Why ‘The Relocated Tourist’?

This being our first blog, we thought we would explain why we named it ‘The Relocated Tourist’. Have you ever been to a place that has grabbed hold of your heart, and the only way to get it back is to move there and reclaim it? Well, we have. That place? Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Our first trip together was actually that part of life when you say those two beautiful words… “I do”.  We did, right in front of that Castle… you know, the one at the end of Main Street, USA. We were hooked from that moment on. Now some of you come home from a trip, and you put the dirty laundry in the wash, take our your treasures, and catch up on the mail. We come home from a Disney trip, and before we set down the luggage, we are on the phone making reservations for our next trip. Yes, we are “those” people.

So what does one do when vacations just are not enough? When no Disney song, magazine, book, or momento will do it for you any more? You talk, you plan, and decide that these tourists are going to relocate to Florida and live out their dreams.

The plan? July 1, 2012. We plan on selling everything we own and heading south to live out the rest of our lives. We decided the best way to plan, prepare, and decide on everything from the smallest to the largest was to create a blog about our experience so that others considering a similar move could learn with us. If you have moved already, congrats – we hope to be your neighbors soon. Please feel free to let us know how you did it and why.

Join us as we count down the days until we move – Thanks for stopping by!


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