“The Music of Yesterday”… The Music Machines of House on the Rock.

I took so many wonderful pictures during my time at “House on the Rock,” that I wanted to make sure to not overwhelm my readers with a novel of pictures. So to break it up a bit, I thought I would just post a couple of pictoral posts about some of the rooms that were JUST AMAZING!! For more information about my visit, check out the FULL POST HERE. Today’s installment, and FINAL one of the HOTR Pictorial Series, is that of the Music Machines. I didn’t even really understand the point of these upon my first time at the house. You find them in the home section, then littered throughout the Museum sections. You can normally purchase tokens, but with Covid, they were limiting a few given with your ticket purchased. The machines ONLY run on tokens, along with several fun things like a fortune teller and displays you can play. Most take ONE, but the large ones, that literally FILL a room, take TWO. It’s fun to enjoy with or without the kids, but it’s so unusual to play them that it’s worth it. Several times I passed them up, and then I thought I better start using my tokens, can’t use them to pay for my fries on the way home so might as well! The video can be seen on Facebook on The Relocated Tourist page, but here are the pics posted below of these mammoth music makers- enjoy! Check out more about the HOUSE here!



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Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!


Let’s see the HOUSE Pictures of “House on the Rock”

I took so many wonderful pictures during my time at “House on the Rock,” that I wanted to make sure to not overwhelm my readers with a novel of pictueres. So to break it up a bit, I thought I would just post a couple of pictoral posts about some of the rooms that were JUST AMAZING!! For more information about my visit, check out the FULL POST HERE. The “house” portion of this attraction is just as bizarre and crazy as the rest of the place! It contains 14 rooms, and I don’t know how I would ever feel comfortable in a home like this. Low ceilings, deep living spaces, slanted windows, staircases, and carpeted ceilings. Words don’t do it justice, just check out the pics below and enjoy! 

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Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!


“House on the Rock” in Spring Green, WI


Located in Spring Green, Wisconsin, this was one of those attractions that I longed to see while growing up in this beautiful State. It almost seemed like a myth, some magical folklore of a home that rested on a large rock. Possibly a Seuss tale? I never got there as a child, as I wish I would have. BUT I got to take my children there, and it was something magical, mind blowing, and exhausting to see. Imagine the craziest house you can think of, set it in these beautiful rolling hills in WI, and then add onto it the collections of the most macabre and bizarre things you can think of. See, that’s where people go wrong, they think the “House on the Rock” is JUST that, a house on a rock. Nope! It is a pish posh of collections, albeit amazing and astounding, attached to a 14-room home that was designed and started by Alex Jordan in 1945 on top of a 60 foot chimney of rock. As the years went on, he added more and more to his collections (I get it, my Pop Funkos and Disney Pins are getting there) until it has become what it is today.  Honestly it should be called the “House on the Rock Museum” and that would give people a better understanding of it.

rsz_img_9216 (1)

I SHOULD have booked my ticket online, as it would have cost me $24.99 and not the $29.99 I paid at the box office upon arriving. The ticket includes all THREE sections of the Attraction, and it is the ONLY ticket they are selling right now. Normally you can purchase a ticket for just ONE of the sections, as this place takes HOURS to tour. I was there on a Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 (weekdays are always quieter). They opened at 9 am, and again with Covid, I thought that getting there right at opening would increase my chances of staying away from the crowds and being more on my own- and I was right! I was literally the third car parked, parking is free by the way, and it’s easy to find and park there. (Can’t stand places where the parking is so stressful that I won’t even bother with it and leave).  Restrooms are located right at the ticket area- use them as this place is HUGE and they are located along the tour but they are spread out, so it’s just easier to knock that off the list right away! Also they encourage you to bring your own bottle of water to use as you tour- drinking coolers were provided along the way, but most of them were empty. Again, trying to minimize the spread, just bring your own from home, that way you know where it came from and that you can sanitize it yourself. Oh, also wear the best walking shoes you have-its 375 feet of ramp through out the treetops alone! I am a Marathoner, and I am telling you I had my best shoes on and I was still sore after 3 hours of non-stop walking and touring, so keep that in mind.


The first part of the Attraction is the actual house and the infinity room. It’s the craziest house you will ever lay eyes upon, with musical instruments in rooms that play what I feel like is a song you would hear in a horror film. Yes, a full orchestra of instruments that you are given tokens for (when you buy your ticket) and you can choose which music rooms you want to play.  I feel like Alex was really high when he designed this home… he made everything you talk about with your friends when you are just being silly and ridiculous. Just look at the pictures and you’ll understand what I mean. 



