That Time I Met “Tiffany”

It would be 2011 where I found myself sitting in a home amongst like minded Disney friends, chatting about the events of the area. A friend spoke up and said “I think I am going to the Survivor event.”  My ears perked up… I am a HUGE Survivor fan, what now?  He went on to show me online an event held by “Hearts of Reality” which brought Reality Stars from Survivor, Big Brother, Amazing Race, and so on to the city of Celebration for a charity weekend that supported the wonderful “Give Kids the World.”  I was hooked, and went every year from 2011 on, missing 2017 when I had briefly lived back in WI for a bit. 

IMG_1474 (3)

Then they announced they were having the 80s Pop Singer “Tiffany” amongst the rest of the Reality Stars, I jumped not only on the event, but I volunteered for the first time. I figured I would be able to do more with my time helping, than standing in line for hours (which I did every year prior).  .

I enjoyed helping them set up for the autograph event, meeting Omar and new friends though the process of the day.  Then the Survivors and Racers showed up and I was geeking out….it was hard to wrap around my brain that I was talking about the weather with Boston Rob. LOL And then she sat down….the bubble gum pop Princess of so many moments in my teenage years.  Trying to make heads or tails of basically meeting one of your pop icons was quite hard to grasp. 


I had to “work” sort of speak, so my interaction with her was “Can I get you a water?” and so on. I was professional, until the end. The perks of volunteering is that towards the end of the event, we would get our own stuff autographed and get pictures with the Celebs.  I immediately went to Tiffany first, introducing myself and telling her how much I enjoyed her music. She asked if I was going to the 80s Karoke party that night, and I said yes and that I had hoped she would sing at it.  She then asked me to crouch down and said “I can’t, I’m under contract now, but I can sing to you.”  And like a dream unfolding in front of me… she sang “I think we’re alone now…” with a couple bars of it. Just me and her, nobody else was paying attention to us.  It. Was. Amazing.


IMG_1615 (4)

At the 80s party that night, I was dancing and drinking with the Reality stars, and then Tiffany walked in with her people.  I just happened to glance at her and she said “Hey Amy!” and I remember waving and saying “Hey Tiffany” and that was all.  She went her way and I went mine and I was like “Wow, that just happened.”


She would months later be singing at the “Eat to the Beat” concert in Epcot, and I sat with a big smile, singing away.  Pre-Covid, these events and moments were WY I moved to Florida. I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet their 80’s Pop Icons? Thanks for stopping by!


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When You Finally Get to Meet Your 80’s Heartthrob…Richard Marx

Never in a million dreams did I think that moving to Florida would open so many doors and opportunities. And never did I think that I would be able to meet face to face the man who swooned me through every heart break and every fresh romance. Moonlights were made for Marx, and I was always on board with a hand in mine. When I heard that he was coming for “Garden Rocks” I squealed with glee! I had seen him a few years before at “Eat to the Beat” but I didn’t get to meet him, albeit I was in the front row of his first show.  Yeah, I’m that weirdo, I got to Epcot and went back to the American Gardens Theater when World Showcase opened at 11 and sat my cute tushy down to hold my spot until his first show…mind you, 6 hours later.

rsz_img_2125rsz_img_2127rsz_img_2142 (1)rsz_img_2129 (1)

You must understand, life is short…when would I get this chance again? He may be back, he may not. And with living this hellish year, you cannot take opportunities for granted. So I positioned myself in Epcot once again to “jog casually” when World Showcase opened, so I would be front row and ready for Richard himself.

rsz_img_2144rsz_img_2139 (1)

And here’s the cool thing about being there so early…you meet people. What I like to call my “line friends” who would become my concert family over time. I would only see this great group of people at the concerts, but that’s what made it special. Karen, Ren, David, Craig, and my dear friend, Luigi, who passed this past year. Good people, even better times.


