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The “When I, Then I” Effect

Have you ever found yourself talking to a dear friend, or chatting with your spouse on the couch and saying the words “When I do this, THEN I will be […]

Lincoln National Cemetery

The Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

On my travels through the Midwest this summer, I found myself drawn to the life and times of the great man and then President, Abraham Lincoln.  And since Illinois is […]

The Relocated Tourist

My Top Ten Favorite Disney Snacks

Upon moving here back in 2011, I knew that I would enjoy every Disney treat I could get my hands on, hence why my weight is all over the place […]

The Relocated Tourist

That Time I Met “Tiffany”

It would be 2011 where I found myself sitting in a home amongst like minded Disney friends, chatting about the events of the area. A friend spoke up and said […]