To Whom It May Concern Who Left the Hate Comment

Today was one of those days where you are not sure just what happened. I woke up with a crazy migraine, and after getting it to go at least from a 9 to a 2, I wanted to write. I was SO EXCITED to share my “Spread Kindness Tour” with everyone, so happy to find out ideas and thoughts on what I could do to make this World a little brighter. So I posted, and then I dropped off a package at Pop Century for a dear friend, and then on the way I got news that my Step Dad had a heart attack and my Mom was a mess.  Ready to jump a plane to Texas, Mom said to hold off and wait, and so I have. Praying all day, worrying about my Mom and Bob, trying to stay busy with something while I waited for news. And of course, I checked Facebook. I hoped maybe someone left a kind comment, that someone may have liked my idea of the kindness tour. NOPE.  I got this instead…. A hateful, personal, cruel attack on my character, my intention, and who they perceived me to be.

I really thought about not posting it, sharing it, or even giving this a second thought. Some will always tell you “Don’t feed the beast.”  BUT this was personal, this wasn’t some troll, this was someone with a personal vendetta that needed to unload. I am not comfortable talking about it, I would rather be doing something else, but I AM TIRED OF THE BULLYING.  Call it WHAT IT IS. I don’t know if it is Society now, that we feel the need to unload on someone and then walk away without a care about how you made someone feel or what. Or how people waste their precious time on this Earth making fake accounts just to go and bash people who are just living their lives.  I don’t know or understand it, I just know that if I don’t like someone, something, whatever it is, I just don’t follow them anymore. Period. We are not in grade school anymore, and to have to address this in my 40s is hella ridiculous.

To set the record straight, and I don’t have too, I like to travel. (Hear the gasping) HOW I live my life is my life, and how you live your life is yours.  I don’t beg for money, if you want to donate, then hey, thanks! I have shared the magic for years, been a great resource for MANY who have moved to Florida in the last 10 years, and have met lots of cool and amazing people. And then those people offered me a place to stay on my trip, and I have literally hand crocheted blankets, brought Disney Souvenirs, surprised the kids in the homes with toys, etc… But hey, I bet they are pretty worked up about throwing my sheets in the wash. CLEARLY if someone is or was worried about my hygiene then or now, they wouldn’t invite me over…PERIOD.

Sure, people have bought me lunch, it was super kind of them. Free haircuts? Ah, no.  Free groceries? Yup, someone sent me some as a kind gesture when we literally were in a car accident and someone was being nice.  Am I supposed to feel bad about that? Am I not ALLOWED to accept kindness from others? Because if that’s the case, then this trip is going to be a mighty short one if people aren’t allowed to accept it from me.  The hubby working? Yup, I bet yours does too! Taking my kids to school? Not only did I do it in WI but SHOCKER I did it ALSO in Florida! College, High School AND Junior High!!! OMG AMY TOOK THE KIDS TO SCHOOL??? Puhleease…. I mean, what?? Of course I did!   The kids not being at Disney with me is actually the funniest comment of them all. Why? Because my girls didn’t want to be on the blog all the time, and I respected that, so I would take pics when we were in the Parks, hence making it look like I am there by myself (back in the day). Currently? YUP, I am there by myself BECAUSE my family doesn’t have AP’s anymore due to Covid. So I am the one who goes in, shares the magic all the time with all of you, and then takes my sweaty rear to my sweaty car and I go home and do laundry. SCANDULOUS!!!

Thanksgiving? Wow, this person has some memory and clearly needs more of a life. I literally met up with Beatrice to do Safari while the Turkey was in the oven…. In 2011!!! PEOPLE THIS IS 10 YEARS AGO!!! LOL . Craig probably did make it, my cooking sucks. But why would that be something that sticks with someone? Why care about me enjoying a Safari ride and then going home to have Thanksgiving with my family when the turkey was done? I had a great time at Animal Kingdom, I LOVE Bea, and I had a great day with my family. THAT is what you want to rant on me for???

As far as the personal attack on my marriage, it seems that some are simply obsessed with hurting you. That no matter the life path you are taking, they see it as a road of revenge, hurt, and anger. They never know what’s going on, and even when I have talked about things in the past, I enjoyed sharing with others who were going through the same trials and tribulations.  It was healing, it was helpful, and it is what it is. But to wish that someone’s hubby leaves them is cold and cruel, and boy you have NO idea what you are talking about. 

This “person” is hiding behind a keyboard because they are ashamed. They are ashamed, and even when I reached out to ask who they were and to talk to me like an adult, I still got the same lingo, all the while being a coward.  So if you’re reading this, and we all know you are, please, stop following me. I don’t know why you would follow someone you CLEARLY hate, but why spend the time to even bully me for the last 10 years? Your right, this World is in a State, and if it shows ANYONE, it is that you live EVERY second with passion and vigor. There is no time to be hating on each other and sending this kind of toxic garbage at people. I KNOW people are jealous, I also know that ANYONE else who had this opportunity they would take it in a heartbeat! They would NOT want someone bashing them for something they have worked hard for and are excited for.

You see, this is why I stopped writing years ago. People like this, who felt the need to bully, pile on hate, and basically set a mob on you for something they perceived I said or did. Let me be VERY CLEAR, I VOWED that when I came back to the writing world, I would NEVER bow down to bullies like you again. I would take a stand, I would write from the heart, and I would move forward being my truest self.  Haters like you will NEVER win, and you just made me want to spread the kindness even more. So I hope you find peace, I hope you got it out of your system, and I hope you think twice before coming for me again.  I may be kind, I may be sweet, but I am not stupid. Remember that.