Arabian Nights

Guest Author: Mary King of

We have seen the new beauty collection from Sephora representing the exotic Princess Jasmine. But what will you wear with that collection? And where will you wear it to?

The answer? You’ll be dressing up as Jasmine in this adorable inspired outfit for a fun filled belly dancing dinner at Restaurant Marrakesh!

Jasmine is all about the turquoise in her outfit, with flashes of gold that hint at her royal status. This is so easy to pull off right now, as not only turquoise a very popular color right now, but metallics are trending in a major way! So if you’ve ever coveted those gold shoes Jasmine sports, fear not! Pick up a pair of gold ballet flats or sandals to wear. Filigree designs are pretty easy to find with jewelry, and will give you a bit of exotic flair. And you simply cannot forget Rajah, Jasmine’s beloved pet tiger, who is well represented with this necklace.arabiannightspic

So if you are looking for a night of mystery and intrigue, find inspiration in Jasmine as you dine in a whole new world that Restaurant Marrakesh is. By the way, I highly recommend the chicken bastilla, roast lamb meshoui, and the Marrakesh delight!

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Don’t Blame Yourself

I must say these words to myself at least once every week, from the simple and mundane things to life’s whoppers.  As I was driving home today, I was thinking about WHY I blame myself for things when it comes to the relocation, and it brought me to the keyboard where you are reading it now- enjoy.

I struggle, and yes, I am human.  Ever since we moved here, every thought in my head, every choice made that comes to my family choices I revert back to “Would this be like this if we didn’t move here?”  I know, some of you read our story and think that we are that “perfect example” of how relocating to Florida can work. Don’t get me wrong, it has, but those knowing thoughts can really get to me sometimes.

Do you remember the first time we arrived here and visited Celebration High School for Kyra?  I will never forget her tears after the office was so incredibly rude to us…it was in that moment that I remember thinking “If  we didn’t move here, she would be in her normal school, with all of her friends and everything would be fine.”  It would take that entire school year to come to terms with that choice, and even as she graduated, I was more tearful that the friends she grew up knowing were not present for this important t day- nor were many relatives because we moved such a great distance.  And after ALL of those feelings, I had to come to a place of peace that WE ALL had made this choice together, and that this was just a bump that we would all get over.  So, I had to stop blaming myself and breathe.

Where I am going with this is that you have to give yourself the right, the PERMISSION, to cry, scream, and feel the relocation for what it is. But the blame is for no one- you have to keep in your head at all times that it is far more adventurous, COURAGEOUS, to go for the impossible then settle.  It isn’t about happiness, it isn’t about finding that “one thing” to make your life complete because I have news for you, life is NEVER complete! It is about going the distance and never looking back.  It is about letting yourself feel every emotion with this journey called relocation and still come out the other side smiling through the dried tears.

Don’t blame yourself EVER for taking a risk, because ladies and gentleman, THAT is what life is ALL about.  You can’t ever go to that place of “If I only hadn’t done this…” because whatever “it” is is usually done and over with.  Once you’re moved, it’s time to live.  The deed is done, you are here and it’s time to live the adventure- no matter how rocky that road may be.  But I want you to remember this, the joy that you have is what YOU bring to your new home and new life.  Don’t have the money to do certain things? Think of a new way to make more and be happy with what you got.  Don’t have the time to play like you thought?  Find a new way to balance life out. Doormat

Leave the blame under that welcome mat at your new home…that’s where it belongs. Out of sight, out of mind…welcome home new Floridians, welcome home.

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Getting our Feet Wet in Orlando

The biggest hurdle of relocating anywhere is getting your feet wet the first week- it’s those moments that start to define what your new residence and area will be like day in and day out.  We are now at day five, and we are just starting to get familiar on how to get out of our suburb and to the main roads- always a work in progress. So today’s blog is about how we shopped yesterday, what we learned, and lots of fun tips and such that I learned on our visit to Epcot last night. So grab your cup of Joe, put the paper down, and enjoy the blog!

