Happy Valentines Day?

As a kid, my thoughts on this day were rather a skewed. I truly thought naked babies were flying around the Earth, plunging arrows into the unexpected, minding their own business. I mean, if they want to keep sticking this “cupid” onto cards and signs, what are kids supposed to think? Of course then it turned into this weird popularity game they groom you for in grade school.  You find a box of Rainbow Brite valentines, sign them all, and then everyone in the class gets one….because that’s fair.  Yet somehow I felt like I never got as many as someone next to me, instead of happy for what I DID get instead. Never mind how Katie got a sucker attached to hers, and I got a rock. LOL J/K

Move on to High School…and some genius Key Club or the latter decide “Let’s raise money by making people feel less than themselves.”  Yeah, it’s true, you know who I am talking too. I don’t know if you had it at your school, but the ever famous “Send a Carnation” to a friend or loved one in school.  As a gesture of kindness, I applaud this effort. But as High Schoolers who were immature brats, this turned into a “You aren’t cool enough” if you didn’t get one.  The pressure I felt to send to ALL of my friends every year, the hope that SOMEONE would remember me….such. a waste. of. time.  First off, if you DID get flowers, everyone with time on their hands needed to know WHO sent them to you.  And you didn’t mind saying who, especially if it was a guy. But then I would see dear people in the halls who looked so forlorn and depressed and I just wanted to give my flowers away.  The feeling that someone remembered me wasn’t worth the feeling of seeing someone else upset. My empathy cup has always been probably to full for my own good, but hey, I was born like this.

Then after school you are an adult, married with kids and NOW the pressure is to remember everyone in your family circle. For YEARS I sent my parents valentines or a small gift, then made or did something for both of my daughters, and then try to think of something creative for my husband.  I felt I would give beyond my means and my capabilities sometimes to make everyone else around me happy, and yet almost every year I felt empty at the end of the day. My expectations of what others would do for me was never what it was, usually next to nothing. (Yeah, I know, that’s on me) Flowers were always nice, or a special dinner, but over the years I have learned that THIS DAY I feel less loved than any other. A holiday born to make us all feel less adequate if love isn’t available that day, and from someone you are romantically connected with.

Then God Bless Amy Poehler and her crew at “Parks and Rec” who came up with “Happy Galentines Day” which is celebrated Feb. 13th.  To honor all women, to love on all women, but to enjoy that day of celebration of EACH OTHER and not having that “special someone” in your life because believe it or not… that special someone is YOU! Such a greeting card statement, you are sooooo welcome.

So Happy Valentines Day for just the day of LOVE. Love your spouse, your partner, your parents, your kids, your pet, your favorite movie with your favorite ice cream today……love everything about yourself today and those in your life.  REINVENT these types of holidays and it completely changes how you see them from year to year. I LOVE you, I will ALWAYS love you, and that smile looks FABULOUS on you today!

Stressed Out

I have never been one to back down from thinking big or dreaming big. I get an idea in my head, and it is there to stay. I will think about it, day in and day out, until it is achieved and then, and only then, does my brain say “next.” Now, I am sure you have all heard of people saying “I have a bunch of tabs open all at once inside my head”- yeah, I get that. For every day now, I get up with a purpose before my feet hit my new fuzzy carpet, and honestly it’s stressing me out.

I have so much to do before I hit the road on June 1st, and I wake up in a panic sometimes that I will never get it done. I don’t have nightmares much anymore, but I had a whopper of one last night. I dreamt I was having a huge garage sale at my home, and I came up with this brilliant idea to sell the stuff online as I was at my home (WOW that would be a disaster.) So when someone bought a pin at my sale, I would have to pull it offline so no one could buy it there, and vice versa. I woke up sweating from it, my heart rate through the roof.  I just sat there…..my mind going blank. No buffering, just broken for a bit. I know it’s coming from preparations to sell a beloved Disney collection I have had for years now, but it HAS to be done, and I need the money for my trip. Still, I am stressed.

