Day 18…Friday, June 18th, 2021

The lightening cracked, the thunder rumbled, as I slowly crept from out of my warm covers this morning. I hate goodbyes, and even though hellos are so much sweeter, I know that with each goodbye, I hope there is another hello around the corner. I didn’t want to get out of bed, I was peaceful, and I knew the minute my feet would touch the ground, it was all over and time to leave. It was a special stay with a special friend, and I was just so grateful for the time spent together.  One last hug, I was out the door and driving out with my fully packed car.

Today was Wisconsin! I was excited to be back in my home state and headed right towards my dear friend’s home in the Milwaukee area.  A short 2 hour drive, I barely had enough time to make some calls and record my “Morning Musings” but I DID get it all done!  I arrived to Kim and Chad’s NEW HOME and it is sooooooooo cute!!!  So after hugs and lots of chatting, I got the tour of their adorable Cape Cod. Kim opened her birthday present when we finally sat down to chill- so happy she loved all the goodies I sent.

Lunch was at our favorite little Bistro, Café Hollander. Now, it was new to me to eat upstairs, so that counts as new AND I had the meatloaf this time!  Kim had the Beet Burger, which she loved, and I nestled into my comfort meal while we laughed and cried about the horrible year we just got past.  A time to celebrate indeed- Walter included.

More girl time, gabbing away about life and then we freshened up for downtown Milwaukee for dinner and a Ghost Tour.  I was so pumped- I had always wanted to do one here.  Dinner was salads from “Milwaukee Public Market” which is basically a Mall type feel of a bunch of eateries joined under one roof. As we grabbed mango smoothies after, I saw a lovely couple looking at ordering their dinner. I explained to them my kindness mission and bought them dinner- they didn’t believe me! Thanks to Kim, she told them “I would just go with it.”  They were so shocked and grateful and I walked away feeling wonderful.

We ended the day with the Milwaukee Ghost Tour by “American Ghost Walks” which met up at the Market at 7:30 p.m.  Now, “T”, our guide, seemed like a relaxed, cool dude…I was hopeful for a great tour.  But as much as he explained many a ghost story , it had no pizzaz or that something special that makes you want to sign up for another one. He took us through the “Historic Third Ward” and we learned tales about certain people who lived in the area…but there was nothing bone-chilling or spine tingling…it just was.  I would NOT recommend this tour unless you are seriously wanting just a flat history lesson but at night.

I am exhausted and in much need of rest, see yall tomorrow.

Moments of Kindness: Treated a wonderful couple to dinner, gifted Kim for her Birthday magic from Disney World and I was blessed with incredible meals and tours for my Birthday 🙂

Thank you for your kindness!!

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