So when it came to that day that Richard Marx was in town, I had high hopes they would all be there. And all except Karen were there- and it was great! We watch each other’s seats, get each other drinks and food, it’s just a nice community that I am happy to be a part of. My “Philly Craig” is always such a fun guy to bond with over life, and Karen…this is a light in a dark tunnel. I met her at the first Richard Marx concert and she was so kind and so gracious to me, her energy was like a bright, lit sun- love her so much.  So, with friends now, they introduced me to David. And he gave me the tip of tips that would forever cement the meet and greet of a lifetime. He told me about where the singers come out to walk to the stage, and it’s right next to the American Adventure. There are actually two routes, so we weren’t sure if this one would be right, but he and I waited. Patiently, while every working Cast Member walked in and out for their shifts through the same gate….and then the moment came.  People in suits were coming out, usually means something big is happening. David had met MANY of the stars this way, so I fully trusted him.


Then Richard walked out…and my knees buckled. What if he didn’t want to do a pic? What if he was a jerk and every romantic memory of his love ballads were ruined forever? That’s a lot of pressure on this poor guy- he IS just a man. And like a movie playing out before me…I asked him with my shaky voice “Mr. Marx, I have loved you forever. Can I get a picture with you?” And he said “Yes, of course. Thank you.”  The picture speaks words- that’s my ugly “HOLY CRAP I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW” face that it comes off like my face is morphing into someone else. LOL I walked away from him in tears, walking back to the front row, and marinating in what just happened. ( A HUGE thank you to David for taking THE picture)!


He took the stage, and I just was a big pile of goo. The nostalgia of hearing “Endless Summer Nights, Hold Onto the Night, Right Here Waiting, Should’ve Known Better, Angelia, Don’t Know Nothing, Satisfied, Now and Forever” and it goes on and on. The “Anastasia” fan in me would’ve loved to hear him sing “At the Beginning” but I know he has so many hits, I am sure it’s hard for him to choose for such a short amount of time. I stayed for all three Concerts, watching them with dear girlfriends, Beatrice and Wendy for the second and third.


He was amazing and if by chance he reads this ever (you never know, quarantine gives many of us a lot of time for things like this) know Richard that you helped me through every romance, the good and the bad. When I didn’t have words anymore, when the tears wouldn’t fall, I always had your music to sooth me to slumber and wake up with hope for a better relationship the next time around. So thank you, you matter and your purpose is an AMAZING one. I hope to see you again in Concert again someday.


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MegaCon 2019: Marinating in Pop Culture Never Felt So Good

As children we are told to grow up. To move forward in our lives we must put away the dress up clothes and toys, and find our destiny in the jobs we choose. But what if that childlike flame was never extinguished? What if we were able to move on while still looking at life through magnify glasses and butterfly nets? How different it would be if for a period, or a weekend, we could ignite that flame and put on the Princess dress or Superhero outfit…without judgement, without fear, without shame.  Somehow, fantasy was thrown into this category of “ridiculousness” once we reached a certain age, but our brains don’t forget.  Our hearts don’t forget.  Then once you find that courage to don the mask of your choosing, you then must find your people. Those that “get you” and get that THIS is life! It’s the artistic expression, our souls manifesting in clothes and makeup…and for a weekend, you get to see everyone show it. THIS is MegaCon.


rsz_img_2445 (1)

When I moved here in 2011, I moved here for the weather, the Theme Parks, and for adventure. I had NO IDEA what I would find here in the spaces between all of that.  MegaCon ALONE is worth living here because it is such a GREAT event and they do a great job putting it on!  If you are a fan AT ALL of Pop Culture, or Movies, or TV Shows, or Actors, or Art, or Collectibles…I mean, this has it all. Most of the time when I walk in, I don’t know what to do first. Do I shop first? Do I walk and see everyone in their cosplay? Do I want to walk around with bags full of Pops while I try to look at other stuff? It’s a great problem to have. The event usually starts on a Thursday night and wraps up Sunday afternoon.