I have been working hard at trying to get at least one new blog post out a day that has some fun, adventure, or “life” in it… this one is clearly a “You sure you’re ok Amy?” Yes, I am fine.  Or I will be. Every weekend I have been working on a large part of the brand and what is coming for this big trip of mine, or mission, once you see what I am about to do and why I am doing it, you’ll get it. Because I don’t just do a “road trip.” Oh no, this girl makes it about something. ALWAYS something bigger than myself and THAT I am excited to share with you once the time is right.

So not only selling hundreds, maybe into the thousands of items, but I am also planning a trip over a year or more oh AND write of quality every day AND get into the Parks as much as I can to spread the magic to you my friends, and my heart needs it as well.  I have lists galore, notebooks filling up, ideas piling up in the hopper that I try to implement every day so they don’t back up. Geesh writing and reading this and my blood pressure starts to go up again- I assure you, I am fine. Did that sound convincing? Not to mention a pandemic which I hope to get my shots for before I leave, praying friends and family don’t get it now or while I am gone, mourning for friends whose family passed from it, ….. ok I need to breath.

I would love to tell you that I have super powers and one is the gift of confidence, but man I am lacking that in droves lately. I had an encounter with someone who told me of their hundreds of thousands of blog hits and I didn’t walk away happy for that person….I felt like crap. Here I have been working my tail off, writing the best I ever have in my career, and in one bubble of time I felt like my work was worthless because I didn’t have her numbers. Weird right? How one person can make us feel like we aren’t valuable? Or it’s the successful people in our lives who tout off their achievements, because of course they are proud of them, and they are at the finish line holding their piles of numbers, money, or fame and you are standing at the starting line holding a quarter. We are told that if we put the work in, our heart and soul into something, the people will follow, they will eventually find you. But have they?

My name is Amy, and I am stressed out. I do my best with what I have, every, damn, day. I am no where near perfect and I try to be better than I was the day before. I try to only compete with myself, but the voice of self doubt seems to scream louder than my Coke Zero can silence. I have been working on losing weight again, on top of all the rest, and find time for family things and friends. Friends…I swear Covid has made them disappear. No matter how much I reach out, silence is the return. I swear, I am ok.

Writing is cathardic for me, it is my bubble bath with classic music playing while I soak and smile. I thank you for letting me just vent for a bit, because I vowed that my writing would always be ME. I am not here to make others think I am one person, but really am another. I am just here to inspire someone, to empathize with someone, and to make sure that you know, you are not alone, we are hella stressed these days….even if it is for other reasons. Love you guys- have a good day.

What Inspires You

I think purpose is one of THE hardest things to find in our lives. Our parents, God willing, mold us, direct us until we can fly from the nest, and then we stand at this strange crossroads of life.  I didn’t know if I wanted to go to College, have a family, travel, or stay at home until I figured it all out. And it got me thinking a lot lately about my life, but especially about at what point did I get inspired to do the life choices I made. OR did they choose me?


Let’s face it, life is life. We all have to work, pay the bills, and if lucky, have a family along the way to share in. But if not our lot in life, we may choose money over love, or vice versa, career over babies, or career at all…the point being there are SO many roads to travel, WHERE and WHAT inspired you?

So Craig and I got married young and had a baby right away. My compass was set at that time, and you just go where the sails may take you. He had gotten a job at a Manufacturing Plant in town, and he would be a line worker, making good money for a 19 year old.  He said he was obsessed with the movie “War Games” as a kid, and always wanted to deep dive into Technology.  One day he was asked to help with scheduling in the office at the Plant, and as he helped, little by little, he got to know their program and it became part of his job.  From that small spark, he would go on to climb the ladder of IT, without a day of College in his life. He was inspired from a movie, passion from someone believing in him, and now he works from home with a comfortable lifestyle we all enjoy.


And what inspired me? I always loved to write…in school and out. I would write my own stories, imagining lands like OZ -hoping they existed.  I was the kid who made book reports incredibly long because, even as a kid, I needed to get my point across…albeit a long winded one.  English was always an “A” grade- always jumping at the opportunity to create art out of words. But ALL of that didn’t inspire me like one story did….also made into a movie. 