The Ininifty Room is not for the faint of heart of those who are unliking of heights and the latter.  I struggle with height BUT I was the ONLY one touring that section, seemed like a courage thing, so I traversed the entire room to the end.  There they have a lovely glass bottom so you can see where youll be falling to your impending death….I mean, you can see how high you are above the trees.  Reat photo opps here, so take advantage of this amazing room!


The second part of the tour takes you into the Museum part which sets you onto Streets of Yesterday, at night, creepy music rooms and mannequins included. LOTS and LOTS of mannequins. There is so much history that he has collected, you can FEEL the energy of off it. Heck yeah I played my ghost app for awhile, got some great responses too. It was just a bit challenging trying to run the ghost app, then log off that to get pics and videos, then log back in- a lot of back and forth. Those are the times I need an extra hand and IPhone lol.

rsz_img_8903 (1)

The next section is the “The Heritage of the Sea” which my kids LOVED when they visited here. There is a cute music section called “The Octopus Garden” that plays the sweetest tune and is a family favorite! What is actually more jaw dropping in this section is the warehouse sized Whale and Octopus that are in a battle in the middle of the room. They are surrounded by three floors of nautical history and collections- even some from the Titanic! So much to read and experience in here, this room alone takes some time to explore.

rsz_img_8948rsz_img_8938rsz_img_8935 (1)

Next is this large warehouse of hot air balloons, cabinets filled with odd ball collections, old cars, carriages, and trucks, and a real working ice cream and pizza parlor. Are you understanding now why I say this is not a “House?” LOL I did stop here and buy another bottle of water, the Pizza Parlor was open during Covid, but I didn’t see that the Ice Cream Parlor was. It’s a nice place to stop and rest before touring on, any chance you can get off your feet, take it here!

rsz_img_9008rsz_img_8977rsz_img_8962 (1)

I was then brought back around into the back side of “Streets of Yesteryear” where there are large music rooms which I played in a couple of them.  Alone, which 90% of my visit I was, it was rather spooky to listen to the music, sitting there in the dim lit room, more mannequin eyes staring at me as they hit their drums.  Onto a smaller room, all about Aviation with planes circling the ceiling, and then you pour out onto a sight that is just unexplainable. A FULL SCALE Carousel, complete with the creepiest animals, people, and sculptures known to man! No, you can’t ride it, which I think is cruel to the kids especially, but honestly? I feel like it’s something that if you rode it you would be transported to another dimension and become the latest victim in a “Black Mirror” episode. So yeah, just look at it from afar.

rsz_img_9211 (1)rsz_img_9107

The third and final section to this house of horrors brings you into the largest collection of pipe organs you will ever see on this planet. I always giggle thinking about the Phantom running around with glee like a kid on Christmas, playing all of them.  They have carpeted bridges, walkways, and spiral staircases with, you guessed it, MORE MANNEQINS! Seriously, this is a horror film waiting to happen.  At this point, I am getting tired. You seen one organ you seen them all, am I right? LOL Halfway through this area, they direct you to a small café area, with a walkway outside. Personally I feel like it’s a “Hey, we know you’re tired of looking at all this stuff, so have some fresh H20 and sit awhile.”



After my hit of some pure outdoor oxygen, I was on my way back through more dark hallways and onto THE DOLLHOUSE SECTION!!! Yeah, I am a sucker for the teeny, tiny things! So many houses, one after another, I can’t imagine dusting any of these and I’m thinking they don’t! If you have a child that loves dollhouses, this will make their heads spin!  And it’s rooms and ROOMS of them- there had to be at least a hundred of them. Which then leads you to the Circus portion!  I LOVE the the dioramas of circus events under the big tops, always amazed at the work it took to set up, paint, and design each small event. Impressive doesn’t describe this area, and I don’t even know where you begin to “collect” something like these. The finality of this room is what nightmares are made of… a full orchestra on one of the second floor plays music, while sitting in front of a large circus wagon, full of, wait for it, MORE MANNEQUNS!!! It’s just THE creepiest room of the entire place and I fear that one time the lights will go out and then pop back on and every mannequin will be missing and they will all be waiting for me by my car. Jokes on them! My car could only take like 4 of them, HAH! On a side note, this room is surrounded on the left side with Diamond ads that have buttons to press to make them move- little play sets almost- very fun to see!