And like a Disney vacation, this is something you want to dig your heels in and research on before you step foot inside. Why? Well, with everything I mentioned on top of numerous fam groups that meet up inside or around the outside for photos, get togethers, games, etc… Honestly it’s an experience like no other, simply because you can immerse yourself in costume while still buying a churro or taking a class on Anime makeup. YES- there are classes! Classes on makeup and cosplay, and then there are the panels. Celebrities mostly make up these panels where you can sit and listen to them regale you of their time on set and the stories that most likely haven’t been shared before.


rsz_img_2443 (1)rsz_img_2382 (1)rsz_img_2349_1rsz_img_2339rsz_img_2319 (1)



Speaking of Celebrities, you also can meet them in so many different ways- you are just going to have to pay extra for it! There are professional photo opps to sign up for, and then there are the table meet and greets. The professional ones are very pricey, with the table meet and greets a bit cheaper, pending on the Celebrity.  What’s the difference? Well, the professional ones are very “herded cows” like. We are lined up in long lines, ten or more lines next to each other, they scan your ticket (you pre-pay online or can purchase the Photo opp when at the Con, depending on availability some have sold out) and then you wait for the “black curtain” area. They usher you in, putting your stuff on a cart including cell phones unless you have it in your pocket, and then have you walk in, smile and pose with said celebrity, and move out. I kid you not, it’s all of maybe 20 seconds. For what you pay, in the hundreds, you should be able to talk to them, at least something, and it’s nothing like that.  Of course, you can’t use your own phone either. You are paying for the professional pic- and maybe the bragging rights you were in the same space as them. NOW once you leave the euphoria of meeting them, you head to the pick up area of your picture, which is done instantly. And you stand there until you get it, and if you don’t, you speak up right away because it happened to me and they had to have me go and take it again. A different MegaCon, but it did happen. The Table Meet and Greets are more for autographs and selfies with them- you get more time to talk to them, so if you want more of a connection and moment, I would suggest the table ones instead.

This was the year of “Back to the Future” and I was STOKED!! Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were going to be there, along with the rest of the Cast. When my family got our photo opp, they told us not to touch either of them, which we respected. But when Kyra and I went next to Michael, he turned to us and told us to come closer. After the pic I told him I LOVED “Teen Wolf” because I did- it made him laugh. 😊 (I watched it hundreds of times on the weekends during Junior High).  They also had fun “Back to the Future” cosplay all over the place along with photo opps completely worth it- who doesn’t want to sit in a Deloreon?

rsz_img_2413 (1)rsz_img_2414 (1)rsz_img_2419rsz_img_2421 (1)rsz_img_2335 (1)

My other photo opp was the next day with THE GOONIES!!! I mean, come on, this was an 80s dream weekend!! Sean Astin runs the Princess Marathons at Disney World, so I have seen him there so I told him when I walked up for my pic “Yeah I screamed for you at the Finish line last year- my apologies” which made him laugh. I LOVE SEAN!! Corey Feldman would have been fun to talk to, but again, you get seconds, and Sean seemed easier to talk to. And Jonathan Ke Quan (Data), I got a “hello” from him. It was all good. Actually it’s one of my favorite pics ever taken- I look like I am part of the Goonies- dream come true!! *Bought the shirt at MegaCon the day before and am quite happy with how it turned out.


I have learned that you need to go to MegaCon for AT LEAST two days. One day to shop, look at all of the amazing artists and talk to them, and just take it all in with a burger and a Coke. Next day, dress up and/or take pictures of all the amazing cosplay that surrounds you, get celebrity photo opps, and see the other photo opp exhibits. Know that the first day is the best day for shopping if you are looking for something specific, obviously once the days move on, the variety is depleted, Saturday being the busiest. I have heard the “hottest” day is Saturday for the best cosplay, classes, etc… it also is VERY busy so if you hate crowds- avoid Saturday!

