Day 13 …Sunday, June 13th, 2021

“The Ghost Tour of Naperville”…. let’s start there. WOW. First off, Kevin Frantz, author, historian, paranormal investigator and author, was just amazing.  The tour starts in downtown Naperville, which was challenging at times as it was at 8 pm on a Saturday night and the town was alive and well with party goers. This being the first weekend that they have reached phase 5, everyone was out to celebrate.  That being said, Kevin did a great job being loud and present so we didn’t have to strain to hear him over the noise. The tour costs $20 cash at the site, you can reserve online if you like but not required. He took us through each ghost story, and being the town’s Historian, he was being historically accurate.  Stories of lovers, lost loves, dug up bodies, and souls of the unrest kind…he had it all including EVP evidence and photos to back up the stories. He was theatrical, and he was passionate. I have been on some where they have this energy, and then the kind where they can’t wait to be done with their shift. It matters when it comes to ghost tours because you want to feel you are a part of that moment, that history…and the right host makes you feel right at home in that space.

The Old Hospital where the little girl in pink is seen.

The tour ran for a little under 2 hours, slated for 100 minutes. We had lots of questions and he had lots of the answers. We had our own private chat with him after the tour group left, and we appreciate the time he took to talk to us about all of my Paranormal adventures and encounters- HIGHLY recommend him and the tour if you are in the area.  Hit the Taco Bell pretty hard on the way home, and then I’m pretty sure I fell asleep with my nachos. They didn’t complain.

After a late night at the Ghost Tour, I slept in and it felt AMAZING.  I took my time, I got stuff done, I figured out how to resize my pics faster, and I was just riding cloud 9 on the “Get er’ done” list.  So after enjoying the warm sunshine and cool breeze, we headed out to find lunch and the infamous Route 66.

We headed to the stretch of Route 66 in Wilmington because we had been through here last year. We had gotten to the “Launching Pad” late last year, and due to Covid, it was shut down. We had heard it had reopened and with Walter in tow, so we were pretty giddy ordering our cheeseburgers and sides. The family who owns it could not have been nicer…I mean seriously, these people were super kind, efficient, and the place just gave off the “Welcome” vibe the minute you stepped in. I loved the booths with the Route 66 table tops, and the 50’s music that was playing throughout the Restaurant.  The food came made to order, fresh, and absolutely one of the best cheeseburgers I have ever had.  The “Rocket Burger” can be made to whatever you want, and the prices were affordable and reasonable.  It was like you stepped back in time at this adorable diner, complete with it’s gift shop in the corner full of Launching Pad and Route 66 souvenirs. I picked up a sticker, as I am going to cover my suitcase in stickers from all of these travels.  They saw Walter and we HAD to get a pic with the family- so they were pumped to do it, and that’s always fun when they WANT to do it and they don’t look at me like I have lost my mind. (Yes, someone has decline a  pic with my loveable Muppet….the nerve LOL).  A great lunch, a great place, LOVED them and will be back!!

Next we headed up a ways, hit up a car wash by a Cheerleading team so we gave them a huge tip with it as the kindness for the day.  Then we took Walter to the Polka-Dot Drive In, and he enjoyed all the photo opps there and everywhere else on Route 66.  It was a lot of fun!! We finished up the adventure by checking out the “Joliet Route 66 Welcome Center” and grabbed some more pics.

Finished off the day with dinner with dear friend Cheryl, a long time reader from my OG group, and it was SO nice to get to know her better.  I got my favorite Pot Roast and she had a Peanut Butter and Jelly Cheeseburger with Sweet Potato Tater Tots.  Mine was amazing, and she LOVED hers!  I had so much fin chatting with her, we will definitely be hanging out again. 

Today’s Moments of Kindness: We saw a High School Cheerleading team washing cars on Route 66, so we paid them and tipped them well for it towards their program. Cheryl showed her kindness to me at dinner, along with calling the Manager over and telling them what a great job our waitress “Demi” did.

A great day, I am exhausted, I will catch y’all on the flip side tomorrow. Ryan Seacrest out.

Thank you for your kindness!!

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