Lastly, there is the Royal Section with jewels, swords, artillery, and Knights! A full complete small scale of Buckingham Palace as well…..I mean, why?  The Renn girl in me was excited to see the Knights, and then moved on. A spiraling walk up more red carpet, past a carousel hanging from the ceiling, loaded with dolls galore! Yes Mom, you would LOVE this room! And then it all ends back on the other side of the grand carousel, and they set you free with good behavior into the outside Japanese garden and, of course, the gift shop!

rsz_img_9191 (1)rsz_img_9188rsz_img_9195

Like I said, this attraction takes A LOT of time! There is a full museum section right BEFORE the house that I just barely looked at because of time. If you sat and watched the film there, read everything, that ALONE would take you at least an hour and you’re not even INSIDE yet! My advice? Read up on the facts of the home before heading there, that way you know what to expect. There’s so much to see and do that you don’t want to lose the day before finishing it, and that COULD happen, especially if you have kids! The gift shop had clothing, magnets, Christmas ornaments, and mugs. There is a gift shop at the bottom of the hill, and then there is one at the main entrance. Keep in mind after walking for hours and hours, you then get to walk UP HILL for awhile BACK to the Main lobby and then up again to the parking lot. So, just be ready!  I encourage all to check out this Wisconsin wonder, it will surely blow your mind! Enjoy with more pictures HERE.

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Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!


Door County, WI.. a 2020 Pictoral Post

RoadTripLogoAn illustrated look into my Summer of 2020 in Door County, WI…. enjoy! Looking for a place to stay while you tour the County? Check out this GREAT BED & BREAKFAST and challenge yourself too a GHOST TOUR while you’re there as well!


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Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!


The Little Harbor Inn… a Bed & Breakfast in Door County, WI


I am blessed to have both my parents still on this Earth, and so I try to visit them as much as possible.  But with time and age, I found it was getting more difficult to stay at my parent’s home. So this visit would be different… some space every night for myself to unwind and recharge. My Dad found the “The Little Harbor Inn” which is located in the sweet, little village of Little Harbor, WI. Just down the road from his house, it was a perfect getaway with the cozy, home feel.Inn14

I checked in on Father’s Day this year which was Saturday, June 21st-22nd. Then I returned the following weekend checking in on Saturday, June 27th– Monday June 29th. The reason for the split stay was because of Father’s Day (which I don’t get to celebrate with him in person much anymore since moving to Florida) and then my Birthday was the next day so I wanted to celebrate with my Dad in the morning and my Mom in Green Bay for the week.  Thus returning the following weekend for more Dad time.

Parking on the side of this Bed and Breakfast was easy to find, as was the sign for the place. Basically you just have to keep an eye out for the “Little Harbor” Village sign and it’s right past that. Checking in was a breeze, as Dad had paid already in full for it before I ever stepped a foot inside. They have the regular room keys (I don’t know why I like that, it’s just nice to know I can’t demagnetize it with my cell phone). I was given room #5, located on the second floor, as an upgrade upon request. Dad mentioned they had whirlpool suites and I love a good soak, so I thought it doesn’t hurt to ask. They were pretty quiet due to Covid, so I was blessed with the upgrade and I was more than happy!

