When Somebody Loved Me…

We debated back and forth on whether to share this story on our blog, as it may let some of you know who we are. But, because it’s such a […]

Say it with me…Two Years…Two Years!

Hello everyone! Well, we are officially at the two year mark today for myself, Belle, and Jessie. Carl will hopefully be there many months before this date, but that is […]

A word from ‘Belle’…

I’m Belle, the 16 year-old daughter of Carl and Ellie. My name isn’t really Belle, but for the sake of our anonymity that’s what I decided to call myself. As […]

Lots of Sales Equal Happy Trails

Did you ever think that all the extra stuff lying around the house could equal some serious cash to start off your Walt Disney World vacation?  Well, we did. We […]