My First Time to the Street, “Sesame Street” that is…

All I can remember of the 1970’s is sitting on the green shag carpet in my parents living room, crossing my legs, getting comfy, and sitting WAY to close to the TV.  I can still feel the excitement of hearing the beginning chords…the sight of that famous street sign and hearing “Sunny day, singing the, clouds away….”   Every day I learned lessons from Big Bird to even Oscar the Grouch. And man did I laugh…do you remember the one where Ernie pulls Bert’s nose off? I remember losing it, and knowing that this show wasn’t just a show, it was an experience, and it was so many of our childhoods.


So when I heard that Sea World was opening up their own “Sesame Street” Land….I was estatic! Yeah, I know it’s not the “original” set from the show, but it was close enough. The sign, the famous stairs and home, Oscar’s trash can, and so on.


And thankfully I was able to meet the Sesame Street friends before Covid hit, and I was blessed to meet most of them. I laughed with Ernie and Bert, I chatted with Prairie Dawn, and I gushed over Big Bird. Yes, the child in me was out to believe and out to play. Remember playing? It was SO much fun, you can see it on my face.

The highlight for me was Mr. Hooper’s Store….this was my first introduction to death as a child. When Mr. Hooper passed away, it really gutted me. I didn’t understand it and the show did such a great job explaining it and helping children understand the pain they felt, it was a moment and lesson I clearly haven’t forgotten even now. They give him a nice honor in the store, and I appreciate that very much.


If you loved it as a kid, and your kids now watch it or grandkids, this is worth the ticket alone to Sea World. It’s a nice shot of nostalgia that we all need these days, to remember the “good old days” and to enjoy with other generations the Sesame Street friends. Check it out and thanks for stopping by!


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A 2020 Sea World Christmas…Part One

Ironically, I visited Sea World for “Christmas” during Thanksgiving week. I know, what was I thinking. First off, having almost lived here 10 years soon, I have come to an understanding that the Theme Parks are not meant for me on the weekends and Holidays- why? Crowds and traffic. I usually can get in and out during the week without little to no headache if I can get out before rush hour. Weekends and Holidays bring the people, and I try to avoid the big crowds as much as possible. And normally I wouldn’t even TRY to go Thanksgiving week, but due to Covid, crowds have been low. So I made my reservation online with my Annual Pass, and headed in.

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How I do Sea World is how I do life….slow and steady wins the race. I take my time, I enjoy watching the animals, sit for a show, and grab a bite to eat. This particular Park is VERY quiet during the weekdays, so I enjoy the peace and chill feelings it brings. I pretty much have the same habits here, I walk past the stingrays, say hello to the dolphins, head to my favorite – the penguins- and talk to the employees for awhile. Sea lions, manatees, turtles, oh my! It’s just a relaxing park.

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There is so much to do here for the Christmas season, albeit it a lot of it happens during the weekends. They have an entire Christmas trail full of food and hot cocoa kiosks, with Rudolph and friends in their own play. The larger theater at the end of the trail has a Christmas presentation with an ice rink- really neat! Along the bridge that expands the length of the park, you can see thousands of lights on Christmas trees suspended over the water. They also have the presentation of Christ’s birth in the other corner of the Park, with more kiosks for holiday treats and tots.

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Speaking of treats and tots, I don’t normally go for the kiosks because they are closed during the day. I was SO EXCITED when I learned that they have them open at 11 a.m. during the day on Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. I invested in the lanyard this year to see if I actually ate, or wanted to eat, my moneys worth. I am ALL about value. I chose the 10 punch card, available was a 5 punch one as well. It was $50 for the one I purchased, and many of the offerings I found to be $8 or more, so it seemed to be a deal. What I found out that made me even happier was that I got my 20% discount on that as well, making it $42 with tax for 10 meal or drink offerings. I could only eat 4 that day, I was so full! Craig and I plan on going in to use the rest to see the lights and enjoy the nightime shows.

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And who doesn’t love Sesame Street? I know this isn’t the real set, but it’s as close as I can get right now. Everything from the famous steps to Mr. Hooper’s store…Christmas is alive and well here on this loveable street!

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I always enjoy taking pictures here, so please enjoy the Christmas goodness in part one. I hope to get back next week in the evening and livestream the Christmas lights and take some great night shots. Enjoy!