Now, having these road trips of mine, I tend to overpack- I know, shocker! Sorry but I have no idea what I will need to wear from day to day with to which adventure may lead me. So imagine me with this large suitcase that is just ridiculously heavy, and of course this Bed & Breakfast doesn’t have an elevator.  I pulled that up every stair, cursing under my breath, knowing this would be the last time I would take that freaking thing anywhere again.  So if you bring heavy or a lot of luggage, you will be lugging it up and down their stairs.Inn17My room was on the end of the hallway, one of four rooms on this floor. I opened my door to the most beautiful room I had ever stayed in. On the left was a small kitchenette with a small fridge, microwave, sink, counter space and a desk area with a chair.  Located across from this was the bathroom with fresh white towels rolled up in a country type basket…nice touch.  Next to the restroom was the whirlpool jacuzzi, and was also next to the queen size, 4 poster, bed. Across from this is a beautiful fireplace with a remote to use from the bed or jacuzzi….very romantic if the mood should strike you.  Next to the fireplace was a cherry wood hutch, complete with a tv, which I will say was on the small side. Now, I had been spoiled by a 42” TV with apps at Fairfield Suites before this, so there you go.Inn5Inn3Inn4Inn6Next to all of that is a small sitting room area with a couch and large bay window.  That leads out to a door to a community balcony which overlooks the Green Bay and the front yard grounds.  The balcony was my favorite part because I had the place to myself, so I would sit on the chair outside and just enjoy the smell of the trees and listen to the water breaking on the shore.  Now, had I been in the two center rooms, it may not be as “private” with others enjoying the balcony because it’s not that big. Also if others are out there, the center rooms windows that look out at the Bay could be blocked by those sitting or standing in front of them. Not a big deal, just something to consider.inn8My first impression of the room was what I stated before…its beauty.  A romantic getaway, a writers paradise, but with the pros came the cons.  First off, the room was very, very warm. It was the third week of June, and so it definitely needed air flow or air conditioning.  The storm windows were still in (Because Covid hit in the Spring, they didn’t have a chance to take them out) and the air wasn’t turned on.  The downside of the AC unit is that it is located under the large bay window…on one end of the room. For a smaller room, the AC would have been plenty enough, but this was a very large suite, it didn’t cool it off at all. I bring a small fan on the road for white noise while I sleep, and for when the air flow isn’t enough, and even that didn’t cool me off enough.  The next stay I had I asked them to please remove the storm windows as I needed some type of air flow, which they graciously did and I appreciated. I also wound up opening the balcony door all the time to cool down the room, so be prepared if it’s a hot week during your stay. Sorry, I just have a hard time sleeping in the heat (said the FL girl).Inn2Another thing that falls short here is the Wifi. Now, I know most people are “getting away” so the Internet is the least of their worries, but for someone like myself who uses it for her brand, it was actually very stressful to not be able to get but one pic posted or get through a single phone call without dropping.  They do ask you do not stream so that the Wifi doesn’t slow down for others, but I feel in this day and age, they need to update their Wifi to suit the needs of all. Or at least advertise it that the WIfi is limited so that everyone knows that going in. Again, the reception IN GENERAL is sketchy, your data or theirs, so just keep that in mind. Inn16I used the jacuzzi that evening, turning on the timer on the wall, then having to hop in to get to the faucets to start to fill the tub. Almost a game to get the temps right, then fill it to the right amount desired, and of course, the “ahhhh” moment of putting it all together.  It was a great addition to my evening and its well worth the Suite to soak!  The bed was very comfortable, nice big, fluffy pillows, and there was an outlet located behind the bed for me to charge my phone overnight.  I would recommend they get a small power strip (or bring your own on any trip) there for those who want to charge their phones and not have to unplug the alarm clock or the lamp.   The TV had local channels and HBO.Inn11The “Breakfast” part was my favorite!  Morning one, delivered to my door promptly at 8 a.m., I received a breakfast quiche, with a strawberry filled croissant, with a rhubarb sauce granola with icing and a fresh glass of OJ. It was all DELICIOUS!!! Morning two, due to her being gone, was given to me in a basket which was a large green apple, a HUGE Cinnamon crumble muffin, and a granola bar.  Then Morning three, delivered again to my door on my last morning, I had an egg omelette, another strawberry filled croissant, bananas covered in honey, and a fresh cup of OJ. It ALL was incredibly yummy and I loved the touch of it on a tray at my door.  I have been spoiled by Disney, for I had wished that she may add something of a Birthday touch to my first day breakfast, and I recommend they do that for their guests. A card, a cupcake, or even celebratory ribbons would add something special to a birthday breakfast there.Inn13Inn18INN19A wonderful stay with a peaceful feel, you can stay here from May-October, rates starting at $124 per night. My room was $169 a night, for those who would like to book the one I stayed in. Tom and Julie own it and they couldn’t have been nicer or more accommodating to me. Sincerely nice people and they will make you feel right at home here. Check them out at littleharborinn.com.

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Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!



The Darkside of Door County, WI…the Trolley Ghost Tour 2020.


