Day 6: Sunday, June 6th, 2021: PART ONE

Part One

It’s 1:30 a.m. on Sunday morning, and I had to write now while it was all fresh and still stuck in my head. Tonight I did my first ghost tour at Waverly Hills in Kentucky…and. It. was. AMAZING!!!! Oh my goodness, where to begin. Ok….picture the sun just setting, twilight is slowly starting to creep in, and we drive up this long winding road to the top of the hill where the trees act like curtains.  They open up to reveal the size and stature that is Waverly Hills Sanitorium…  I squealed with anticipation.  I have watched many a tv show and documentary about this place and have always wanted to explore it. They checked our tickets at the gate, and then ushered us to the parking lot, and then inside the building where you can use the restroom and grab something to drink for and before the tour begins.

My tour started at 10 pm and lasted until midnight. Obviously I chose this one to get as late as possible inside the building, and it did NOT disappoint. First off, we got incredibly blessed with fantastic weather. Little to no wind, warm but not hot, and everything was very “still.” Now, the down side of this particular tour was that they had a capacity of 50 people which then they in turn split up into 2 groups of 25.  It was WAY to big of a group at 25, and it would’ve been better at about 10-15.  The more people you have, the more noise and distraction you have. I have been lucky enough to tour and investigate on my own or in very small groups and it’s the best because you have the tour guides full attention and also more control of the environment to listen, to be still and quiet, and to also ask and talk to the spirits around you.  So, with our group of 25, they have you choose a guide, and there is a rule break down before you head off into the dark. 

The rules at Waverly are pretty simple- be quiet, be aware, pics only with brightness levels down to zero and no flash, no video or audio are permitted, no ghost equipment playing (ESPECIALLY GHOST BOXES), flashlights only on in certain spots, and to be respectful by staying with the group and no wandering off.  Now, if you want to investigate this place, there are specific overnight times for that, which they are sold out of for the rest of the year. Yes, this is that popular.

We headed to the “Body Chute” first…and it was a kick in the gut to start off here first.  Why? Well, it’s in the basement…and basements already have that creep factor, now let’s add a tunnel that they transported all of the dead who died of TB back in the day. The reason for using it this way was so that patients inside would not see the death toll of up to 24 dying a day, looked like parading through and out the front door. This way they were able to move the bodies quietly to and from the morgue without upsetting the other patients.  This is a VERY haunted part of the building, and because of it’s steep incline, they wouldn’t let us walk into it.  I can tell you just standing at the top and looking down, it was like seeing the worst slide at a playground possible with smoke and mist covering the bottom….you couldn’t see where it ended. She then had everyone turn off lights and we stood quietly in the tunnel that leads to the Body Chute and just listened to see if anyone would chat… I didn’t hear anything here.

Next we would go floor to floor (5 floors in total) to specific rooms and areas of the Sanitorium where there were the most “hot spots.”  What was challenging for me was trying to get anything good taken in the dark of dark on my camera.  They had several low lights around the building, and the stairs were lit up by the guides so you didn’t fall and hurt yourself, but those looooon hallways…oh they were dark.  And as you passed by every room, you felt as though someone was staring at you. 

My favorite areas were the roof and the 4th floor. First off, being on the roof at Waverly Hills was actually pretty beautiful. The moon and stars out, very quiet and chill, I didn’t feel much up there but a child’s ball was moving around in an area up here.  Now, we were on the roof, more chance of air movement here than anything, but this place is famous for a boy named “Timmy” who likes to play ball. So I watched it, snapped a pic, and just said hello to him in case he was hanging around.

4th floor was my absolute favorite because of how much I felt and saw here…and it was the closest to midnight as well. They have everyone line up in the hallway and all lights are turned off- just us in the pitch dark with anyone who wants to say hello.  They had a challenge of anyone who would like to walk down the dark hallway by themselves, and no, not having my glasses yet, I didn’t want to chance another fall in the same day (see Day 5 post about that) so I did not go for it, and honestly I may have worked up to it but they only had time for two people to do it.  So as the guide is talking and everyone is staring at the woman who is taking the alone challenge, I am staring at the room behind the guide. ……………………………………………………………………………….and then it happened.  With my OWN EYES, I saw a little boy run from right to left behind her.  It was SO CLEAR… I actually yelped out loud and told her “there is a child behind you.” To which she said casually “Oh I’m sure there is, this is the shadow people area.”  We all watched as you could see some come in and out of the rooms, and then we noticed that the end of the hall was getting VERY VERY VERY dark…. The light from the end of the hallway had disappeared and the guide started to get incredibly nervous and said “It’s time to go. We don’t mess with this one.”  Apparently his name is Mr. Black and he is of demon nature, and you could FEEL that hallway go from watching for shadow people to something very ominous and dangerous.  I happened to be at the tail end of the group with the guide, and I could FEEL him watching us behind me and I just kept walking faster and getting away from the end of group.  It was INSANE!!!!!

The operating room is where Stephanie felt something hugging her leg and someone poking her ankles with a needle….yes. She also started into a coughing fit in this same room, and felt it come out of nowhere. Remember, this was known for TB.  We finished up in the Morgue, and it was so much smaller than I had pictured in my head from shows that I had seen it on.  True to attraction form, we exited out of the gift shop.  I picked up a magnet, sticker, and pen which says “I survived Waverly Hills.”

Would I do this tour again? Heck yeah!  First off, you get all the creep factor with the safety net of a tour guide in front and behind you.  Second, it was all of $25, and that’s a cheap tour for 2 hours! I have been on $50 ones for half the time, so this was definitely worth the money and time.  Book FAR AHEAD- these sell out fast and they only provide them certain times of the year and certain days and times.  It’s not a “Hey I am in town, I am going to go check it out.”  Plan ahead on this one. On a side note….I geeked out to see Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventurers had been recorded here. I knew they had been, but to see their pics in the gift shop was a fun skip on my heart!

Today’s Moments of Kindness: Steph and Cheryl blessed me all day… it was kind, amazing, and thoughtful. Thank you.

I am happy I did it, happy to check if off my bucket list, hope to be back one day to investigate it, and am now more than excited for the next ghost tour on my trip (Yes, I have MANY booked already). It was a great night, and besides my haunted hangover, I am so proud that I did it. Onto the next!

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