Let’s start with the waiting game in relocating- you will wait more than anything you first week of moving in.  We waited for Cable to show, then waited the 3 hours it took them to install it- it may not take you that long, but it did for us.  So when you have no tv, and everything is put away, it gets boring waiting. As as trustworthy as I’m sure they are, we would never leave them alone to install it either, so be prepared to wait.   We didn’t need to deposit anything, and because of the special this month, we got the first month free.   We made our appointment for them before we left home, so they could get us done the 2nd day of living here- so if you have a home or apartment secured, do everything from home before moving- it will save you a lot of headaches later on.

You will also wait if you want things delivered to your home, such as furniture in our case.  We were able to buy our Mattresses at a place called “Original Mattress Factory” off of Hwy 417.  Great deals, the salesman KNEW what he was talking about, and helped us choose all three sets we needed.  Delivery for them is $45 for as much as you buy- and when buying lots of mattresses, that is a steal!  But, we did take home the full and twin for the kids because they fit in the van, and we didn’t want them to have to wait until Wed to have a good night’s sleep- happy kids, happy life.  They also sell the frames, so it’s nice because they are affordable, made by Sealy, and are awesome quality.  We have found there are a plethora of mattress places out here, so you won’t have a hard time finding a place to buy- just watch the delivery cost.

Looking for furniture was a bit of a struggle because when you are in your home town, you know where to go for the deals and what is going to cost and arm and a leg. And even though it may sound like a lot of fun, research places before ever leaving your front door.  Depending on where you live, you could be in a high traffic area which has a ton of stores, or a lesser part with none and you have to travel a ways to find them.  We wound up having to travel about 20 minutes to find “American Signature” furniture store, and they did have a great variety, but nothing there we liked.  We saw a discounted place around the corner of the “Mall of Millenia” so we went there and found a love seat and couch for $600 made by Ashley.   We went with a beige color because our home has that beach color feel, so we didn’t want anything to bold and blaring.  You will discover that unless you really like to shop and have an endless amount of cash, you will buy things as you go, week after week, until its completely done.  I wont have end tables or lamps for awhile, beds and couches took precedence first.

We found we shopped a lot at the local Target up the road- Jessie got a Tangled Bed Set which she was over the moon about, while Kyra went black/white/teal route with bedding and decorating.  Jessie is going to have lanterns hung from her ceiling eventually, and we hope to get their drawing desks in a couple of months.  Target was useful for the bedding and odds and ends- plus it’s a Super Target so we were able to pick up some light groceries.  Having had a Super Walmart near us in WI, it’s nice to have a Super Target, although their prices are a bit more.  We do have a Walmart near, but it’s a bit further.

I highly recommend to find a Dollar Store in your area, after moving, to grab things like dish soap, dust pans, note pads, pens, and odds and ends for anything else.  We were happy to grab some items for cheap in a day of very pricey items being bought.

IKEA- need I say more? First off, before heading to IKEA, look on their website.  If you need to furnish a home, or just a room, getting the idea of what they sell first will help your budget and your train of thought.  We thankfully went there last on our budget, because if we had gone their first, I would have spent a small fortune.   Make time for this place, as it has A LOT to offer, and for people like us who haven’t been through one in many years, it can be a bit overwhelming.   We made a list before we went in, and found things that we didn’t think we would.  Shoe hangers for the closets, hamper, wok, serving bowls, mixing bowls, desk for Carl’s office, lap top desks for Belle and the living room, night light, and so on.    It was a bit odd to write everything down as you went, so you could pick it up later, but I think once we do It more, we will get the hang of it.  Everyone suggested we get the meatballs, so we bought a bag we will have sometime this week.  I loved the little cafeteria, as it was a nice break to sit and have dessert, and I think it’s neat they serve FREE breakfast every morning- now how cool is that?

To get everywhere, we have used our trusty GPS- if you don’t have one, don’t even think of coming here without it.  It has helped us find everything and anything, and you really do need one, at least for your first month here, so you don’t get lost.  We have learned that I4 cuts through the state, and then they have 2 beltways that go around the one side of town, and then the other side of town.  We have learned to not get near I4 between 3-5 p.m. on a week day as it is quite crowded, and have figured out using 192 to get to WDW all the time has been fast and easy.  Again, have I told you how cool it is to see that WDW arch every day?

