Day 2… Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021

Well after a much needed night of sleep from my excitement filled first day, I woke up ready to tackle today.  After fighting off a migraine, enjoying Christa’s backyard retreat, we headed out to Warm Springs, Georgia. 

What be in the warm waters there? Well, it was known for something quite interesting in our history books. President Roosevelt, aka FDR, our 32nd President, first came to the area in search for a cure for his Polio.  He loved the area so much that he built his home on Pine Mountain while Governor of New York, and then kept going back when he became President, lovingly calling it “Little White House.”  What makes this location so infamous is that while having his picture painted, he suffered a stroke and later passed away the same day in the adjoining bedroom.  It was surreal to be in the home he went home to his Father in Heaven, and to see the chair he did so much business in while living there. A beautiful house, deep in the Woods, and stations all over the property where his officers would watch over him- it is definitely a not miss if you love historical places.

Another part of this area is the Museum before it, and the display of the painting that was never finished on the day he passed, located after the home.  They have his famous car that he was seen driving around all the time, complete with hand dials to drive because of his polio.  They also had his wheelchair and braces….it was so cool to see them.  When your history book comes to life in front of you, what you have seen in print is now inches from your own eyes, it’s why I travel.  I met a LOVELY woman named Julie in the Legacy Exhibit, who was very informative and just a very kind woman. So a shout out to Julie!

Lunch was at “Chad’s” in this adorable, small, Maybury town.  Christa got chicken salad and I had chicken and dumplings in this cute diner, complete with red velvet cake! My act of kindness today was treating Christa to lunch 🙂

We headed over to “The Pools” next which were down the road in the same town of Warm Springs.  Here is where FDR would enjoy the 88 degree pool water that was recycled rain that came from the springs off nearby Pine Mountain.  They believed the warm waters helped those with Polio move easier and feel the freedom of their limbs in the warm waters.   The Pools are no longer filled, but the Springs there still exists that you can dip your hand in to feel how warm the waters still are to this day.  Again, just standing there and all I could think was “FDR swam here….”. 

Next was a drive to Senoia, a visit to my favorite Walking Dead city.  They were filming today, security was everywhere, so there weren’t a whole lot of pictures I could take.  We walked up and down “Woodbury”, drove past “Alexandria”, checked out the Walking Dead Museum and Store (which have been relocated and downsized) and hung out on a bench for a while waiting for dinner time.

We decided on “Maguires” for an early dinner, which was an Irish Pub Restaurant- reminded me of “Raglan Road.” I promised my gal pal Kim that I would try as much as I can to eat at new places as much as possible, and I hit two new ones today, so YAY for that!  I had Cottage Pie (Shepherds Pie) and Christa had Salmon.  It was a nice place, dark and cool, and the prices were right- recommend highly if you are in the area!!

Walter came a long and made lots of friends today….and when I think I have found the funniest pic of him, I find another photo opportunity even better!  So much I have decided to open up his own Instagram account for the year so you can see all of his pics in one spot. Who woudn’t want to follow a Muppet? So go check him out and follow today!!

It was a great day, and even better that I was able to keep my migraine from blowing up.  Once it gets to a certain level, I shut down and I can’t do much of anything until it leaves, so VERY happy it was resolved on the way to “Little White House.”  Enjoy the pics and I will see y’all tomorrow!

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