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Category: Planning Road Trips

100 Days Today!!!

I have exactly 100 days today to get everything done before I hit the road…..eeesh.  I feel like I am doing everything I can, every day I can, and still […]

Car Camping….is it for Me?

As big a dreamer as I am, I am also pretty grounded to the Earth. I realize the cost of hoteling it night after night would wreak havoc on my […]

Finding the Time to Do it All

Since I have made the decision to hit the road for a year, my life has turned a bit topsy turvy you could say….I am trying to get so much […]

Plan it or Wing it?

I am pretty sure I walked out of the womb planning my life…no joke.  I have always needed a plan A, B, and then for good measure, plan C, just […]

Where I’m at with Planning my Trip

So I have always thought of my life as the “Coming Attractions.”  I live for the moment, but I am really excited for what is to come. And planning these […]

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