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The 2020 Sea World All Day Dining Deal: Part Two…The What and Where Food Reviews

If you haven’t caught Part One: The Sea World 2020 All Day Dining Challenge, please check it out FIRST. If you have, well then let’s talk about this gluttonous venture that was my day yesterday. I would’ve loved to have kept this all one article, but it was just going to be too stinking long so here we are, a FRESH chapter to dig into. SW10

Alrighty, I am just going to go in chronological order of our day, that way you can follow much easier from the transition of the first chapter on this. So we began at “Seafire Grill.” This place is on the far right as you walk into the Park, and it’s located right before you hit the long bridge across the waterfront area. What I used to love about this Restaurant, was that they had a porch on it for outside dining. I would grab my Mexi-bowl of goodness and listen to the seagulls (piped in mind you) and just enjoyed the warm breeze outside. Then they made it a bar. Wah wah. So when we grabbed our very light breakfast offerings (Continental as advertised) we opted for a high table in the courtyard area outside. The inside of this Restaurant has no music, it’s quiet, it’s dark, and clearly used for dinner shows but they open it up for seating during the day. It basically feels like you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be. Hence, we ate outside. Plus, it was 60 degrees and overcast so it was somewhat pleasurable. No heat stroke today Satan! The fruit in the fruit cup was fresh, which was a light way to start our day, and the blueberry muffin we had, had a very wet consistency. Delicious but a bit mushy. I like them more fluffier.SW3

Onto “Mango Joes,” located in the back corner near Antartica. The outside porch of this one is under construction right now since they are making another rollercoaster near it. The inside is just for lining up and ordering, all dining is outside here. We had the impossible burger….and it was, ok. Strange honestly. My brain says “This should be beef” yet my taste buds don’t know what to make of it. I wouldn’t have it again, but I am glad I tried it. The side summer salad was DELICIOUS!!! They had a couple of choices of salads here, but this one had peaches, strawberries, crumbled cheese and red onions- sooo good!! SW2

Waterway Grill” is one of their largest Restaurants- also has an Annual Passholder lounge here. If you have a large group, this is a great place to sit inside and enjoy the ac! They had very limited seating outside, but we found a table that was just outside the “Infinity Falls” ride. We did have some bees….so there’s that for eating outside. Here we had the Churrasco Steak with beans and rice. The Steak was incredibly chewy, so we opted out after the first bite. The rice and beans were really good and we poured the sauce that came with the dish all over that instead of the steak. You can’t go wrong with carrot cake, it was yummy!SW5

Expedition Café” was a walk up area inside to order, and then you pay and eat either outside or in an designated air conditioned hangar they have for it. A very well themed area for the penguins, this was a fun stop to eat and look around. The Asian dish we had of Orange Chicken, Teriyaki, Fried Veggies and Rice were actually really good. The Orange Chicken had a bit more breading than bird, but otherwise I would highly recommend this dish. And of course, chocolate cake was delish…hard to mess up that one! The White Cherry Icee was really good, but oh boy did I get the cold headache from that one, take caution my amigos.SW6

Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs” is a hot dog stand right outside the Sting Ray petting zone. A walk up, the tables are all outside, but thankfully under coverage. By this point I couldn’t think about food anymore, so when we got this footlong chili cheese hot dog, I had to find every strength in me to take a few bites, which I did. They are the brand “Nathan’s” – well known for those dogs. I thought it was delicious, and honestly intimidating for the size of thing. Seriously. I don’t know who can eat one of these in a sitting. It came with waffle fries (because Sea World believes in waffle fries for some reason, for everything) and a bag of cookies (which I had today and they were very good- Chocolate Chip!). For $13, you do get a lot for a hot dog, and the fries, but it’s still $13.SW8

I love a good BBQ, so “Voyagers” was exciting for me. The Rib platter had 2-3 ribs, a quarter chicken, a sausage, waffle fries and a dinner roll. The ribs were chewy, and didn’t “fall of the bone” like “MoriMoto.” The Chicken was delicious and the sausage was just ok. The roll actually had some flavor to it, so that was a nice surprise – kind of like Kings Hawaiian. The Cherry Cheesecake was smooth and yummy. We sat outside, limited seating, but inside is another large restaurant with booths and large tables for big groups.

By the time we hit “Spice Mill,” I was pretty sure that if I was the fuzzy pumper from a playdoh set, people would be able to squeeze out food from every pore. We had the Bacon Cheeseburger, which was HUGE, and a side of potato salad. Both were excellent and they offered all the fixings for the burger. They have lots of seating indoors but they have a wrap around porch on the water which makes this location relaxing to enjoy.

