We Love Yee-Haw Bob

Guest Author: Barb Huddleson bob1

On our last trip in April our group of Disney fans headed over to the River Roost at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort for one of the best times ever. the : Yehaa Bob Show. Bob Jackson has been working in Walt Disney World for over 12 years.bob2

The lounge is small so if you want a good viewing place I would say get there by 7:30 also because Bob will arrive at Port Orleans at 8:00 and make his way around the room to meet everyone. When he came around to our table I had no idea why he was asking all the questions but I found out later when his amazing memory took us to songs including all the information he had just gained by talking to everyone in the audience. he can remember everyone’s name and where they’re from! Most of our group were called by name all evening.bob5

We did a conga line, the men did YMCA, the girls had a rockette line and everyone joined in all the songs, from hole in the ground to hokie pokie to head shoulders knees and toes.bob4

We had so much fun being kids again and singing and dancing and not caring who saw us. We sang Spongebob and Oscar meyer weiner songs. he also sang some old songs and wow can he play the piano. This guy went non stop for and hour and half, he sang, danced and played the whole time. I have never seen anyone with so much energy and personality.bob3

After the show you can go up and meet him and get your photo with him. He has been awarded the most coveted thing Disney can give..the .prestigious Walt Disney Legacy Award. The award is the highest honor a Cast Member can receive and it is given for keeping the magic alive through exemplary performance and commitment to the traditions and ideals established by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

So if you have some free time go over to Port Orleans Riverside and grab a bite to eat and then go over to the River Roost and catch this fantastic show, its well worth it. You WILL have fun and I bet you won’t stay in your seat! I highly recommend this with a group and kids will love it also.bob6

The River Roost Lounge offers appetizers such as beef nachos and buffalo chicken nuggets. The lounge features live entertainment by Bob Jackson Wednesday through Saturday evenings. It is a piano sing-a-long comedy routine. Bob has the energy of 10 eight year old children and does not take a break until an hour and a half into his show. It’s quite lively and extremely entertaining for the whole family with tons of audience participation. The place fills up quick, so get there before the show starts at 8:30pm. He’s been doing this at Port Orleans Riverside since 1997 and you can find his schedule on his website.


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Yee-Haw Bob Show

Who is this Bob? Well he is one of the famous Residents of Walt Disney World, and more importantly, of Port Orleans Riverside. I FINALLY had the chance to catch his show on December 8th, 2011, and meet up with one of our blog readers as well. Here is my take on it, enjoy!

For the 8:30 p.m. show, I made sure to get there around 7:50 p.m.  With getting there even 40 minutes early, I got one of the last tables available in the River Roost Lounge. My recommendation is to get there a comfortable hour or so ahead of time, order a pint, and relax while you wait for the show to begin. The lounge and bar area do not have an enormous amount of seating choices, so they fill up quickly.  I grabbed the corner table, along the same wall he performs on, and hoped for the best.

Before hand, Bob came around the room and asked where you were from and what your name was. Apparently he has an incredible memory, including the fact that he knew me from Facebook. My friends got there just as the show was about to begin, and he was able to see Maureen’s birthday button on her, along with one of her friends as well- uh oh, trouble. By the way, Happy Birthday again to Maureen!!

What’s the show? For an hour and a half, or even longer it seems, he sings and plays piano while getting the audience involved with every note. If you came to “chill out,” you may want to come when he isn’t playing. Why? Well he is a TON of energy! He is sweet, funny, and he has a great voice, but if you have had a hard day at the Parks and you are looking for quiet, bypass this show for another day.  Now, if you love a good drink in your hand, being with awesome friends, and being silly for awhile- Yee Haw Bob is your guy!

I felt he was very family friendly, but certain songs were adult enough that your children wouldn’t understand them anyways. He would sing American Pie, and then the next would be the theme from Spongebob Squarepants. Like I said, it’s a silly and fun show.

There really isn’t that much to report on him, just that he is definitely a fun one to see. Now, is he something to plan during your vacation? Well, depends on how much time you have. I can tell you with full honesty that our family stayed here for a full 10 day vacation years ago and never knew he existed. We were too busy with long park days and trying to get to our room at the end of the night without falling over on the way, so you can see how he can be missed. It is a great show, but if you are pressed for time on your WDW vacation, I wouldn’t plan on it. Keep In mind also that if you are without a car, you have to take a bus to a Park to catch another bus to Port Orleans Riverside, and repeat that after the show. For most, this is a long and tedious task, especially in the late hours when the busses are packed to the gills after the Parks have let out. If you intend on seeing it, I would highly recommend a taxi or a rental car. I was also reminded of the boat that you can take from DTD to POR as well… keep in mind that there is a wait for the boats as well, and when they are full you have to wait for the next one, which adds time to the clock.

One more thing, the drink orders. I didn’t see anything that said I was “required” to buy a drink for sitting there for the show. Maybe I missed it, and if readers know, please leave it in the comments. My group bought drinks and nachos, which were VERY yummy, but I just got a water.  I know with certain show like this outside Disney World that they require a 2 drink minimum.  All in all the experience was fun, and I believe if I hadn’t been busy all day I would have had more energy for it. Check it out and make sure you introduce yourself to Bob- he also has CD’s to sell and he will autograph his picture for you too!