Day 12 …Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Another hot and humid morning here in the Midwest, my friend and I came up with something different for today. Instead of an attraction, we would run around the area, hitting up the favorite Donut shops. Well, Walter caught wind of this and was ALL for it, so we decided to make it about him. So I introduce to you….Walter’s Donut Dash around Illinois.

First stop was “My Sister’s Lil Donut Shoppe” located in Oswego, we had a Chocolate Long John…light and fluffy. Walter approved.

Second stop was “Dimple’s Donuts” in Batavia where we tried a Chocolate Sprinkle Cake donut…wasn’t a fan of this one, Walter was meh about it.

Third stop was “Fresh Donuts” in Geneva where we had the Red Velvet….this was amazing and I think Walter’s favorite.

Fourth stop was “Bosa Donuts” in St. Charles, where we tried the Fruity Pebbles donut. I was super excited about this one, but the cereal on top tasted a bit stale. Walter likes Lucky Charms, so he wasn’t as impressed.

Fifth and final stop was “Roll N Donuts” in Algonquin where we had my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!! A Strawberry Shortcake donut that tasted just like it, with a very light feel to it. Delicious, Walter agreed!

Today’s Moments of Kindness: We tried to treat someone behind us in the Drive-Thru when grabbing a drink, but noone showed up behind us. LOL So today’s was pretty much to ourselves in the form of donuts. Sometimes the situations just don’t present themselves, so I will bring it more tomorrow.

It was a busy day of running around, but fun, and it was something to do out of the heat and also the continual downpours we had all day.  I hoped you enjoy this fun post, we did, and it was still something new I had for lunch LOL.  See you tomorrow!

Thank you for your kindness!!

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