“Julie and Julia” was the film, and it is one of my absolute favorites for BOTH sides of what it brings! If you haven’t seen it, a girl named Julie Powell starts a blog in 2002 about going through Julia Child’s entire cook book, one recipe for one day, for an entire year (and then some, she would complete 524 recipes in total!) On top of Julie’s job being a crisis helper for 9/11 victims full time during the day, she would return to her cute apartment with her hubby and cook a new recipe every night.  (And carry ALL the ingredients on the subway- New Yorkers, I do not know how you do it!)  On the other side of it is Julia Child’s story on how she became the famous cook…her love of food and tenacity to learn in a world of Men….well that makes my womanly heart smile.

JuliaChildsKitchen4JuliaChildsKitchen3JuliaChildsKitchen1Julie and Julia1

Two of the same stories of learning something new, something out of their comfort zone until it wasn’t anymore.  Both fearless, both strong. God, I LOVE this movie! So yes, it inspired me to be a BETTER writer, to write from the heart and not so much from the head. To be fearless in my endeavors and that the will of wanting to be liked and accepted should not govern the opportunities that face you. I should tell you, I HATE cooking. So, it helped my writing and my thinking, but cooking was nothing I am interested in. Although Julia AND Julie make it interesting… maybe that will be another adventure in the future.

Julie and Julia2JuliaChildsKitchen2

It is amazing what inspires us…pay attention.


Thank you for your kindness and support!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Disney, Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


The “When I, Then I” Effect

Have you ever found yourself talking to a dear friend, or chatting with your spouse on the couch and saying the words “When I do this, THEN I will be this.” When I finally make enough money, then I can buy that or do that. When I finally lose all of this weight, then I will be happy about myself.  I bring it up today because I found myself saying this quite a bit over the year of Hell, but also recently. Like a literal light bulb going on in my head, it occurred to me that every time I say or said this, I was self sabotaging myself. Let me explain…

The Relocated Tourist1

It’s important to have goals and dreams, otherwise what the heck are we looking forward too? I have been that person all of my life, where I do better having something to look forward too then looking back or sitting stagnant without any forward motion in my life.  I have always struggled with my weight since having my girls, many ladies do.  We convince ourselves that while we are fluffy or not “our best” that somehow during that time nothing matters because of how we feel. The thing is, the time will pass anyways. I started to look at it that it’s just a life in progress, my life in progress, and sometimes we are buffering and other times we are complete.


Have you ever looked at pictures of yourself from years ago, or maybe currently, and cringed on who or where you were at that point? I lost a lot of weight years ago, and I’ve looked at my scrapbooks and don’t even recognize that Amy. My kids didn’t care what weight I was, the memories made at the Park or the Zoo were the point. But here’s the thing, it’s my history, it happened, and it deserves it’s place. So because of feeling like that looking at the past, I know someday that the “right now” I am living I will also look back on.  What am I getting at? Whether you are what you are, where are you, what you are doing, the today matters. You may not think it does, but it does. The smallest act to the largest, we must rewire our brains to say instead “Today I will do my best. I will work on my job, I will try to eat better, I will try to save my money, and I will try to work on something of myself (Or whatever your goals may be) .”

The Relocated Tourist

Yeah, I know, maybe you aren’t into all that “Be yourself” or staying positive stuff….I get it. This past year just sucked. But think of it this way, we are at the bottom, now let’s start looking up. You may not be there yet,  but looking at what brings you joy every day and not what upsets you will change your perspective on things. I have to practice it EVERY DAY and when I can’t dig deep enough to find it, I retreat, I stay silent, to just find peace without the world’s noise. And that’s ok….be upset, be disappointed, be angry, be mad. Just don’t unpack and live there, visit for a time, and move on.

The Relocated Tourist2

When I focus on the positive, then I am the happiest. Maybe it’s not that bad after all?


Thanks for your support!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Disney, Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


Applying for my First Passport in 2021

I am not going to lie, I had no idea where to start. I assumed forms were involved, probably some legal documents, a picture to be taken, and that cool blue book you get!  I have been wanting to get mine for years now but I never booked anything outside the Country for it to matter so here we are.  It’s not the year I would have chosen in hindsight, but I feel like it’s a “Now or never” thing in case I want to visit Mexico and (borders open hopefully) Canada during my 48 States travel. My mom lives near the border in Texas, and I have friends in Michigan and New York that could show me some of Canada, so I thought it would be smart to at least HAVE it in case it worked out.