Last but not least, we hit “Seafire Grill” again, but this time for dinner. Still quiet and dark, we found a table off to the side to enjoy our last meal of the day. We chose the grilled chicken wrap, which was tasteless, and a side of Chocolate cake (which again was delish). I would recommend ordering something hot here, the wraps were pre-made and who knows how long they were sitting out. It was a mundane way to end the day of dining, but there you go.

I hope you find this helpful and check out the YouTube vlog that accompanies this visit on my “The Relocated Tourist” YouTube channel!

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The 2020 Sea World All Day Dining Deal: Part One…The Food Choices

Living the Relocated Tourist life, you discover little ways here and there to make the most out of your money, especially since I am in them 3-4 times a week. Having been a Passholder for a while, I had been curious about this “All Day Dining Deal” that they advertise all over their site and Parks. I am usually in the Parks from open to mid-afternoon, usually because I am trying to beat rush hour on the way home, so it is rare these days to do an open to close in any of the Theme Parks. An “All Day Dining Deal” for myself never seemed worth it because I usually ate breakfast at home or on the way, grabbed my lunch at the Park and then was home well in time for dinner. That being said, I thought it would be a fun blog to challenge myself to the “All Day Dining Deal.” Meaning I would eat on the hour, every hour the Park was open, to see what kind of food options, drinks, and such I could get out of the deal. Here’s the gluttonous tale…. I hope you’re hungry….said no one ever after doing this challenge.

First, I want to start off by thanking my amazing husband, Craig, who willingly agreed to do this challenge with me. Sea World was having a great offer for Passholders for the month of January, where I could bring in a friend for free. I am the Passholder of the family, so these deals are nice for me to bring in a family member on occasion without having to pay for family passes. (A nice perk if you’re thinking of becoming an Annual Passholder). So let’s state the facts first for your reference. It was a Monday, it was in January, their hours were 10-6, and it was a quiet Park. We were pretty sure there were more employees than visitors. January is typically a slow month in the Parks, so keep that in mind. These facts are important when deciding when and if you’d like to do the dining plan. Time of year means more or less people, which means more or less lines, which means more or less time to achieve this challenge in the first place. You have to get in line, then order your food, then pay for food, and then eat your food all in a span of time before the next hour was up to eat again. You’d think this would be an easy task, it wasn’t. Had we had bigger crowds with bigger lines, not only would we not have gotten so much done, but we wouldn’t have wanted to do as much because more people usually causes more stress which leads to me in my car going home as soon as possible.

We got to the Park right away at opening, again 10 am, and immediately bought the dining plan at a kiosk just inside the entrance, right next to the “Sea World” sign photo opp. (These kiosks are located throughout the Park) Since I am a Passholder, I was able to save 15% off. So for any adult, it would be $39.99 with tax, ($19.99 for children) and for me it was $33.99 with tax. They give you a wristband with a UPC Code for them to scan every time you purchase something. It was purchased at 10:09 a.m. which now was basically the green light to start eating. What is in the Dining Deal? The one that I bought gives you ONE entrée, ONE side or dessert, and ONE beverage. You can upgrade to include alcohol for $15 more- that’s ONE drink per hour. Who knew you could get lit at Sea World? Tis true! IMPORTANT NOTE- The ONLY place serving breakfast was “Seafire Inn” which is a couple right turns off the entrance. Again, you want to get the most for your purchase, so we headed there to grab breakfast first. You could get a fruit cup($3.99), choice of bakery item ($3.99), and then a drink($3.99) (fountain drink, bottled water, or milk). The total value of breakfast was roughly $13 let’s say. We recorded our time down at 10:17 a.m. and made sure to keep track of everything we were eating. Check out the next blog post about reviews of the food and the places we ate- I would’ve added it here but it would make this post about 80 pages long, aint no one got time for that! SW11

A note here, you can ask for a receipt for each transaction, but there are no prices listed on said receipt, you will want these for the time stamp on the bottom, so you know when you can get your next meal. When they say you can eat every hour, they mean it, and not a MINUTE sooner. Now drinks? They are more relaxed on those. I was told you can get as many as you want throughout the day, but I was told by another Team Member that they allow 12 beverages per visitor which equals a normal Park day’s hours are usually 12 hours. Since they were only open 8 on the day we went, she still said the system allows 12 each. So keep that in mind if you already used your meal credit for the hour but you’re dying for a bottle of water, go ahead and get it.