Tolls- we come from a state where we paid state taxes, so we don’t have them.  You can purchase a SUN PASS online or a smaller version of it at local stores, and load it for what you need. Or, the Petermann method right now is to have a stash of quarters at all time in both cars.  Did you know that if you don’t have the money, grab an envelope that is provided at that station, and you can just mail it in.

We have made it our goal to make Walt Disney World the reward, and not the priority. Life has to go on, even living minutes from the Mouse.  Bills need to be paid, things to be bought, etc.  You need to be responsible with your dreams as well, even though that may sometimes mean that things have to wait.  I would love a house FULL of furniture right now, but we had a budget and that’s what it is.  It is odd knowing I can go to WDW any time I want now, and especially just strolling in without any agenda.  A side note, FL Resident passes are affordable by doing them monthly, but if had to wait for them because of other responsibilities, we would have.  Yes, it would have been tough, but again, you have to be smart about it.  When you are making your budget from home, budget in the WDW passes, along with the monthly cost for you and your family- if you can’t swing it, then wait on moving until you can.  You have to make sure that all the money is in place before ever leaving home or you will wind up broke in a strange place- and to me- that is a scary place to be.

So last night we headed into Epcot to celebrate a full day of getting stuff done.  We were bummed we had to put off Emily’s school tour due to timing, but we hope to do it soon. We have discovered there is only so much time in a day, and when you have to wait for someone to show up ALLLLLL day and then when you finally get out of the house to play, it turns into “Oh we needed this” kind of day.  But, we got to Epcot, and it was so nice out.  There was a warm breeze as we walked under Spaceship Earth, and found some goodies we want to buy in the future at the “Art of Disney.”

I discovered certain things being a local now- one being I don’t feel rushed.  I don’t have to hit everything because I can come back, and I can tolerate others more because I know how rushed they feel on vacation.  I am learning to deal with those who love to stop right in the middle of the crowd flow, and trying to just walk around without saying anything.  We learned that if you want to eat at the Cantina in Mexico outside, don’t order before making sure you will have a table.  We were there at 7 pm and every table was packed- so we didn’t bother ordering there at all.  What’s the point if you don’t have a seat?  So we headed to America and had Chili Cheese Dogs while we chilled out in the outdoor area- gorgeous night.  Always remember that of all the counter service areas in World Showcase, America has the most seats. So if you don’t really care what to eat, you are just hungry and tired, head to the American area and just grab a seat inside or out.

After dinner, we headed to Japan to buy Mango and Kiwi candy, along with Pocky.  Having never eaten at the CS there, I discovered the adorable area of lit up lanterns with several tables.  A word of warning, the bathrooms here only have TWO stalls, so don’t plan on using them when it’s at high crowd capacity.

We decided to stroll around the World Showcase, and found ourselves in the UK for Illuminations. We stood on the left of the Rose and Crown Pub, towards the opposite side of the sidewalk, where we stood on the curb so Emily could see better.  Emily had never seen the show before, so it was a treat to enjoy it with low crowds.  But after it ended, the wind blew the smoke and ash towards our ways, so watch the wind the night you see them or you will be pummeled with it.

We chilled in the UK to let the crowds move out first, then headed to Mousegears to do some light shopping.  Emily bought her Duffy a Pirate outfit, and we each bought our first Vinylmation.  We didn’t know that you get what you get, so It was funny to open all of ours at the same time.  Emily is looking for the JESSIE one, so if anyone has it, let me know if you would sell it, trade it, etc..   Em got Wheezy, I got the Penquin from the Muppets, Craig got a Tron one, and Kyra got Peter Pan.  We played with them in the breezeway outside Mousegears, music playing, wind going, and no one around- it was amazing.

We walked hand in hand out, taking pictures, and smiling as we enjoyed the warm weather in the shadow of “Spaceship Earth.”  THIS is why we moved here, to enjoy these kinds of nights- the four of us, alone, and happy.  We cannot wait to share more magic with you, and thanks again for tagging along on our dream.

