moving from Maine to Lakeland, FL in 2 years

Sarah Holdick– Moved from Fairfax, VA to Orlando, FL

Johnny Bean– Moved from Cape Cod to Sarasota, FL

Lisa Foy Gallos– Moved from Northern NJ to Fort Meyers, FL

Suzanne Williams– Moved from Williamsburg, VA to Jacksonville, FL

Courtney Johnston– Moving to FL after College in Georgia

Dawn and Wayne Decicco– Moved from Brick, NJ to Poinicana, FL

Marianne Potrzeba– Moved from Cumberland, RI to Kissimee, FL in Sept. 2003

Mark and Jen Vitek– Moved from Fond du Lac, WI to Clermont, FL

Marilyn Johnson– Moved from Chicago, IL to Bradenton, FL

Cheri Lord– Moved from Ottumwa, IA to Orlando, FL

Dina Smith Trentacosta- Moved from Fort Bragg, NC to Orlando, FL in February 2012

Lorie Cruickshank– Moved from  Stanstonsburg, NC to Lakeland,FL

Heather McClay– Moved from Harrisburg, PA to Orlando, FL August 2009

Tony and Libby Pennell– Moved from Little River, SC to Kissimmee, FL April 2012

Shelly and Jason Benhoff– Moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Orlando, FL April 2012

Ken Kahle- Moving from Phoenix, AZ to Orlando, FL in the Fall of 2013

Beth Wolf Moser– Moving from Atlanta, GA to Orlando, FL in May of 2012

Angie Butler– Moving from Western North Carolina to Lakeland, FL in 2014

Dawn Watt Nichols– Moving from Sacramento, CA to Tampa or Orlando, FL this Summer or Fall, 2012.

Shari Matz– Moving from Denver, PA to Orlando, FL in 2015.

Byron Fawley– Moving from Cincinatti, OH to Orlando, FL this Fall 2012

Lindsay Diamond– Moving from Reading, PA to Orlando, FL in Summer 2013.

Adam & Suzie Roberson– Moving from Huntsville, AL to Orlando, FL in 5-7 years.

Ana Kurland– Moved from Ellicott City, MD to Orlando, FL in 2011

Stacey Clinton– Moved from Hudson, IL to Ormond Beach, FL in 2009

Barb and Edsel Huddleson- Moving from Cincinnati OH to Kissimmee, FL in 2013

Brent Dodge– Moved from Delafield, WI to Orlando, FL in 2010.

Lisa Wheaton- Moving from Atlantic City, NJ to Orlando in 2013.


  1. I worked with Marianne! :o)

    Heather McClay- Moved from Harrisburg, PA to Orlando, FL August 2009 following my dream to work at Disney. Benjamin Halsted moved from Harrisburg, PA to Orlando, FL December 2009 following me. :o)

    Never let anyone get in the way of your dreams, not even yourself…

  2. I just wanted to say hi to Johnny Bean, I used to live in Sarasota and plan on moving back one day soon. My brother still lives there, it is a beautiful place especially Sietsa Key Beach.

    Paul, Indiana

  3. I met you in line for Duffy Bear on Friday!! Cool BLOG! Check mine out – (and I’m also on Facebook). Did you actually try the food from Australia after waiting in that line for Duffy shirts? Have a great day and keep blogging — Paula!!!

  4. Hi Amy! Just looked at this info for the first time. Noticed Dawn and Wayne Decicco- Moved from Brick, NJ to Poinicana, FL. I live very near Brick & was wondering if there is a way to hear from the Decicco’s about the comparisons when a JERSEY GIRL (& BOY) move from central NJ to be near WDW. We are planning a move to a 55+ within next 2 yrs. Can you share my email with them (if there is a way to communicate with them privately-without publication for all to see & only IF they are willing, of course)? Thanks & hope the horrible car ‘mess’ situation has improved for you.

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