The first step is finding your State’s Passport site. Here is the paperwork you will need, and I HIGHLY suggest you fill it out online and print it out. You have more time to do it at home, can make sure it is all correct and just go over the fine details. If you wait to fill it out at the Post Office or wherever you get yours done, it will just take twice as long. And honestly you don’t want to be there longer than you have too, so again, I recommend doing it at home. I filled my paperwork out, saved the file, and then printed it when I had the ink.  DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING until you are at the location you are submitting it. There are rules to follow on this and trust me, it’s just easier to follow them and not have to repeat anything twice.

Now on the application, it asked me what Countries I would be visiting and for how long, and I left it blank. I assumed that when I got to the Post Office they would tell me if that was required or not. They asked for my spouse’s information, and also parent’s. I added what was necessary, left blank what they said wasn’t.  Took about 20 minutes to fill it out online and then they show you how to save it, print it out, and then what it will cost you to submit it and any other forms needed to complete it.


For the picture part, they “say” you can do it at home but it’s tricky on what they are looking for, and for making sure you get the 2×2 size correct. I decided to head to Walgreens instead, just walked in, no appointment needed, and asked at the Photo Lab if they could do my Passport photo. Here is the funny part, they pulled down the white backdrop IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE!  Not in the photo lab corner, not in a private room behind the counter, nope, let’s do it in front of the cigars! LOL  Thankfully I went early so there were few in the Store, she took it with a digital camera, stuck the SD card in the one hour machine, printed it out…and took all of 5 minutes for her to make it the correct size and me $15 lighter. Odd way to do it, but they give you two of them, so hey, if you want to remember your ugly passport photo besides on that very important document, YOU CAN!

Next you need to make an appointment at the designated Passport place. I chose the Post Office nearby, making sure I had my birth certificate, copy of it too, the paperwork from online, and the picture. Now I brought cash and a debit card because it was a bit confusing online what payment they would accept- it had to be a money order for the government but you can buy it right there at the Post Office.  I worried, what if I can’t? All that work to that point and be like “just kidding I can’t pay for it.” 


Mine asked me to be 15 minutes early, so I was, and because they had “no shows,” I was allowed in the unmarked door as soon as I arrived. I wasn’t sure where to check in, so I just waited in the line of people until I could “check in” with the available employee. We sat in a little office, masks on AND a clear partition up, and he went over my paperwork.  I was asked if I was me, and then showed me what to write and where to sign.  What took me by surprise is that he took my REAL birth certificate and the copy as well.  I was told I would get my birth certificate back 10 days after my passport came.  Ok, glad I didn’t need it for anything else. LOL He stapled it all together, stamped some of it, and I was escorted to his window in the Main room to pay for it.  $146 total for the Post Office $35 fee and then the $111 fee for the Passport itself. (I chose the book- you can get a smaller version for just certain Countries, but I thought, meh, I would then have it if for some reason I want to leave the Country again in the future.) He printed out the money order, I signed it over, they tell you specifically who it must be made out too, and then you get the receipts of everything and now my Passport wait’s to be born. I have been told about 3 months, I leave June 1st hence why I did it now so hopefully I get it in time or Craig will have to forward it to me somewhere on the road. So today is January 12th, I will let you know when I get it so you know how long they are taking. Oh, and they last 10 years, so that’s a pretty good investment for how long you have. Once the 10 years are up, you just need to renew it.

All in all, pretty easy to apply for, submit, and now it’s just the waiting game. Just very happy that piece in this giant jigsaw puzzle of an adventure is taken care of. Now, on to the next!

Thank you for your continued support!!

Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!


Whoever Needs to Hear This…. It’s Ok to Travel Solo

I don’t know how society got it in their heads that traveling, living life, doing anything “solo” is somehow a bad thing.  I have traveled plenty a time with my immediate family, my family circle, friends, and so on. So MANY differences of when you do it alone vs with someone else, and I just wanted to break down MY experiences with it so you know that is OK to do so. (Not that you need my advice or permission, you are a grown adult, do what you feel like LOL)


First, every decision is mine. When to wake up, to leave, to drive, to pull over, to eat, and so on.  I am not asking the back seat, up and down through every State, who has to use the restroom, who needs to eat, and so on.  As you can tell, I have driven across the Country with my hubby and kids, and I can tell you that the freedom in being able to make an adventure about yourself and no one else is pure bliss.