Coming out of the Closet

No, not that kind of “Coming out of the Closet,” more like the “Cleaning out” kind.  We all have them, those closets that seem to be spilling over, the kind we can’t shut because we are just too lazy to bend over and move that shirt that’s blocking it.  Well, I tackled mine this week and I thought I would share how dealing with closets and the space can improve your life and your relocation. So, let’s begin!

Ask yourself, can I close my closet?

If not, you may have too much stuff or you may just be lazy like me, and not want to “unblock” it because you are too busy.  Whatever the case may be, it’s time to open it and evaluate what needs to be moved and what needs to go.  Before even taking one item out, stand back and really LOOK at it.  Look at the clothes, the shelves, the shoes, and get a clear picture of what you are dealing with.

Next, ask yourself, what do I wear the most?

Sometimes it can be easier to just pull out what you wear the most, and then bag and box up what’s leftover in your closet. Do you REALLY need that Prom dress from 20 years ago? How about that bridesmaid dress – is your closet like the one from “27 Dresses?”  I do understand saving the wedding dress, although I didn’t save mine, but there is no need to hold onto the rest.  Whatever stage of life you are in, I am sure you have come into your own style, what you feel most comfortable wearing. I am a t-shirt, shorts, jeans kind of gal.  You won’t find me in high heels ever, and I look for comfort more than what’s “in.”  Clothes are for getting around in, and on occasion, I will dress up for church, a wedding, etc..  I found it incredibly easy to go through my closet and pull out what I was going to keep, and what was heading to the garage sale bag.

When Do I Start to Clean? Timing is Everything.

Meaning, how much time do you or will you need to clean them out?  This pertains more to relocation, but I feel if you get past a certain season, you can pack or sell early for your move.  Since we are HOPFULLY approaching Spring soon, although I think Punxsutawney Phil is a dirty liar, I began pulling out a lot of the winter clothes I own.  I know I will need some of them  in Florida, but most I can wave good-bye too.  Summer clothes from  last year I got rid of mostly because the kids will enjoy some new stuff in a new state, and with how much they grow, it doesn’t pay to hold onto them anyways.  I say, purge your closets as early as possible.

Do you have emotional ties to certain pieces of clothing?

I know I do- a certain sweater I wore with my Mom to an event, or a shirt I have had since the kids were born, but I am learning that the MEMORY is so much more important than the ITEM it’s attached too.  I think we all fear that if we get rid of the item, that we will forget the memory.  It could happen I guess, but that’s what pictures are for. Take a picture of the item, keep it on a CD or your computer, and you have access to it whenever you want.  I did pause at certain items of clothing and had a tear or two, but it’s freeing to move on from them and know that I will get to wear something different where I am heading.  There was a quote once I read that said something to the effect of “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened.”  That motto is getting me through my emotional days.

Do You Get Rid of It? Bag it, Box it, Get it Out of the House ASAP

It happens all the time- you are so proud of yourself that you have finally cleaned out the closet, but the box you put all the stuff in, or the bag, sits somewhere forever until the kids or yourself starts to look through it for something you want back.  Out of sight, out of mind.  If you are donating it, take it THAT day to the place you are giving it to. If you are having a yard sale with it, put it in the garage so it is on its intended path.  Everything these days in our home is headed to either a clear bin for moving, a box for the garage sale, or one of our vehicles heading to a parent’s home for storage.  I have learned that if it stays in my home for too long, it will find its way back into my closets, somehow, some way.  Not anymore!

Do You Spend on the Small Stuff? Be Aware of Future Purchases

I have said it before, I will say it again.  When shopping over the past year, we have all had a different attitude towards it. Long gone are the days of “We will find room for it” or “Isn’t that cute? I have to have it!”  The shopping days now consist of “What do we NEED to get through the next 87 days?”  If the kids have to have it, the agreement is that if we don’t have room for it, it is being sold in the garage sale. So basically, you have less than 2 months to enjoy what you just bought… it’s funny how much they DO NOT want to buy it then if they have to say goodbye to it so quickly.   I do buy the kids new clothes, Jessie has been growing like a weed these days, getting very tall- Belle too!  But the days of toys and endless “stuff,” seems to have ceased, and I am quite the happy camper about that!