Last but not least, I wanted to share my favorite booth this year was the Ghostbusters. For a small fee, you can wear the pack, get pics in the car and with the cosplayers, and the famous Igo picture. Honorable mentions to the Pizza Planet truck and the Star Wars area.

rsz_img_2328rsz_img_2332rsz_img_2329rsz_img_2333 (2)rsz_img_2325rsz_img_2316 (1)

I had such a great time on Saturday and Sunday, and loved playing again. Remember just playing? No agendas, no worries, just playing with your imagination and enveloping yourself in unrequited joy. They hope to be back in 2021, and I for one hope to be there. I encourage you to go play…or not, it’s your life.

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Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!


Everything But “Global Thermal Nuclear War”….Galloping Ghost Arcade

Let’s head back to the 80s… clearly a simpler time for us Gen Xers where a day spent well was at the arcade on a Saturday afternoon.  Mine was called “Aladdin’s Castle” in Sheboygan, WI at Memorial Mall. The adrenaline you would feel as your parents dropped you off, walking down the mall, getting closer to the sounds of your enemies being defeated. The smell of teenage angst as you strolled among each game, deciding on who was worthy of your quarter that day, and whose high score were you about to annihilate.  Before gaming consoles really took off, this was our place to hang, to play, to fall in love, and to let off some good ole steam of the week. Nothing would make me happier than to have a baggie full of quarters, a ride to the Mall, and the freedom to play as long as I wanted. Then life happened….things change, you raise a family, go to work, pay your bills, and that small, tiny amount of freedom that Arcade brought you seems to just sit on a dusty shelf in your memory.GG1Then I found Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois….and I was a teenager again. On the outside, you wouldn’t know the treasure that this city block holds. And when I say city block, I mean a CITY BLOCK. They have over 700 games between the Arcade and Pinball Machines – the largest arcade in the Country! Who knew the gem I had found? I called to make sure they were open (Covid) and I was pleasantly surprised that they had just reopened! Open 11am- 2 am, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. What makes this place unique is that the machines don’t run on quarters, just a one time fee at the door of $20 for the Arcade,  $15 for Pinball, and $30 for both and you can play all day, as long as you want! I found this detrimental to my ALIENS game, as I played it to completion for over an hour.  On  side note, its gamer etiquette to give someone else a turn when someone is waiting.  There was literally no one near me the entire time I played it.GG26GG25GG13After paying, he explained to us how to reset the machine to start it again once your turn had expired. Basically, hit the red button below for continued game play. I didn’t run to a game at first, I just wanted to walk the rows. Yes, the nerd I am, I closed my eyes, mask on, and just listened to my teenage years flood back.  Pac-Man, Gauntlet, Tapper, Pole Position, Paper Boy, Pengo and Dig Dug…. All of them like old friends who I was having my own special little reunion with.  My smile just kept on growing…room after room of memories. It’s exactly how I felt when I walked into the 80’s Café in Colorado, you just never wanted to leave.  That nostalgia feeling is something pretty powerful, and maybe it’s because I am middle-age now, but it’s like a drug I can’t get enough of.GG23GG19GG16GG8GG17I was there on a Sunday, July 5th, 2020, and I felt it was pretty quiet. Now, they had just reopened that week, so the word may have not gotten out yet. Masks are encouraged here, and they ask you don’t play a game right next to someone, staying social distancing aware. Now I can tell you that when you are REALLY into your game, you aren’t looking at who is around you, so try to keep it in mind as best you can.  In the old days, I remember all of my friends gathered around me at the machine, not an inch of space to be found.  Not now, and honestly, who needs the pressure? Back then I remember playing Pitfall and thinking “Stop crowding me and I might just be able to get past this stupid level!”GG24GG22What I discovered revisiting my childhood from a place of adulthood now, is that wow, technology had definitely changed how we game, but how much those joysticks truly sucked. I don’t know how many times I would just need to turn quickly or jump in sucession and that thing would be so slow to react that half the time I would just give up on the game and go play something else.  We have been spoiled by gaming systems, and although perfect for the introvert at home and now, a pandemic, the community feel of the Arcade was something really special. I wouldn’t trade those days for anything, and I thank Jesus every day that I was blessed to have a childhood without IPhones and the Internet.GG20GG21GG18I played for about 3 hours time, taking a break to buy a soda and just walk around for awhile. There are small snacks you can purchase, along with water or soda, but you won’t find alcohol here or any meal type food.  So if you’d like to make it an all day thing, you can leave and come back the same day – Culvers is just down the street for a quick lunch outside (no dine in right now). I found the $20 worth it for the three hours I played, and I didn’t find my mask to be bothersome at all while playing.  It is air conditioned in there, and there are stools for you to sit and play if you choose not to stand.  My favorite game wound up being “ALIENS” because I felt “Why not prepare myself for the next 2020 thing?” and also an old favorite “Pengo” that I played nonstop at my familys campground we owned.GG11GG15GG7GG6GG3GG2I played about 15 games of the 700, there were so many choices my head was going to explode. I enjoyed playing “Frogger” and making sure I put George Costanza’s initials in the high scores.  I loved the attention to detail with the Arcade on giving props to all the Gamers out there- he has World Records and High Scores on top of most of the games, along with a “Hall of Fame” of Gamers who made their mark on the Arcade. I WILL be back again this summer to enjoy another day of play, thanks for the nostalgia…we all need a dose of it now and then. Check out more of my travels through Illinois HERE– enjoy!