Second, people think you will get lonely. Now, that depends on who you are. In the great words of Pumbaa “I’m a sensitive soul, but I seem thick skinned.” So it wouldn’t matter who is with me or not, I see something that makes me sad, I cry. And when I get lonely, and for me, yes it happens, I go online and chat with my friends, I call my family, I Facetime or Marco someone, and I feel better. No one is really ever alone when you have the Internet.


Third, there are MANY like you traveling alone so get out of your comfort zone and talk to them. Now, be safe, we don’t need anyone “Datelined” on their journey, so don’t give out personal things like where you are staying or that you’re even alone. Someone can be waiting for you at the room, getting gas, etc. while you talk or meet someone. My point? This World is still a scary place, but a beautiful one with still good people in it. Choose wisely.


Last but not least, a journey with you and the Mother Road is food for your soul when it is just you and it. There is no one to talk too, if you choose, and that means talking to yourself and making peace with the demons in your head. It can be an empowering, soul searching mission which changes your life, BECAUSE you went alone. Taking the distractions out of our paths makes room for the clear vision we all need. Whether it’s letting go of emotional or physical stuff, it is in that time we build ourselves up to be better and brighter individuals and THAT is why going solo can be the best thing for anyone.

General IL2

I hope this has made sense, and that it isn’t coming off as a rant. I KNOW traveling with others can be just as fulfilling, I have made many a trip like that as well. But sometimes the scariest person we don’t want to travel with is the mirror looking back at us…. trust me, do it, it will change your life!

Thank you for your support!!

Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!


Let the Planning Begin

So, you have this idea. Nothing new to many, but new to me. Let’s travel all 48 States within a year (ish) and hopefully get to the hard 2 sometime next year. To dream this is easy, one simply must let their mind wander and voila, the idea is born. But like birthing a child, the idea is fun and great, then the realization comes hard after.  I have stuff to buy, I have things to prepare for, and then the actual day will come….

I am a planner. I cannot help it, it is in my blood. I look at a scenario, a dream, a goal and think “How do I get there?” and plan everything from day one to day one hundred and one because it makes me feel safe.  I wish I could just hit the road, drive wherever and whenever, but due to weather, timing, and people I am staying with, that’s just not possible with something as huge as this. 


My team and I sat at a Panera yesterday with all sorts of maps to write on, reference, etc…and as I ate my delicious Chicken and Wild Rice soup with my Cobb Salad, I started to cry.  They probably thought I had lost my mind, easy enough with something like this, but I just simply said “What if I can’t do this?”

Folks, I am not going to apologize for my soft soul- she’s been with me since day one.  I am an Empath, and if you don’t know what that is, just google. I feel everything, and it is annoying. I am strong, but there are days when the tears don’t want to hold back and it just feels better to release them than pretend everything is fine.  It’s funny what we hold onto in our heads….I had a former boss tell me that I was weak for crying. I haven’t worked there in 11 years and I can still hear her in my head. People will tell you that words don’t hurt, just blow it off and get thick skin…some of us can, some of us can’t.

So anyways I had a moment of disbelief in myself, it passed, but this is bigger than I have ever dreamed before and it’s exciting at the same time. Do you know how hard it is to plan a trip like this and TRY to avoid the snow? Yeah, I know, you can laugh. But this Wisconsin girl thinks it’s pretty to look at, but hence why I have been in FL for most of the last 10 years- cold and dark isn’t for me.  It was like a war zone preparing for battle…charts all over the Restaurant table, every scenario we tried still had me ending up somewhere that wouldn’t work.  And it’s not even about GETTING to a particular State, but then finding what I want to do there and how it works to seeing people and the route that it is or isn’t on.