Next we hit up “Mango Joes” at 11:17 a.m. which was in the back corner of the Park, next to “Wild Artic.” Now being lunch time, we could get a little more creative with our choices. I wanted to pick different items at each offered location so that I could report a variety of offerings the Park has. We all get sick of chicken nuggets and fries don’t we? Here we chose the Impossible burger (which for those who don’t know what that is, it’s a plant based, vegan option)($14.99), a side summer salad($4.99), waffle fries came included with the entrée, and a Coke Zero($3.99). A total value of $25 let’s say with tax. Now just after TWO meals, we had gotten a value of $38- already $5 over what I paid into it. SW12

At 12:17, we found ourselves at “Waterway Grill” which is a brand new Restaurant back behind the newest ride “Infinity Falls.” A cleaner menu, they offered tofu, steak, and chicken, which was a nice variety to choose from. We chose the Churrasco Steak($15.99), which came with rice and beans, a large piece of carrot cake($3.99), and another Coke Zero($3.99). By the way, all meal plans come with the regular size drink, and not the 2 Liter size. Value around $25 for that meal. SW13

After saying hello to my favorite penguin crew, we dined at “Expedition Cafe” which is just outside their ride and area. We dined at 1:20 p.m. and I was super excited that they served Asian food here. We chose the Teriyaki chicken, Orange Chicken, Fried Veggies and Fried Rice combo ($15.99) with a large piece of Chocolate cake($3.99) and mixed things up a bit with a Lemonade($3.99)this round. A total value of $25 with tax. I even snagged a White Cherry(they had three flavors here) Icee ($4.99) after dinner as part of my “unlimited beverages.”SW14

At 2:20 p.m., we headed to “Captain Pete’s Island Hot Dogs” stand where we picked up a Foot Long Chili Cheese Hot Dog ($12.99), more waffle fries included, a bottle of water ($2.99), and a bag of cookies ($3.99). Total Value was roughly $21. I was excited about the cookies being in a bag, it was the first item we had received that I could take home with me, funny thing is I just remembered they were in my bag and currently eating one as I write.SW16

3:20 p.m. came fast, so we headed to “Voyagers” which is a BBQ Smokehouse. We got the Rib Platter which was 3 Ribs, a quarter Chicken, smoked sausage, waffle fries, and a dinner roll ($18.99). Also was a piece of cherry cheesecake ($3.99) and a Sprite ($3.99). A value roughly of $28.SW17

Since there was a large line at the last one, our time was bumped to 4:30 p.m. for the next gluttonous adventure. We headed to “Spice Mill” where we got the Bacon Cheeseburger with all the fixings ($13.49), a side of Potato Salad ($3.99) and TWO bottles of water ($2.99 each) (because again I could get as many as they’d let me). Total value was $24.SW9

5:30 p.m. came and we could see the end in sight….all I could think about is how much pepto I was going to have to take to counter act the battle that was about to happen in my digestive tract. We ended where we started, “Seafire Inn” where they now were serving dinner. We chose the Grilled Chicken Wrap ($12.99), piece of Chocolate Cake ($3.99) and another Coke Zero ($3.99) to end the day. Total value of this meal, $22 with tax.SW18

So again with estimation of tax, for the $33.99 that I had spent for ONE dining, all day, plan, the TOTAL value you COULD get in one EIGHT hour day is $183!!!! Now, let’s be realistic. Who is going to eat EIGHT meals during a Park day? Between rides and shows, you can barely sit for one, maybe two meals. The point though is that if you do your research, you can find the best value for that plan, and also you can get those beverages any time you like. Bottled water any time is a HUGE commodity in the Florida heat, so that alone with your meals is well worth the dining plan. NOW if you or your family are light eaters, I would say it’s not worth it. Split some meals up and save the cash. I split every single meal with my husband all day long – ONE plan- and we were STILL stuffed to the gills!!

Check out my next post about my review on the food we ate and the places we ate for this Challenge HERE. I hope you found this informative and that it helps YOU out on your next adventure to Sea World, Orlando!

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Sea World at Christmas Time

Wow, that’s all I can say about Sea World, their decorations, and the crowds. Yep, Sea World looked great, the decorations were great in certain areas of the Parks, and the crowds were non-existent. Kyra enjoyed her time at the Penguin behind-the-scenes tour, while we fed a sea lion next door. The best part of our day was taking the Polar Express tour. It is included in your price of admission, and they retheme the Wild Artic ride. You can ride or walk it, and you don’t have to stay for the video portion if you don’t wish too. We didn’t and got to enjoy the decorations all by ourselves without anyone around.

