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It’s Saturday and PayPal Screwed Me……How’s Your Day?

I have been working VERY hard on all of my sales, keeping up with those who have paid, those who have not, making sure things are shipped as people have desired too, all while keeping track on my PayPal account.  I have been diligent of making sure that every penny was accounted for while staying up to date with any and all correspondences with those buying and anyone from PayPal.  Everything has and WAS running smoothly….and then PayPal said “Hold my beer.”

I love routine and as always I was walking this morning, when I got an email from one of my buyers that they were unable to send me money.  I shrugged it off as a hopeful glitch, that’s tech for ya, and I went on my way.  As it circled in my head again, I checked to see if someone else could make a payment…nope, they were also not allowed too. The heart starts thumping, my blood is boiling, just trying to stay calm.

I searched high and low for a Customer Service number, ANYTHING, to help me with this problem, as I have 8 days left of sales and it’s been convenient to use them.  I finally found a number and called, only to get the driest of Agents who proceeded to tell me that my account was frozen and that I would not be able to retrieve the money that I have been working my ass off for, for 180 DAYS!!!! Yes, that’s correct.  I asked WHAT and WHY?? I had been using PayPal for years, why now would they just up and stop my account?? He said “You must have violated Terms of Service” to which I said “Well did I or didn’t I? You must have a reason for this abrupt decision.”  He basically gave me his scripted  “I don’t know, and I can’t do anything for you.”  Basically, I am supposed to “hope” they email me WHY they have closed my account and HOW to get my money transferred to a bank…in late August I guess?

Seriously this is the screwiest thing I have ever encountered, and I have dealt with PODS, another crappy company. So basically they have thrown my money in jail for 180 days, without reason, without email, and without any type of way to rectify or resolve this. So imagine they throw YOU in jail and let you sit there for 6 months, no reason, no hope of making good on HOW or WHY you are there, you just get to do the time and wonder. HOW IS THIS LEGAL???!??!?!?!?!

I would tell ya’ll if I messed up, I didn’t. I have read so many cases today of people just like me who sold a lot in one month, or had a lot of transactions at one time, and then POOF, account frozen and we will let ya know our thoughts in 6 months!! How do they get away with zero response, accountability, and explanation??

So, I have to figure out another way to 1. Take payments for the last 8 days of sales and 2. Still obtain shipping payments from existing customers as well.  3. Those who already paid some shipping, I got you, it’s obviously still counted.  This doesn’t change anything to you, my buyer, as I will ship still at the end of the sale as promised. 

I’ve decided on using ZELLE- same email as before – Thank you!!

Stay tuned, still let me know what you want, I am still keeping record of who wants what….we just aren’t EVER using PayPal again!!  Lesson learned, back to crying over my keyboard and praying that this gets resolved.

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