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Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!



Eat to the Beat… Wilson Phillips

One of the things we were most looking forward to upon relocating to Florida would be events like this that were a bit tricky to book a vacation around. I’m of course talking about the “Eat to the Beat” Concerts which happen every year during Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival.  When the schedule came out  a month ago or so, I shrieked in delight to see that one of my favorite groups would be here…that being “Wilson Phillips.”  That 14 year old Amy would belt out the tunes in her room, using them as a way to cope with the hard times and lost loves.  Wilson Phillips was therapudic for many, and to see them in Concert after 25 years of putting that cassette into my walkman in my room… I was over the moon excited. This was my experience with Wilson Phillips, enjoy!wp2

Last year I experienced many concerts, but the one that stuck with me was “Richard Marx.” An 80’s crooner who stole my heart, I knew that I would move heaven and earth to see him in concert. So I got in line early last year, I think maybe between noon and 1, and I wasn’t even the first in line.  Since Wilson Phillips haven’t been to Eat to the Beat before, I figured not only would it be packed, but being there early would guarantee me a front row spot.  I grabbed a fisherman’s pie in Ireland on the way to the line, bottle of water and book in hand, I was set to wait it out until 5:00 when they would let the line file in.

Not only was I not first in line, I was actually third. Did it matter? Nope, because you make all sorts of friends while waiting hours on end for something.  I never even cracked open my book, I talked to everyone, we had each others backs for restroom breaks and the occasional food or drink run- it was great.  Keep in mind I went by myself, no friends with me on this night, so I figured why not have fun making new ones?  Sure people made comments walking by, and here is my feeling on that- if you have the time as a local, fan, or a tourist to come and see your favorite band perform, and you want that front row seat experience to connect with them, then no amount of time to wait for it should matter.  Do what you want to do, and if you are able to stand in line like I can to wait it out for a few hours, then feel blessed and enjoy it.