We walked past the train station, presents on top of presents, and Christmas lights on trees lined the way. We found our way to the North Pole where a huge Christmas tree sits near the beluga whale tank. Santa himself is in this area as well, where you can get your family picture taken. We found the polar bear and said hello, then walked into another area where they were serving hot chocolate. We bought the kids one each, and with our Annual Pass discount only cost $3.00 for both drinks. They even included marshmallows on the top- the kids were so giddy with excitement.

The entire gift shop has been turned into a Winter Wonderland for the Polar Express fans, and they even sell the Polar Express train for around the bottom of your tree or any other use. Outside you can get your pictures taken by THE Polar Express train, and the kids thought that was so cool. If your family loves this movie, this is a MUST see!!

Enjoy the pics below, and we will be going back one of these weekend evenings to catch all the Christmas shows. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

The Behind-the-Scenes Penguin Tour at Sea World

Penguins! They’re adorable birds who can’t fly and live in the Antarctic. We normally don’t get the chance to see them unless they’re at a zoo and there’s ridiculously thick glass between us and the cute birds. However, at Sea World guests can have the rare opportunity to walk into the penguin exhibit and get personal with them. Well for my 18th birthday I got the chance to take the up close and personal penguin tour!

We had made the reservation online and paid online as well so that when we got to the park all we would have to do is talk to the service desk and check in. It’s a really convenient way to do it if any of you are interested in going yourselves. Dad and I went to the service desk area right after the entrance gate and told the employee that we had set up a tour and she printed out a ticket for us that had the time the tour would start. She also gave us a map and circled where we would need to go, and that was helpful.

The tour was at 11:15 so we waited by the exit of the penguin exhibit. There were 15 other people there with me and mom, dad, and Emily couldn’t go with so I went in on my own.

The tour guide led us down a hall outside the building where there were windows set up that let you look inside. The first area was a little research room where the aviculturists (people who study birds) work. The tour guide didn’t take us in but explained to us that they were working on the birds and their nesting season. The penguins take this time of the year to nest their eggs, so the aviculturists take tubing and place it at the top of the rock in the exhibit. Then the penguins find smooth, flat stones to put at the bottom of the nest. The smaller penguins lay more eggs than the kings. The king penguins are the biggest and often have a ring of orange around their necks.

After a small biology lesson on penguins, she takes us to the next window and shows us the nursery. This room is set aside from the exhibit so the penguins can be in a controlled climate. One gave us a charming smile and pooped in the water. Everyone laughed and the penguin looked pleased with itself. Then the tour guide told us it was time to meet our new best friends – the penguins!

She split us up into two groups and one of us went into the exhibit while the other went into the room with the black footed penguin. I went with the group into the exhibit first where the trainer Kelly (a guy) led us in. He told us we can touch the two smaller penguins inside the fenced off area but that we should ask to touch the king outside the fence.

By then I was shaking I was so excited. We walked in and it was cold! Kelly told us it was 30 degrees, and after he said that I smiled to myself thinking it should be nothing having lived through Wisconsin winters all my life. I’m already a temperature spoiled Floridian. We stayed in there for 15 minutes and the cold didn’t really get to me, I would have stayed in there for an hour if it meant staying with the penguins.

The first penguin I met was Jasper, and he was really laidback and chill about us petting him. We all took turns posing for pictures and when it was my turn the tour guide offered to take my pictures for me. Surprisingly enough Jasper was so soft! I wasn’t expecting that after touching blubbery dolphins and sting rays. Jasper liked being pet and he was loving the attention too. The other penguin that was with us was running around being crazy and nipping at peoples shoes. I can’t remember his name but he was hilarious.

After the 15 minutes was up (it felt like two minutes it went by so fast) we were moved down the hallway inside the building into one of the smaller and quieter rooms with one trainer and a black footed penguin on her lap. The two penguins that were with us in the exhibit burst out of the door with us and tried chasing us down the hall. It was cute and made us all sad to leave them when the trainer shooed them back inside.

When we got into the other room, the trainer talked more about penguins and their nesting season. She let us pet the penguin on her lap and get a picture with him. His name was spike and he was a little shy. When she finally let him off of her lap he ran under the counter behind two people. The trainer explained to us that penguins have personalities and Spike was a little shy with strangers but he still liked it when they pet him.