They say you believe or you don’t in ghosts…and had I not seen one before me as a child, I probably wouldn’t give two thoughts about them.  It’s been a lifelong wonder of mine of what they TRULY are and so I am always down for a Ghost Tour anywhere.  While visiting Dad up in Door County, Wisconsin, I came across a flyer that advertised the Trolley Tours, but what caught my eye was the Haunted one.  The Trolley idea itself sounded fun, but add some “spookiness” to it and I am game! Located in Egg Harbor in Door County, right off of Hwy 42, it is was easy to find and get too.Trolley23

Adults are $31.95 (with tax my total was $35.63) for this tour and children (5-16) are $23.95 (as of the date this article was written).  I paid online with no problems, got a receipt via my email, and then also got another email letting me know details for the tour. Please note that these tours are NON-REFUNDABLE and tour tickets cannot be rescheduled (Important to know during these interesting times).  I went on a SATURDAY evening, June 27th 2020 and during the COVID-19 Season. Well, we hope it’s a season right?  At the time of my tour, Wisconsin was starting too decline in cases, and so I felt safe to try this out.  They say on their website they are only filling the trolleys to 75% capacity, but every row on mine was filled except for the bench behind me. Could it be that was the 25% less? Maybe. It would have felt better to have every other bench be open for safety but I didn’t know how “full” it would be until everyone was on board and off you go. They did “reserve” the seats with your name taped to them- a simple nicety for those of us who like to meander in the gift shop, have a drink, and get on at the last possible second because there’s no rush to get a seat. I was so excited though that I was the third one on… yeah, always been like that. A side note, if you can REQUEST a seat, ask to be on the RIGHT side of the trolley, as I was on the left and most of the homes spoken about were on the RIGHT side, along with the sunset at the end of the day was on the RIGHT as well.  If you like to take pictures, it’s something you’ll want to take advantage of.Trolley21

Before getting on, the parking was easy and I found it better behind the building where all the trolleys are parked.  I checked in with their ticket window, which is across from the drinks and beverage bar, and they gave me a colored ticket which coincides with the color that is on your trolley. Simple. Basic. Easy. They do recommend bug spray for the places you get on and off at on the tour, I bought a handheld bug spray pen for $3 that is for sale at their ticket window.  Ironically, forgot I bought it and I now own a brand new bug spray pen (seriously I never needed it). They recommend getting there 30 mins early which I was, but honestly not sure why unless they get crazy busy that the wait time to check in is that. My tour was for 7:00 pm and was to last until 9:15 p.m.. You are allowed to bring drinks purchased at the Gift Shop, its encouraged, and they have an array of delightful spirits to enjoy with the other spirits. I looked in my emails and couldn’t find anything against outside food and drink being brought on, so call ahead and ask on that one.Trolley22

Our ghost host, Ross, was promptly on the trolley to give us the 411 on what we were about to do and then jumped off to get into character for the rest of the ride.  Now, I was there on a summer evening and it was warm all day, in the 90s. But, as the sun set, it obviously got a bit cooler.  I wasn’t cold AT ALL until the ride began its 45-50 mph speed on the highway to and from the main destinations. The windows are at your discretion to open or close, and lucky me I was sitting next to the emergency exit which had to stay open.  I didn’t bring a jacket or sweatshirt, big mistake only when we were careening down the highway. So take note to just bring something to stay warm on that journey, it can be left on the Trolley as you can get off and on at stops, so its best to just play it safe and bring something.Trolley20

Our tour began at the home of Samuel Baxter and his story set in an old farmhouse off of the highway in 1897. Yes, I took notes but I will just be giving you the cliff notes version as it is far more exciting to hear them all in person for yourself (or find the attention of Sir Google himself).  We then parked inside the city of “Fish Creek” where we heard the sad story of Huey Melvin, a little boy of 5, who learned that tetanus can be deadly.  Then across from Huey’s home is the Alexander Noble Home… the most haunted home in Door County. Now due to Covid, we were unable to tour the old home but heard all of the ghost stories and he handed out pictures of the inside and the spirits they have caught on camera. Now, I know that the best way to catch something is to just start taking as many pictures in sucession as you can.  That way you have comparable evidence of the before and after of any shots you may get.  As Ross spoke, I felt like I was being watched from the doorway. So I just took pic after pic, not really thinking much of it.  But as we headed back onto the Trolley, I zoomed into the doorway pic that didn’t look normal, and low and behold I CAUGHT A FACE!!!  Below you will see the normal pic I took of some 20 plus feet away, and then the pic enhanced so you can see it better. It’s freaky but I’m still happy I caught something.  I was skeptical that maybe it was matrixing and I was just “looking for something to be there” so I went back the next day and took a pic of the same door and there was nothing (bottom pic). Leave in the comments what you see.Trolley18Trolley17Trolley4Trolley3Trolley2

