Planning Georgia


So before the Sale happened and my February disappeared into thin air, I had a schedule.  One thing they will suggest to a blogger, is to have a set amount of things you’d like to write about, then when, and so on. It keeps the writers block from becoming a writer’s month long wall, and I have to say that it works, WHEN I stay on schedule.  But than the sale, life, throw in some 3 am thoughts in a post, and well, I haven’t been back to that list in quite some time…UNTIL TODAY!! Because I will be visiting all 50 States, I thought it best to write about each one in what their motto is, what I “think” it is, and what I hope to do there. This engages you to come along with me on a journey when I talk about YOURS so that you can give me hints, tips, and if I am right on or dead wrong! So let’s do it in the order I am driving… and for those wondering, I count Florida later.

Georgia is my official FIRST State of this epic journey and I am SO excited because there is so much to see there!  So let’s talk their motto first- Wisdom, justice, and moderation.  Ok, so my thought process immediatedly jumps to the “moderation.”  Possibly they drink a lot? They drank a lot when they decided on this? Someone couldn’t keep their hands off the chocolate? WAS their chocolate yet? Moderation clearly could be anything, but I like the simplicity of this motto.  I have read them ALL and I have to say, this is one of the saner ones. I love wisdom, all about the learning, and justice…well, you hope people get it, but we all know better. It’s also the Peach State….and I don’t remember ever having a peach in GA…did I Christa? LOL

I have been to Georgia many times before for several reasons, one being it is unavoidable driving from Wisconsin to Florida over the last 20 years, so there’s that. Two, it’s Walking Dead territory, so the “Dead Head” that I am, I had to see Senoia aka Woodbury and the rest.  If you haven’t been, it’s a MUST! I am blessed beyond words to have a dear friend, Christine, in Savannah who I have toured with and a dear friend, Christa, in the Newnan area who tours with me there, each on the other side of the State.  Not to mention Martha I got to have lunch with, it’s just a beautiful area that I love to visit.

On this episode, Christa and I will be headed to Atlanta for a couple of days to check out everything we can get our hands on!  I have only ever driven through, and because she lives nearby and knows it VERY well, it makes me feel confident and safe. There’s a Puppetry exhibit, a Civil Rights Museum, and then all of the film and tv locations I can get my hands on!  This is MARVEL territory, and after “Endgame” and now “WandaVision” I am hoping to find some of the places they were filmed.  Of course with Covid and openings being what they are, I will see what’s possible and keep my expectations low. LOL  I’m in GA for only 3 nights so it will be a quick visit before I come back through again next year (yes on the same trip). 

On the way back through in February, I’ll be visiting Savannah again, so hopefully will be able to hang out with Christine again.  We had so much fun last time, it was my first ever ghost tour with her!  I was IN LOVE with that area, the architecture alone I could NOT get enough of! I am sure that Christine was sick of me saying “OMG look at that one!” LOL

So what else should I try to see in Georgia? My hope from these posts is for someone to tell or show me the hidden gems that I may not find in a book or online.  I am all about pulling my car over and taking a small walk to see something, but hikes I will leave to my visits to the National Parks. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, see you on the road!!


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  • No, I don’t think you did have a peach. We will fix that this time around! It’s a little early for peaches, but we might find some.