Day 56: Monday, July 26th, 2021

Days Inn last night proved to be a much-needed rest, although I forget how much I don’t like hauling my heavy suitcase up and down stairs. Shocked some hotels STILL don’t have elevators. Anyways, checked out nice and early and hit the road about 7:30 a.m. Two hours to my first destination, driving first among nothing buy golden fields, and then it’s like the Mountains opened up and it was SPECTACULAR!! I was in LOVE with the area!



Angela had mentioned this charming Bavarian town, nestled in the Mountains, that I could stop and take a gander at on my way to my next sleep. The town is called “Leavenworth” and it was everything I thought it would be and more! I truly felt someone had dropped me off in Europe, and I was skipping among flowers and colored walls. Shop after shop with something for everyone, and it was COOL stuff…not that gift shop garbage in Florida. I loved how everything fit the theme, seriously it was like it’s own amusement park. 

Leavenworth Washington

I walked and shopped, grabbing stickers here and there.  I found something “like” school bread from my beloved Norway in Epcot, a long with “Bob’s Brat” because when in Bavaria, you eat bratwurst!  Between the two, I was stuffed, and enjoyed the full tummy while I perused the shops and museums.

A Nutcracker Museum you say? Yes! I am all about the NEW experiences, and I had never been to one, so there you go. It was incredibly cool, and for only $5 to tour it, it was a steal for something to see and do. The largest collection I had ever seen, it was quite impressive. The pics below are of my favorite Nutcrackers I saw.

My kindness today was giving someone my all day parking pass and my spot, so they got their spot and got it free- it made me feel good. I headed out for m next 2 hour drive to Lakewood, WA, which turned into 3 hours with rush hour traffic. Orlando had prepared me for spots like this, so I did very well with it. I arrived at my bed for the evening, and I drove in with my mouth on the floor.  Months ago I was looking online for something different to stay at, and this came across my path.  #1, I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, #2, I am a HUGE Castle fan, and #3, it’s haunted….and I am a HUGE Paranormal fan.  This is Thornwood Castle….also known as “Red Rose” and “Bly Manor.” (Both filmed here).

IMG_E4504 (1)

Thornwood Castle

I checked in, got my key, and squealed with delight at my room. I chose the “Blue Room” online because it had the most beautiful view of the front fountain and gardens.  Probably the largest room I have ever had in my life, I felt like a Queen with my soft robe and plush towels. Even now as I sit here and write this, darkness has fallen outside my windows and I can’t help but me excited for what spirits may visit me tonight.  I wonder who was in my room back in the day, and what they did in here. After my love affair with my room, I showered and freshened up so I could tour the rest of the Castle and grounds.

My favorite by far was the garden, something out of a storybook. I wanted to wear a flowing dress, have my hair in curls, grab a blanket and read a book at the foot of the fountain. I walked it again at twilight, and someone named “Joe” was talking to me there. I loved every second.

Thornewood Castle 2021

Not many staying here tonight, so it’s been quiet… I walked every inch and corner of the sections they allow us too. I am assuming the residence area is on the left side of the Castle since I never see any of that part. After a small nap, something to eat, and started “Rose Red” in my room…I  decided to take a walk at sunset.  It was so beautiful and peaceful, and then I walked down to the Lake and put my feet in the cool water. I sat and just drank in the sun going down, praying something wasn’t going to grab my feet in the Lake. Thornwood Castle in the background, the sun setting on my face, it was something I will never forget. You can believe I will be ghost hunting in my room tonight, who wouldn’t? It’s a freaking haunted Castle!! 

Thornewood Castle 2021 Lake America

Thornewood Castle 2021

Thornewood Castle 2021

Thornewood Castle 2021

I will let y’all know how it goes tonight, tomorrow, but for now, I am going to go and watch the rest of “Rose Red” IN Rose Red- eeek! Goodnight!

Thank you for your kindness!!

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