By the time the concert seating time came, I was so ready. I was excited beyond words to finally see them, and as a bonus they came out next to the Coffee stand right before so we got to wave and say hello, even snapped a couple of pics.wp1

They drop that rope and you better be ready to find a seat and sit. What I mean is there is not time to dawdle and think about it, there are hundreds behind you who want the front row or center seats, and I have heard it can get ugly.  I got to the front row with my new friends, and sat.  I chose the right side of the stage and it worked out well, as they were pretty spread out, but they stuck a lot to the center area.Meetup203 meetup202

They came out…my heart almost stopped.  Don’t judge me, I am allowed to fangirl once and awhile and this was my time, and it was AWESOME!  I sang along with every song, smiled every time they made eye contact, and took around 200 plus total pictures of the night.  They went over in time on the first concert and sang for 45 minutes, we were all shocked they kept going- it was great!  A friend of mine was in line for the 2nd show, so he saved me a seat for the show, but I went to the end of the line and walked through with everyone else then went up to him where he scored first row!  Sweet!!!!  While I was in the second show, my new pals Christine and Kelly, along with new buddy Craig, were holding the place in line for the third show.wp3 wp4 wp5

The second show was great, but the third was even better. We snagged first row again, this time on the right side to shake it up a bit.  I thought the girls were a bit more relaxed this one, and it had cooled off some so I am sure they weren’t so hot anymore.   They sang “Release Me, Hold On, The Dream Is Still Alive, Impulsive, California Dreams, You’re in Love” and I am sure others I can’t recall at this moment.  My favorite definitely was “Hold On” because our group of new found friends stood and danced to the song at the end of each Concert.wp6 wp7 wp8

So my question I want to leave you with is this, is it ok to stand at a Concert at the American Gardens Theater in Epcot?  Here’s the thing, I realize it’s a very “chilled” environment, you have every age watching the show so it isn’t the normal concert going experience. That being said, I have noticed that MANY don’t want to stand or dance at the Eat to the Beat Concerts- is it because we don’t want to block someone’s view or that it just isn’t something that’s done at those?  Curious as to what your thoughts are on this.wp10 wp9

It was a great night, and even though I didn’t get to meet them, I DID get to meet Chynna’s husband, Billy Baldwin, who was in Flatliners and Backdraft.  I also got my pic with the guitarist, but the group snuck out during Illuminations so it was hard to stop them, maybe tonight I will get lucky.  Thanks to all the new friends I met, the old who were great to catch up with, and the great memories that were made.  Going back again tonight, let’s see what the evening brings!

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Going from “What If? to “Why Not” is my life motto and I work hard at living that every day. I share everything from moving to Florida to live near Disney World to road trips across the States. I love the cool, quirky, and crazy stuff that I can find on my Adventures, and every dollar you donate helps support my efforts and hard work. Thank you to ALL who support me!


“The Package Tour” at the Amway Center in Orlando

It would be my 12th Birthday, and my Mom and Dad bought me the “New Kids on the Block” cassette. I will never forget putting it in my walkman, riding in the car, headphones on, and drooling over “Please Don’t Go Girl.”   Looking out the window, dreaming of Joey, and thinking this was the best group on the planet.  It’s funny how music can take you right back in a moment that you may have long forgotten.  Fast forward a couple of years and I found “Boyz 2 Men” where I would listen to “Motown Philly” every day before heading off to High School- it had such a fun beat and always got me up and ready to face the day. If you had told me at 12, at 14, that when I  was 38 I would be seeing them in Concert, WHILE LIVING IN ORLANDO… I would have told you were certifiable.  Like so many dreams coming true for me since moving here, this was a big one- enjoy!NKOTB

When the tickets when on sale, I called my Disney sister, Shelley, and said “WE HAVE GOT TO DO THIS!!” So the idea was born, and we were so happy that Marisol was also able to come and  also celebrate my Birthday for the evening.  With only a few snafus with the GPS, we were able to get to the Amway Center safely, and parked in the GEICO attached parking garage.  I would HIGHLY recommend this as we were able to pre-pay the $20 parking fee from home, and like I said, it was attached. This is a HUGE factor when the FL weather changes constantly- being able to walk from the car, to the bridge, and then be inside the Amway Center without needing an umbrella was a God send for us (it had been storming pretty good later afternoon).  We were also fortunate enough to get right to the car with no problem and out of the garage without getting held up for hours on end.NK2

