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WHY an Online Garage Sale?

For the last several months, as I have been thinking about my upcoming travels and such, I felt this NEED to purge, to release. Nope, not food, nothing bad, just this weird sense about myself of “letting go” of the materialism in my life.  AND there’s that whole “You need money to travel” thing,  and since I don’t want to sleep on the side of a mountain and get eaten by bears, I have to afford things like hotel rooms, campsites, etc..

In the past I have had several HUGE garage sales, which makes me wonder if I like stuff or I am secretly some creative collector or hoarder.  I DO know that as the years have ticked by, I like an item, I love on it for a while, and then I move on from it. Maybe boredom, maybe just distracted by other shiny things, but I have learned to go with my gut over the last 4 years (even though that gut seems to LOVE to expand in these perimenopausal days).

The best way for me right now to sell it all, and the organizing freak who lives deep inside of me would be happy with, was an online sale.  I have plenty of friends and family who love pop culture, Disney, collectibles, and we are all mostly still staying home as much as we can so why not enjoy the shopping online from the comfort of your home? Yes, there is EBay, LetGo, Mercari, etc… and I guess if they don’t sell here I will sell over there. I just know I have a lot of like minded people in my life who I wanted the chance to get it first here, so I hope you all find something you like.

As I have been preparing my items, scheduling posts, etc… it’s gotten easier to let go of it. I thought I would cry over every little thing, but honestly, I can’t wait for this part to be over with. This has consumed my brain for weeks now, and the reaction I had yesterday of running into Target for one thing and being repulsed by so many others, means I am on the right track. I think. I mean I sold everything in 2011 and here we are. Maybe we are all destined to be collectors of something because it gives us something to do and enjoy.  But with everything I have coming down the pipeline and with a future of uncertainty, I would just feel better as lighter as possible.

So here’s the deal, I did my research and I priced things the best I could.  Every dollar you invest in your item, is a dollar for my dream and adventure. It supports and helps me out to achieve something so much scarier to me than running my Marathon, or moving across the U.S. Traveling for a year on my own, is going to be a life changing experience, one that I NEED and am ready for. I am a people person, I love the energy of those around me, it charges my soul. SO I am hoping to meet new friends, make connections, and maybe even possibly a detour of life. Mickey will always be here, and I am hoping to see him in his CA home if they are open when I arrive in California. So once the ball gets rolling here on Monday, I will be back to planning my travels, shipping items out, and writing about all the fun stuff I HOPE to do and what I would like to see. 

I just wanted to THANK YOU before the sale begins….it was A LOT of work and you will see why. I took extra steps to make things magical, affordable, and I hope you each find something to bring the magic or fun to your home.  Different items will drop EVERY DAY in February and hopefully ONLY in February as I have way more fun things to show you in MARCH!!

Last but not least….combine, combine, combine your items. Pay every day, combine shipping all at the end if you’d like, I just ask for payment every day as a way to hold your items until they all ship. I am excited to sell and show you all of my hard work over the last couple of weeks. Buckle up, and I will see you Monday (February 1st, 2021) morning with the first post- good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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