Do you have a hard time keeping your closets clean?  Don’t Fill Them In!!

If you have now emptied them, keep them empty. As a society, I feel we can’t keep a space “empty.” We are constantly finding ways to keep it filled, watch the show “Hoarders” and you will see what I mean.  Once it’s clean, leave it alone.  Looking at that empty space should give you a sense of pride in your steps of moving forward.

I hope this helps you clean out your closets… have a wonderful day!

How to keep your cool at Walt Disney World

We were going to write about how to keep physically cool at WDW, but since our society seems to be getting a tad more angrier and less patient- we thought we would address how to keep your patience at WDW.

Now some of you may think, what’s the big deal? Well, let’s start with the first one. We have seen it happen so many times where we are standing in line, and everyone is hot, and tired..and then one person says those words that nobody wants to hear “My party is waiting for me ahead in the line.”  It happened to us at Toy Story Mania this past summer, and we knew we could handle it one of two ways. The first way is to say “No,  I’m sorry, you can’t go ahead.” Keep in mind that this person will not only be irritated, but is now stuck behind YOU for the entire rest of the line. We get it, you want to stand your ground, but it has to be worth it.  We have heard the stories, one person holds the place in line, and 10 people show up. In that circumstance, call over a Cast Member and let them know what’s going on, let them handle it and stay out of the firing range!

If you don’t want to deal with possible snide remarks the entire wait, you may want option #2.  We decided to let the person by, for the very reason to not have to deal with this person while our children were standing there.  We don’t condone it, but sometimes you just have to turn the other cheek to keep the happy mojo of your family and your line area.  We have seen what happens when people “out” someone for trying to get to their family ahead…the person was mortified and then was angry the entire time. The feel of the line went from excitement for the ride to VERY uncomfortable.

Next we have the food service lines. The scenario:  you have been walking all day, your stomach is growling, and you start to hallucinate of sitting in air conditioning with a large cold something in your hand. Cosmic Ray’s is in the distance, and you sprint ahead to hold a table for your family while they order.  There is always debate on this, but we have always sent Carl to order the food with my oldest, and the youngest and I sit and hold the table.  If my entire family is going to be eating at this establishment, we have every right to a table. Some feel that no one in your party should sit down until you have all of your food. The problem with that? Now you have Bob, Kathy, and all their kids in line, making the lines longer, and also making it harder for Bob and Kathy to keep an eye on the kids, show them where to sit, oh and balance the many trays.  My point? There is nothing wrong in holding a table if you plan on eating there while someone is ordering. Now, if you brought food from outside the park and you are looking to eat inside one of these places, I feel that using one of those tables during the busy meal times IS looking for trouble. If the place is empty, go ahead and sit just for the heck of it, but be courteous of those around you that may need your table.

Another line that sadly seems to get heated up are the Character Greetings. When you get in line and the Cast Member says “I’m sorry, but Pooh and Tigger have to go inside for a while but will be back in 20 minutes” don’t take it out on the CM-they are just doing their job. They know that your child has lived for this moment, so instead of losing it, we suggest to wait for them to return, or contact Guest Relations for their other possible locations.  Yes, we know it’s disappointing when you are IN the line and again they walk away, and you wait some more. This is AGAIN a chance to practice keeping your cool and finding something to pass the time with your family. Evaluate if this is even worth waiting for, or to find your Disney friends another day.  Once you have finally gotten to THE moment of truth, have your camera ready, kids ready, and autograph books out with pen ready.  Enjoy the moment while keeping it quick so that others may enjoy them as well; this helps OTHERS keep their cool with you!