So that was my incredible experience. I had an amazing time and I miss the penguins already. They were adorable and if you have the chance to take this tour and you love penguins – do it! It’s 40 dollars per person and it’s a once in a lifetime chance.

And who knows, it could even inspire you to want to work with or study the adorable flightless birds!


Daddy’s Day at Sea World

From past trips to Sea World, I remembered it being a serene place of quiet, peace, and a moment to get away from the Mouse for a bit. We all know that too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing, so I don’t mind a break from Mickey from time to time.  Since we have been going pretty hard since we moved here, 2 weeks ago today, the chance to just enjoy animals and walk at a nice pace seemed really nice.  I guess everyone else thought it was a great idea too, because I am pretty sure everyone was at Sea World today! LOL

Before we ever left home, Craig signed us up for Annual Passes over the phone.  They told him to have the Ticket Attendant scan the bar code in Craig’s email- that way we could avoid paying for parking.  We bought them AHEAD of time to avoid paying for parking, like at WDW, we didn’t, we paid for parking, BUT, they reimbursed us at Guest Relations for it.  We get to the gate, they can’t get it to scan, so we have to pay the $14 for parking.  We get to Guest Relations to pick up our annual passes, and they refuse to reimburse us the parking cost.  I have to say, I did tell them “Well Disney did” and that I wasn’t thrilled that they refused too. His response was “from here on out, now you get free parking.”  Whatever.

So we headed in with the droves of people, and headed to the Dolphin area.  In 2005, we were able to feed them for pretty cheap, or just walk up to pet them and take pictures. Well, Sea World changed it up, and now you have to take the right route to feed them at $7 a tray, in groups, or you have to take the left route, which is the viewing only area which is on the way left of their habitat, which is pointless since all of the dolphins are in the feeding area.  Before, you could just walk up, buy a tray, feed them, and either buy another one right then and there or just stand there.   Now the feeding area is in large groups, you buy your trays at that one moment you are in line to do so, and if you want more, you have to go back around to wait in line again to wait with the next group to feed them.  They have their version of “Photopass” people taking pictures of you feeding the dolphins, but you will have to pay for them as well.  After we viewed for a small while, we decided maybe we would come back to feed them in the future when the heat backs off.

We walked right into the “Blue Horizons” show which was great to walk in, sit, and see it without melting in the hot sun.  I LOVED this show- the music, the acrobatics, the birds, the dolphins- just, WOW!!  I actually got chills from the song, it should be in Walt Disney World!  If you are headed to Sea World, don’t miss this one!

We enjoyed the Clyde and Seamore show, which we arrived early for to see the fun Mime in the beginning, and enjoyed a quiet lunch at a Mill type Restaurant.  I was impressed that the counter service places took our annual passes for discounts on the food- every little bit helps. We split a large club sandwich, kids had the chicken mcnugget meals, a bowl of watermelon, and a huge piece of carrot cake.  We all had plenty to eat, and shared everything- all for $26!  They have a deal where you can purchase the all you can eat dining plan for $29 an adult and $14 a child, for the entire day.  Now, I am no genius, but how much can one person eat for that to be worth anything? We spent $26 for all four of us, so even if we did it again for dinner, $52 seems a lot cheaper that $29 x4 people for the day.  If you are interested in that deal, make sure it is worth it for you and that you are intending to eat all day.  In the heat, knowing now first hand, you barely want to eat, so think about it.

We also caught a sign on one of the walkways that after 5 p.m. you get deals being an Annual Passholder.  I think as residents we will take advantage of those deals a lot more, and come often in the evenings to see the nighttime shows.  I also thought it was pretty cool that they have kiosks to buy your tickets on you own, right outside the entrance/exit.

The heat started to get to us, and after walking through a disappointing “Wild Arctic” where the Polar Bear could barely be seen because he was sleeping, and the walrus just had his butt hanging out of his home, we got home to our A/C and pool to cool off.

Since is IS “Fathers Day,” we did give Craig his cards and gift this morning.  He really liked the mini-monorail for his office, so we got it for him, which he loved.  I also want to take this opportunity to publicly tell everyone what an amazing Dad my hubby is.  He is the Dad who takes his kids to the Parks, who swims with them, who cooks with them, who taught them how to ride a  bike, and Kyra to drive a car.  He is the Dad who never stops telling them how proud he is, to shoot for their dreams, and to never give up on life.  He is an incredible man and human being… but most importantly, a great and dedicated father.  We love you Craig and we thank you for you.  Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, Bob, and Randy!