Day 52: July 22nd, 2021

It was one of those mornings where I just took my time and tried to just wake up, fighting another migraine all night.  The smoke filled hotel room triggered something nasty in my head, and it has been coming in waves over the last two days. I have tried my CBD, meds, over-the-counter pills, cold packs, sleeping until I can’t anymore…nothing is working. So I am fighting through it until it stops…lasts 2-3 days, pray it stops. 





So I took my Excederin and headed out with Angela to drop the girls off at Camp for their last day. We decided to take it easy today in case my headache wasn’t going to dull out any time soon. We visited Whitefish, Montana, and stopped at a lovely Crepes Place for a Monte Cristo Crepe which is Turkey and Ham with a Raspberry drizzle. DELICIOUS!!! Walter approved. We ate, chatted, it was lovely to do a very “chill” thing since I just wasn’t feeling well.

We walked the downtown area, grabbed some more stickers for the suitcase, salivated over the National Park posters, and then we headed out and back home for a rest afternoon that I really needed.  I played with kittens, took a nap, made phone calls to family to check in, and just relaxed.

Tomorrow is another day, another adventure, and another blog post. See you then!

Glacier National Park 2021

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