Day 59: Thursday, July 29th, 2021

You don’t know how strong you are until you wake up in a hotel room, and realize you have a cold and you, and you alone, are all you have to nurse it.  I am a baby when I am sick, like many of you, I love someone bringing me soup, checking on me, caring that I am ok.  This was one of my nightmares, getting a bug or THE bug, while I am on this journey, and faced with hard decisions. Right now, I am 99% positive it is a cold, and will act accordingly with a cold.  I am checking in with people so they know my temp and how I am, so I don’t feel “alone” in this completely.  God bless the person who sent me lunch to my hotel room today, you know who you are and you are an angel.

Since I didn’t head out today, I thought I would write about what I would have done differently in the past 2 months.  

*Research Hotel Areas More:  I would find one, check the price, and see what it was NEAR and not what was AROUND it. Meaning I was happy to see one of my attractions was nearby, but I didn’t see that there was a shady hotel sitting right next to it.  Safety is my number one priority, followed by health.

*Shortened Up Time Periods in Certain Areas:  North Dakota, do I need to say more? Most of the other States I feel I have gotten quite a bit done.

*Choose A Lane: Do I want this to last a year or is it more important to just hit every State and be done with it?  Now, I am sitting here with a cold writing this, wish that I could just go home and that I don’t want to do this anymore.  There are highs and lows, and I am trying to push through this low. BUT if my health declines I will have to cut this short.

*Understanding that Self-Discovery Sucks: There have been moments that I have really needed a physical person to just be here with me, and breaking through that anxiety has been harder than I thought. I know I will always be fine, but it is in the moment that I start to panic.

*I Would Like Someone Else to Drive: This is a smart ass comment, but I am telling you that it would be SO much easier if someone else drove, dragged my luggage in, etc.  Do you know what sorcery it takes for me to get pics, videos, etc. while I am driving, or pulling over for that perfect shot?  There are so many I haven’t taken because I AM driving, and I just can’t. I think I just need my own personal Sherpa.

Just some random thoughts for today, trying to get through this cold and get back to my energy on the other side. See you tomorrow.

Thank you for your support!!

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