Rope Drop. If you aren’t familiar with this right of passage that every Disney patron needs to experience once, it is when you have gotten to the park before opening, they corral you at a certain point where the “rope” is, and then they “drop” it at opening time.  If you plan on being a part of this, it will be your first experience of the day where you get to test your patience.  First off, remember that EVERYONE is there for a reason… to head to a certain ride without the long wait.  If you always keep in mind that you are no special than anyone else, you will do just fine with not only rope drop, but with your entire vacation.  Once that rope comes down, walk with the crowds, don’t run, keep your family together, and everyone will be fine. There WILL be those who feel they need to run ahead…just let them go. Running is very frowned upon by the Cast Members and it is just plain dangerous.  No one wants to spend their Disney vacation in the hospital, so keep your cool, and keep your ENTIRE party together when you get in line. If you would like to fast pass first, you will need to stand aside, let one of your family members get all of them, and then you all get in line if you wish.

Speaking of fast passes- we had a situation last trip where we headed with the crowd to Toy Story Mania, got in line to FP it first, and the FP machine BROKE DOWN! If this happens, breathe, call over a Cast Member, and explain the situation.  The CM took our cards and went to another FP machine and returned with our FP’s and all was well, but if you panic or walk away, the Cast Member won’t be able to do much now that you have walked away from the machine and the line.  Also, if you are using the fastpass line and you hear others grumble that they don’t know why YOU get to go ahead, we suggest highly to either ignore them or nicely tell them why you ARE in that line.

The sun has started to go down in that beautiful Florida sky, and you have found a cozy spot on the curb for the Spectro Magic parade. The family has left to get the traditional hot dogs from Casey’s for dinner that night, and you anxiously await their return.  You sit on that pavement, the family sitting with you now for over an hour to save that very spot. Then it happens.  The lights are turning off in the park, the music starts up…you are FILLED with anticipation..and someone has the nerve to sit right in front of you.  We can’t count how many times this has happened to us, and we have handled it differently every time.  Most of the time, we ask the family or person to please move and that we have waited there for over an hour for that spot. It usually works,  but some have felt entitled to try to stay with no avail, when Cast Members come over and let them know that they cannot indeed sit on the street itself, and they move.   We will never tell you to find another spot unless it looks like things will get heated up- always be the bigger person and show your family that it isn’t worth the fight.

“Please move up to fill in all available space.” You will hear this line announced at attractions such as Test Track and the Haunted Mansion by the Cast Members. It isn’t a suggestion, it is a request to make more room for others.  We always seem to be the ones who fill in the area and get the stink eye from others like we are trying to jump ahead. If you are one of those who feels filling in is some kind of “cutting” you need to just let it go.  Keep your cool, go with the flow, and you will get on the ride like everyone else.

The day is done, the Mickey ears have been worn, and all you can think about is that comfy bed.  Exiting the park can be just as adventurous as leaving any show or attraction; it takes the greatest patience of all.  If you insist on leaving with the masses, keep your family together- lock arms, hands, whatever to know who has who. Use your manners, and if people start to push, get out of the way and move to another area of walkway as best you can. If you are pushing a stroller, please watch other’s ankles- we have been hurt more than once by parents who weren’t paying attention.

We suggest waiting, finding a table near Casey’s or Noodles, and allow the crowds to go by while you listen to the awesome after “Wishes” music while the castle turns colors.  The freedom of walking down Main Street with your family, no one elbow to elbow, is worth the half hour wait or more… plus the monorail isn’t as crowded as well.

Since this was a lengthy posting, I will sum it up for anyone who needs to refer to it.

  • Only get in line when you entire party is ready, don’t send someone ahead.
  • If you have Fast Pass machine problems, contact the nearest Cast Member to help you, do not walk away.
  • Be prepared when visiting the Characters with book, pen, camera, and family ready.
  • Avoid confrontations if someone sits in front of you at a parade; contact a Cast Member.
  • Pay attention to what Cast Members are asking of you in lines.
  • Wait for the crowds at the end of the day to pass by before leaving the park.
  • Saving tables isn’t a crime unless you brought outside food and others who are eating in said establishment need your table.

We want our most memorable moments to be truly memorable, not melt downs. Taking the time with each decision you make on your vacation will not only keep your head cool, but those around you as well.

