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My Route and Schedule for my 48 State Trip

I have my route officially down now and have dates in place. I wanted to share this with y’all for those who are interested in hosting me in these States, or for getting together. Now, they are vague for a reason. One, my safety. Those who need to know, will know. Details will be shared via private message for hosts, meet-ups, and so on.  Two, this is my basic plan. Things change, so it will ebb and flow as time charges on.  Third, I know it looks like a lot, because IT IS LOL. BUT I have learned too just go with it and enjoy the ride and time I have been gifted to me. 


Please contact me if you are interested in hosting me, if you know of something I should see in your area, a place I can stay that is awesome or economically friendly and safe, or if you would like to meet up. If you have ALREADY contacted me, I have you written down. So here it is!

My Dates For the 48 States Thus Far

6.1-6.4-      Georgia

6.4-6.7-      Tennessee

6.7-6.14     Louisville, KY

6.14-6.21    Illinois

6.21-6.28   Wisconsin

6.28- 7.5    Minnesota

7.5- 7.12    South Dakota

7.12- 7.19  North Dakota

7.19- 7.26   Montana

7.26- 8.2     Idaho/Washington

8.2- 8.9       Oregon

8.9-8.16      Idaho

8.16-8.23    Wyoming

8.23-8.30    Utah

8.30- 9.6     Colorado

9.6- 9.13     Nebraska

9.13-9.20    Kansas

9.20-9.27    Iowa

9.27- 10.4   Missouri

10.4-10.11  Arkansas

10.11-10.18   Oklahoma/Rt 66

10.18- 10.25  Upper TX

10.25- 11.1     Upper New Mexico

11.1- 11.8       Upper Arizona

11.8- 11.15     Nevada

11.15- 11.30   California (2ish weeks)

11.30- 12.2      Las Vegas

12.2- 12.9        Rt 66 Arizona

12.9-12.16       Rt 66 New Mexico

12.16- 1.1        Mom’s  (Lower TX and Mexico)

1.1- 1.7             Louisiana

1.7-1.14           Mississippi

1.14-1.21         Alabama

1.21-2.4           Orlando/Disney World

2.4- 2.11          Savannah, GA and East side of GA

2.11- 2.18     Charleston, NC then upper NC

2.18-2.25      East side of Tennessee

2.25- 3.4       East side of Kentucky

3.4- 3.11       Virginia

3.11- 3.18    West Virginia

3.18-4.1       Ohio

4.1- 4.8        Washington D.C.

4.8-4.15       Maryland

4.15-4.22     Delaware

4.22-4.29     New Jersey

4.29-5.9       NEW YORK CITY

5.9-5.16      Connecticut

5.16- 5.23   Rhode Island/Massachutes

5.23-5.30    Maine

5.30- 6.6     Nova Scotia, Canada, Prince Edward Island

6.6-6.13-    New Hampshire

6.13-6.20    Vermont

6.20- 6.27   New York State

6.27- 7.4     Pennsylvania

7.4- 7.11     Ohio/ Michigan

7.11- 7.18   Indiana

Then home to plan Alaska and Hawaii

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Thank you for your support!!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Disney, Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


The Relocated Tourist is sponsored by Exclusive Travel Partners.…booking through me supports my mission and I appreciate that VERY much. Click the link and thank you!



  1. ooo maybe I can travel to NS and PEI when you are there ( though it is quite a drive from here lol at least 24 hours). I do want to go to PEI.

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