We Love Yee-Haw Bob

Guest Author: Barb Huddleson bob1

On our last trip in April our group of Disney fans headed over to the River Roost at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort for one of the best times ever. the : Yehaa Bob Show. Bob Jackson has been working in Walt Disney World for over 12 years.bob2

The lounge is small so if you want a good viewing place I would say get there by 7:30 also because Bob will arrive at Port Orleans at 8:00 and make his way around the room to meet everyone. When he came around to our table I had no idea why he was asking all the questions but I found out later when his amazing memory took us to songs including all the information he had just gained by talking to everyone in the audience. he can remember everyone’s name and where they’re from! Most of our group were called by name all evening.bob5

We did a conga line, the men did YMCA, the girls had a rockette line and everyone joined in all the songs, from hole in the ground to hokie pokie to head shoulders knees and toes.bob4

We had so much fun being kids again and singing and dancing and not caring who saw us. We sang Spongebob and Oscar meyer weiner songs. he also sang some old songs and wow can he play the piano. This guy went non stop for and hour and half, he sang, danced and played the whole time. I have never seen anyone with so much energy and personality.bob3

After the show you can go up and meet him and get your photo with him. He has been awarded the most coveted thing Disney can give..the .prestigious Walt Disney Legacy Award. The award is the highest honor a Cast Member can receive and it is given for keeping the magic alive through exemplary performance and commitment to the traditions and ideals established by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

So if you have some free time go over to Port Orleans Riverside and grab a bite to eat and then go over to the River Roost and catch this fantastic show, its well worth it. You WILL have fun and I bet you won’t stay in your seat! I highly recommend this with a group and kids will love it also.bob6

The River Roost Lounge offers appetizers such as beef nachos and buffalo chicken nuggets. The lounge features live entertainment by Bob Jackson Wednesday through Saturday evenings. It is a piano sing-a-long comedy routine. Bob has the energy of 10 eight year old children and does not take a break until an hour and a half into his show. It’s quite lively and extremely entertaining for the whole family with tons of audience participation. The place fills up quick, so get there before the show starts at 8:30pm. He’s been doing this at Port Orleans Riverside since 1997 and you can find his schedule on his website.


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WDW Celebrations Disney Group

Guest Author: Barb Huddleson
In 2010 I just happened to run across a group called WDW Celebrations and they were doing something called “Holiday Hoopla”. I decided to check them out and sure enough they were doing a fan meet at the same time we were going to Disney World. I joined on their facebook page.
We met up with them at Magic Kingdom and got our “credentials” that made us officially in the group activities.
What a great bunch of Disney fans, we did rides together and they had some special events planned for us.
While eating at the American pavilion we were treated to a behind the scenes info session from the chef on how they made the gingerbread house.During the day we did a game kinda like the amazing race where we ran around Epcot looking for clues and taking photos, it was so much fun. Then a dessert party for the Illuminations that evening.WDWC5
We joined again in 2011 for the 40th anniversary of Magic Kingdom. This was a major celebration and we did a lot of fun things once again. After watching the official Disney events we had a scavenger hunt and watched the fireworks together. At Epcot we did the game again running around taking pics and finding clues.We had meals together as well as riding rides and watching fireworks. A real treat was a history walk which was very interesting.WDWC4
April 2013 found us back at Disney world for Floral, fauna and fantasy. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Animal Kingdom, Flower and garden show at Epcot and the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. We had a trivia walk, scavenger hunt and group rides and meals, the Be our guest dinner was a highlight.WDWC3
I highly recommend this group, I have met so many wonderful people that have become friends and learned a lot about Disney World through the games, trivia and history walks.WDWC2
The core members who plan these fantastic events are all volunteers and do it all because they love all things Disney.
They work hard all year to make sure we have a great time and with Disney to make sure we get to do extra special things.WDWC1
But this is what makes the group even more special: they donate money to Charities. Here is a list of their donations so far.WDWC7
Charity Initiative
Since our inception, WDWCelebrations has been committed to giving back to the community by donating proceeds from our various events and merchandise sales to charity.
WDWCelebrations presented our first donation during “A Wild Decade” to the Dream Team Project on April 22, 2008. Registered attendees of this event helped us raise $500 for this donation. The Dream Team Project benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America.
At “World Wide Weekend” we presented another $500 donation to the Dream Team Project on September 26, 2008, thanks to the generosity of attendees of this event.
During our “Studio 20” event, attendees provided a donation of $300 to the Dream Team Project, on May 1, 2009,
On July 17, 2010, during our “Fifty-Five” event, donations raised from event attendees totaled $250, and was split between the Dream Team Project and the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).
For “Holiday Hoopla!,” in keeping with the holiday theme, the beneficiary of our charity donation of $340 was the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.
Our largest donation to date, $850, was presented at “Project XL: The World at 40” to Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida.
The beneficiary of our charity donation for “Celebration 30” is again Give Kids the World in Kissimmee, Florida.
For the Floral, Fauna and Fantasy event we collected more then $500 for Give Kids the World again.
So if you are planning a trip to Disney World be sure to check out WDW Celebrations.com for information about what they might have planned. They do meets for every big event and smaller meets also.

Epcot’s Biergarten Restaurant in Germany

Guest Author: Barb Huddleson
It’s Oktoberfest year round at the Biergarten Restaurant. The authentic Bavarian theme includes long communal tables (you will be seated with other guests) and live entertainment. German musicians and dancers perform throughout the lunch and dinner hours. Both meals are buffet style.BG1
My husband and I decided to give this place a try using free dining.We did dinner and The wait time was not to bad, but they could use more waiting area inside.The place is really pretty and decorated just like you were eating in Germany.BG3
We were seated with 6 other people at a rectangle table.It was a bit awkward t first but you get over that quickly.The couple sitting next to us were on their honeymoon and just the sweetest people. We took pics of them and visa versa. The other people were nice but not as personable.BG2
I tried some new things I had never eaten before, some I liked some not. Food is varied sausages, schnitzel and other German inspired food. Great dessert selection. But what I did like was very yummy, the pretzel bread was the best for sure.BG5
The entertainment was so fun and you can’t help but clap and enjoy all the activities going on.Music and audience partispation. Dinner with a show! Who could ask for more. The service is top rate, our glasses were never empty and plates always taken right away. our server was really friendly and helpful.
Food: 4 out 5 stars
entertainment: 5
service: 5
Even without free dining I would go back here for lunch or dinner- even thinking about checking it out for Christmas visit.