Day 42: Monday, July 12th, 2021

Last week was my first time staying in a hotel by myself for an entire week. Very new to me, since the road trips of 2017 and 2018 were one night here and there’s, nothing long lasting like this was. At first, I was like “So this is my home for the next 7 nights….” BUT then my attitude changed as the week went on and I felt a bit more grounded having one place as I toured around the State. It was nice to just take what I needed for the day and leave everything else. So I packed up my week stay, reconfigured my car again, and headed out at 8:30a.m. this morning. 

Now, had I known what I would be driving for the next 5 straight hours, I would have downloaded a bunch of new podcasts to keep me interested and awake.  But, it was music the entire time, while fields of gold passed me over, and over, and over again. When they say there is nothing to see between the Dakotas- they aren’t lying. The State sign I came across was IN A FARM FIELD in the middle of nowhere! Needless to say I just wanted to get to my Hotel without incident, which thankfully, I did.



I can say I am getting quite the tour of WalMarts in each State…as I grocery shop them for my dinner and shakes.  I am still trying to eat lunch out and then relax at night with a microwaveable meal and a salad. The last fridge had a tiny freezer- this one thankfully is nice and big so I could buy a lot more for the week instead of having to run multiple times. I still need to plan out my week, but I am just happy to have made it safely, food in my tummy and in the fridge, Castaway is on, and I took a much needed nap. I’ll see you all tomorrow!

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