Home is not where you live but where they understand you. ~ Christian Morgenstern

Since we are coming up on our 1 week anniversary, we thought we would share more on why we want to move, what we are looking for when we move, and why we are blogging our adventures; not only 2  years before moving, but why we are blogging at all. Let’s get started!

1. WHY do we want to move to Florida? 

  • After every trip, and there have been countless one, Craig and I would come home and feel incredibly sad.  Walt Disney World is not just some theme park, its contained magic in one place that fills our hearts with such joy that no other place has come close.  The chance to be able to live close by to our favorite place, and KNOW we can go grab a Dole Whip after school or catch “Wishes” before bed that night… it’s priceless to us.
  • We live in the Midwest, and we have been through some serious snow and ice storms. There was a point that I fell so hard on the ice in the driveway, that I remember looking up at the sky as I lay there thinking “I wouldn’t have to worry about an icy driveway in Florida.”  The weather alone is reason to move there, in our eyes.  It gets old trying to drive on the snowy roads, wearing numerous layers of clothes for months on end, and not being able to hear a bird sing or see a blade of grass for 6 months at a time.  We want to step out of the house and smell the fresh air, feel the sun, and know that even when Florida gets its coldest, it will never compare to the cold we have been through here.
  • Change is always a good thing.  We aren’t the people who like the day in and day out of life. We like to change it up a bit and see new places, meet new people, and enjoy what we love best.  We realize it won’t all be cotton candy and rainbows, but we will make sure that we take every bit of enthusiasm we can muster to make the change the best it can be.

2. What are we looking for when we move? 

  • First off, before we even set foot into the great state of Florida, Craig plans on getting his job and our new residence set up. We are NOT going into this blindly.  Following your dream does not mean being foolish, that is why we are prepping for it now.
  • We will be researching schools for our children so that we can find the best ones that best fit their needs.
  • Our plan is to rent for the first year so that we can feel out the neighborhoods, the school, and if the city we choose is the right one for us.  Once we have felt out everything, we plan to buy a home after everything is settled and rock solid.
  • We will be researching everything and anything about the areas around Orlando, making sure to know WHAT we are in for.

3. Why blog 2 years beforehand, and why blog at all? 

  • Since we recently made the decision, we thought it would make sense to start our blog now, rather than later. This time allows us to meet people, get input from people who have done it and how they did it, encouragement when we have our hard days, and have a great time talking to other Disney friends on why we love WDW so much.
  • Have you ever made a decision that you are SOOO excited about, you have to share it with the world? Well, that’s the reason for the blog.  Once we made the official decision, we wanted to bring as many friends along with us for the journey.

We hope this has given you all a look on why we are doing this. We plan on adding a cliff notes version of this in our ‘About’ section as well.  Have a wonderful day… don’t forget to live your dreams!

“A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he will know he has been alive.” —  Walt Disney

So, Who Are We?

We have gotten several inquires as to just who are we. Well, we wish we could tell you. The truth of the matter is, we both have jobs that we have to protect until the right time we can give notice. Because we have 2 years to go, we certainly don’t want to jeopardize present and future plans by outing ourselves.  We intend to let everyone know who we are and what we look like when the time has come to move. We really would love to meet any of you at WDW for a drink or chat!

Until that time, we will be known as Carl and Ellie Peters, who live in Wisconsin and have two beautiful daughters. Our hope is that they will be posting eventually as well – a unique look from a grade school and teen-age view on such a big move.

Between the four of us, we have logged over 30 trips to Walt Disney World and a single visit to Disneyland. We have stayed at every Value , most of the Moderates, and a brief stay at a Deluxe Resort. Our dream is to one day stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Our favorite resort thus far is Caribbean Beach Resort. We have had the pleasure of staying in the original rooms in 2008 and the newly themed pirate rooms in 2009. Ellie and I hope to head down this April and a family trip this coming November.

So, we would love to hear from you. Comment on your favorite resort, how many times you have been to WDW, and what brings you back. Thanks to everyone who has become a fan or friend of our Facebook page… we are always looking for new Disney friends.

Have a great night, and remember to live your dreams!

Carl and Ellie Peters