We were SO ready for this- we were like 13 year old fan girls again.  Security was no problem, just a simple bag check, and they were ok with us bringing our phones in.  Since the merch stand was right there when we walked in, we decided to grab our stuff before it got busy.  I was a bit sticker shocked by the t-shirt prices- $45 for just a Tour shirt, and $75 for a Jersey.  Shelley got a tote bag, and I bought a tour shirt.  I LOVED that they had the dates on the back, and that Milwaukee, WI was also listed next for July, which coincidentally is where I used to see Concerts AND where a good pal is going to see them too.NK3

We had planned to eat downtown Orlando, but with the cruddy weather, we decided to find what Amway had to offer meal wise.  We all agreed that the quality of the food was excellent- chicken tenders and fries were delicious. BUT, the prices made Disney look like a steal. Sodas were $5 each and the meals ran around $10. I will say the Employees were extremely nice to us, and it came hot and fast.  We did have difficulty in finding seating to actually relax and eat- eventually something opened up and we were able to chill before the show.NK6

Our seats were located in a great spot for everything- row 20 in the section on stage left.  They had 2 stages set up- one was on our immediate right, and the other was in the center of the arena.  I don’t think there was a bad seat in the house, although those seat that were super high up had to rely on the large screens showing the guys. NK5

Boys 2 Men opened the show and they were ELECTRIC! I would say they put on a VERY good show, and kicked off the night perfectly!  The energy was high, people were pumped, and every song they did jelled with the next.  They kept my interest, and that’ what I LOVED about them- I have been to enough Concerts where there sometimes is the odd lull that doesn’t seem to make sense with the song sequence- this wasn’t one of those times.  Where we were sitting we could see them getting ready to come on stage, and that was super exciting with each group.  The Concert started at 7:30 p.m. and I believe they sang about half an hour.

Next came 98 Degrees…which I was excited for because I was HOPING they would sing “True to your Heart” since we were in Orlando AND near Disney turf, but it was a no go.  They did sing several ballads, but I did notice the crowd didn’t seem very into it.  They were all very pretty to look at it, but there wasn’t that excitement and “flow” that the Boyz brought before them.  I’m happy I got to see them now, but I wouldn’t pay to see them headlining by themselves.

After their set, from 8:30-9:00 p.m. was a 20-30 minute intermission to run to the bathroom, grab drinks, etc… It flew by and before we knew it,  “New Kids” were walking on stage and I was screaming alongside Shelley and Marisol.  There he was…the object of all my affections in my teen years…Joey McIntyre.  He was beautiful, he was real, and I was over the moon in love at the sight of me only feet from where I stood.

New Kids sang for TWO straight hours- they had several costume changes,  two stages, a rotating group stage and their own rising pillar stages, along with walking through the audience at one point where you couldn’t see them anymore.  They sang all of their old songs…and then came “Please Don’t Go Girl” in which Joey got emotional with the crowd cheering for him.  I was smiling, laughing, crying, and singing along.  They had pyrotechnics, confetti several times, and sparks falling down on the end stage at one point.   Donny took his shirt off…and I was pretty sure every girl in the place needed a moment. NK1

They did sing some songs that were from other bands and singers, including “It’s getting hot in here.”  There were kids in the audience, to each his own, but this Concert had a small layer that I would say was definitely PG-13.

All in all, I felt Amway did an excellent job hosting the event, and that the “Package Tour” was well worth the money and the wait.  New Kids brought out Boyz 2 Men at the end, which was super sweet, but they never did it with 98 Degrees- maybe they possibly aren’t as buddy as buddy as we hope they are? It just seemed off that they would make such a deal about the Boyz, but not the other group.  If anyone knows WHY they didn’t, please leave a comment.

If you are going to see this, you will have a GREAT time! It was so much fun, and I would see them again in a heartbeat.  A HUGE thank you to Shelley and Marisol for making my Birthday so special and for enjoying all the goodness that the Boy Bands brought us that night.  Until next time… I’ll be “Hangin Tough.”

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