Day 46: Friday, July 16th, 2021

I slept much better last night, which is weird since I got some bad news before going to bed. Well maybe not bad but disappointing- Kyra got a new job and won’t be able to make it to Washington to hang out with me as planned. The Momma bear in me is very proud of her and wants her to achieve great things, the selfish, friend in me, wanted her to come to save my sanity and enjoy all of the “Twilight” goodness with me…guess it’s just me and Walter. I am going to have to find out if Walter is Team Edward or Team Jacob.  If he has any Vampire sense, he is Team “Lost Boys” …. But there is room for all Vampire love. LOL So life moves on, I am going regardless, I will miss her there and Facetime her a bunch to share it with me.

On the way to the main attraction of the day, I came across “Salem Sue.” Sue can be seen for miles, her beautiful Holstein body standing upon a high hill in the city of New Salem.  Being from WI, I felt I HAD to stop by and see Sue. It wouldn’t be right to not connect with my dairy intolerant history…yes, now as an adult I don’t do so hot with dairy. I LOVE being an adult! LOL The drive up is unpaved, and there is a switchback, so be aware that it is NOT RV or “Trailer pulling” friendly. I could barely get my car in the parking area, as there were a hodge podge of large passenger vans just parked really wonky. Nothing I want more than to BACK UP on a high overlook…reminded me of how I used to feel on the old “Maelstrom” ride at Disney and every time that boat would back out of the building…I knew I was fine but something always made me a tad nervous. So I just parked as best as I could, ran up the hill, grabbed pics, and headed back to my car to get out before the large youth group at the top would have to figure out how to maneuver around my car to get back down. Worth the stop, I donated to her paint job, and I was on my way.

Salem Sue

Salem Sue




Salem Sue

I then headed down 94 to find “The Enchanted Highway” – you say what? YES! A road full of fun stuff that is for taking pictures and just admiring someone’s artistic work.  Nestled between the small towns of Dickinson and Regent in North Dakota, it stretches about 25 miles showing off it’s creative fantasies. I started from Dickinson off 94 and then took it to Regent which has a gift shop for the Highway a long with the Castle Hotel and an impressive Knight and Dragon on the front lawn. It took me about half an hour to drive the Enchanted Highway, plus another 5-10 minutes at each stop for pics and reading the info posted at each one.  They also have signs at each one telling you for far the next one is…since I didn’t know how far this went, I got nervous on how far “off the beaten track” this road was.  But, it was pretty easy and not very long at all.

Enchanted Highway
















Enchanted Highway





Enchanted Highway



After a full day of fun, I was ready for a place to sit and chill for lunch. I had passed this place called “Space Aliens” several times in town here, so I decided, TODAY WAS THE DAY TO EAT WITH ALIENS!  I sat myself in the bar area, as it was less crazier than the main area (imagine Chuck E Cheese but Space themed). The cool thing is that this is advertised as a Grill and Bar…and yet it’s for everyone in the family. They had booths that were SO FUN- I was almost jealous I couldn’t sit in one! Space themed, it was just FUN. Remember fun? I enjoyed the bar area, sitting in a plain booth, but I decided to order a big lunch and then go light on dinner, if anything at all. So I went for the BBQ ribs, cheesy vegetables, and baked beans. As a kid, I could eat cans and cans of baked beans…yeah, my ass must’ve exploded at some point LOL. Seriously- they were my favorite. The food came and I was in BBQ heaven…who knew Aliens loved ribs so much? Wait….maybe I was EATING the Alien’s ribs???? Meh, who cares, they were delicious, shouldn’t have messed with our planet on Independence Day…just saying.  And after I ate their ribs, I got their ears “to go” for a treat tonight in my hotel room.  Pastries with chocolate, more commonly known as “Elephant Ears” but on this ship, they are called “Alien Ears.” I may or may not have already eaten one…yummy.  Affordable place, and the bar area had sports on TV screens, so a fun place to let your kids play games after your meal while you grab a beer and watch a game. I LOVED it- check it out if you find yourself in Bismarck, ND!

Space Aliens Bar & Grill



Space Aliens Bar & Grill




Space Aliens Bar & Grill
White Claw Machine…seriously.


Space Aliens Grill & Bar

Space Aliens Grill & Bar
BBQ Ribs, Cheesy Vegetables, and Baked Beans



Space Aliens Grill & Bar
Alien Ears with Chocolate

Tomorrow I am headed to the Missouri River…stay tuned to see what I will be doing. Have a great Friday night!

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