The tour then took us down to the waters edge, which was gorgeous at that time of day, the view alone was worth it. He told us of a famous shipwreck and the Captain who would lose his life. Now, Ross, our ghost host, has a Shakespearian background and it shows.  I felt this part of the tour was right out of the Renaissance Faire…he is excellent, but it was a bit much for a ghost tour.  He needs to work at Bristol.   Another family home ghost story with a tragic Christmas, and then onto the State Park for a visit to one of the Cemeteries and the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse (Again not open right now).  What I loved about this part was that the sun was just setting and it was just gorgeous high in the hills.  They tie the ghost stories well to the real people that lived them who are all buried in the local Cemeteries in the Peninsula State Park. There is a large cemetery and a small one, the small one is where the little boy, Huey, rests.  The family didn’t want the tours attending it there anymore, so they only take you to the large cemetery. Keep in mind, on your own, anyone can go see the Pioneer Cemetery which is the small one.Trolley12Trolley13Trolley14Trolley15Trolley9Trolley10Trolley5

So picture this….the sun is going down, the temps are lovely, and Ross drives up to one of the bluffs that look over the Lake. It was a picture perfect moment…and he tells us another story…I kid you not, bagpipe music starts playing behind the trolley.  I wondered “I bet this trolley is messing up someone’s proposal moment” because honestly that’s how perfect that moment was up there.  Some random person was playing his bagpipes as the sun set…ok, I just went with it. Odd but beautiful.Trolley8Trolley7

The sky was just starting to get dark as we headed back to the Trolley Center, and as we drove the highway we listened to songs of “Monster Mash” and “Thriller.” Cheesy? A tad, but maybe I would’ve enjoyed that part more had I not been freezing from the wind on the highway or had I been drunk.Trolley6

So here are my thoughts on all of this. There is a HUGE difference between a ghost tour, a paranormal tour, and a haunted history tour albeit the haunted history and ghost are very similar. A paranormal tour is where you can use your ghost box, your ghost equipment that you provide or they do and you talk to them and see what evidence you can come up with. A haunted history tour is called this usually to not associate with the paranormal but add that “haunted” as a spook factor to the tour. A “ghost tour” is a tour that is a good mix of both, having the spook factor involved with a bit of history on where the spookiness was based on.  This was more of a mix between the ghost and haunted history. Now, the price was totally worth it- been on more expensive for half the entertainment so you definitely will get your moneys worth no matter what you’re looking for in it. And honestly that’s what this tour was…entertainment. I wasn’t scared, I didn’t feel spooked at all, even at the Cemetery I was more curious about the older headstones and the forest around it than the ghosts that may or may not have been there.  I would’ve liked the tour to be later at night in the dark, especially for what the subject matter is.  I understand that this would take some creative lighting with flashlights or cell phone lights, but it could be done, but it would’ve been a heck of a lot scarier. I suggest they do a midnight tour (which I think they may do at Halloween) but all year round- maybe just on weekends, but there is enough interest in it these days that I feel they would be very successful at it later. I mean this is for children as well, so that tells you the range of “scariness” of it.  1-10, 10 being fantastic, I would give this tour a 9.  Ross did an amazing job of not only telling the stories memorized and with feeling, but he also drove the darn thing! On top of the fact that these tours are perfect for Bridesmaid parties, Birthdays, etc.. that you really could have a wild time with drinks as you are driven around everywhere.  They do provide other daytime tours like a Premier Wine Tour, Family Ride, Lighthouse Tour, and other nightime ones such as the Murder and Mayhem Tour and a Haunted Pub Crawl. I hope to try another one when I visit my Dad again next month, so stay tuned to see which one I try. They do sell out, as I was not able to get into the Haunted Pub Crawl at all, but I was able to grab a ticket for the ghost tour.  My best advice is to book as soon as possible- even with Covid amongst us.Trolley1

Now, let me say something on the Covid factor with this because those who are going this summer will want to know.  The employees had masks on and our host had his on the entire tour- no one else on the trolley had one on but me. I couldn’t “distance” on the trolley, but when we exited on and off I always made sure to stand 6 feet or more away from the group.  I hand sanitized myself after every time I got off and on, and I washed my hands after I got back from the tour to my Bed & Breakfast. I did as much as I could, and now we wait and see, but I am letting you know my experience. I wasn’t scared at all about getting it, as their numbers in Door County have been small, but the reality is still there that anyone can get it and I did my best to protect myself.  Just a heads up for those of you thinking about going.

I enjoyed the Ghost Tour and I appreciate Ross and his passion for the love of his job and for being a phenomenal storyteller. Check them out at doorcountytolley.com.

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