And then during the last hour, the last clean map we had to draw on, we came up with a plan that I THINK is going to work.  And so begins locking in people to stay with, to see, to meet. Finding a plethora of cheap hotels and then also campgrounds to stay even cheaper so I can stay at the NICE places in Vegas or New York City (Pretty sure this is where having Exclusive Travel Partners as my Travel Agents will be AMAZING!). Safety being priority one.  I started a notebook for National Parks, places that are haunted, film and tv locations, famous graves and historical parts. State Capitals would be nice to see in each State, along with what makes THAT State special.  I have a great eating and exercise plan started that I have already begun so that I am a good routine of keeping it as I travel on the road.  Basically I want to leave my fun calories to meals with friends and new restaurants I have never tried. Sleeping will be the challenge…I will have aids to help but it’s never your bed at home, so I will have to just suck it up and do my best.  It’s just part of the adventure, right? And then there will be the packing part, the prep my car for the long journey part, and also preparing my mind and soul part so that all of these wonderful pieces fit into this giant puzzle of a dream. Easy peasy lol.


I was asked yesterday “You are going by yourself?!?!” Can I ask yall something, why does that matter? Safety I get, but am I not capable of doing this? Have I not proven it with literally THREE other road trips I have done since 2017? Yes, I will probably cry again before I leave and on the road because that’s just who I am. It doesn’t make me weak, it makes me human. I would rather FEEL it and get it out and move on than bottle it up and let it fester for days until I pop like a champagne bottle with no one around to help me shove the cork back in.  And I KNOW I have friends exactly like this that if we don’t let it out at the time it starts to bubble, we are a mess.  That emotion comes from stress, sadness, and honestly the lies our minds tell us when honestly most of the time everything will turn out fine.

So that is why it is SO important to meet up with friendly faces along the way so the loneliness isn’t palpable. I can do many days at a time on my own, but it sure is nice to see a friend or two a long the way for a meal, a sleep over, or a moment of just girl talk. It’s funny, but I AM the person who wants to meet people a long the way…new people. Making friends as I go seems more exciting to my soul than the places my eyes will fall upon. Connecting with another soul is so satisfying to me, and I can’t WAIT to meet you on the road. Stay tuned for more prepping and planning…it is going to be a wild ride!

Giving feels SOOOOOO good!!!!

Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!


Rising Above the Fear when Dreaming Big

So as most of you know by now, I am heading on the road again this summer, maybe even sooner.  My big idea, or dream, is to see all 48 States within a year and finish them with a trip to Alaska and Hawaii- life and money permitting. I dream big, this is what I have been doing since moving to Florida in 2011….somehow I have convinced myself I can do anything my mind says I can. And yet….the voice of fear has grown louder these days.


It’s not something fun to admit or even write about, yet so cathardic to put on paper what I have been feeling lately because I want people to know that these BIG ideas come with sharp edges.  I want to share my adventures, to inspire others to get out into this big, blue World and see everything it has to offer. Yes, I know that this World is a bit upside down these days and more cautions are needed to enjoy the smallest of things, but I refuse to put a period where a comma should be.


Being on the road for a year is no easy task, and I am going into this like a mission. With all the beauty to see, I want to spread kindness by random and not so random acts, across this great Nation. I am hoping that by raising money to help others will also help those dark days where I start to feel lonely.  Thankfully I don’t suffer from depression, but I do have anxiety attacks from time to time when I feel cornered. I mean, don’t we all? 


So with that said, fear does set in from time to time when I have moments of quiet in my day.  Will I be good enough? Will I enjoy it, will others enjoy it? Will it be worth it? I know some will think, why are you doing it then if you are scared or hesitant. Well, I can tell you that EVERYTHING in my life that I have done thus far that has scared me to the core, has always, in some way, paid off. Moving here was terrifying, leaving was terrifying, starting to write again was terrifying, and always putting myself out there for ridicule and judgement on a daily basis is terrifying.  I have learned that inspiration always comes with consequences, ones you never saw coming.  You deal, you breathe, you move on.

I think fear is my biggest hurdle for this adventure and I know that as I check off every day leading up to this, that feeling will either shrink or grow. Once I can put that to bed, there’s nothing stopping me. So as I prepare my maps, my plans, who I am staying with or visiting, what route, etc…I will be battling this demon until the moment I shut the car door. Then the hope is to leave it in my driveway in Florida, pull up my big girl pants, and drive away. It goes back to that old saying “What would we be capable of if we weren’t scared?” I guess I am going to find out…stay tuned.

Supporting feels so good!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Disney, Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!