Relocator’s Reviews

One of the toughest things you will face as a relocator is figuring out who is a good Doctor, who you should have your teeth cleaned by, what Vet to take your animal too, and as we found out recently, where you should and shouldn’t go to for car issues. 

For our Disney Community who looks to move here, I feel we could all look out for each other by giving a heads up on everything from restaurants to where you like to buy pool supplies. I am going to start the list with my reviews, and if you would like to add yours, I need you to do the following:

  1. Keep it simple- a couple of sentences or small paragraph.
  2. Keep it clean- trust me, I know how angry some places can make you. If your kids couldn’t read what you write, neither can mine- I won’t post anything inappropriate.
  3. Add locations so we know where to go and/ or avoid.
  4. Own your review- yep, you have to put your name on it.
  5. Email it to me at  – please put in the subject line RELOCATER REVIEW

Let’s help each other live better lives in Central Florida- thank you for participating.


  1. Winter Garden free fun stuff: Splash pad in downtown WG. Free, free parking, has a pavillion with picnic tables, bathrooms and water fountains (drinkable.) Lots of nice places to walk around, shop, eat. On Saturdays, there’s a farmer’s market with other vendors and music performances.

  2. Winter Garden eats: Our favorite pizza is Pizza Station. We go every Wednesday when kids eat free and they have free face painting.
    Favorite BBQ: 4 Rivers Smokehouse at Colonial & Daniels. Long lines, but the food is good and not horribly expensive.
    Favorite Chinese: China Lily in Ocoee. Try the scallion pancake and the curry fried rice.

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