Route 66…Jubelt’s Bakery & Restaurant

During my travels through the great State of Illinois, my stomach started growling and no better time to get some Route 66 love into my stomach than stopping at Jubelt’s in Litchfield.

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Built on the old Route 66 in 1822, it looked like a fun diner for a spot to eat, and also get my head straight on what I would be looking at and for, next on the Mother Road. Open 6 aoum to 7pm, and yes, open even now with safety restrictions, I managed to get myself a table and cozy in for a sit.

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I loved the old diner feel it had, the whimsical decorations, the cakes and cookies under glass, and the overall feel of history as you sat there. 

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I ordered something I hadn’t had in a long time…a gool ol’ Grilled Cheese sandwich, and a mango smoothie. I know, weird combo right? But it sounded REALLY good at the time, and the prices were comfortable and kind to my wallet.


The sandwich was one of the best I have ever had, and the mango smoothie helped clear my head right up, and the combo seemed to energize my feet to hit the road again with some energy and spring in my step.


Most of the spots you find along Route 66 are like these…an era long ago of old cars and poodle skirts. They say a simpler time, and I think they are right. I feel at peace with all of these stops, like I belong there and it’s familiar.  I’m not anxious, I’m home, and it’s a great thing to feel when you are traveling on the road.

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Check it out, their menu and website is online, you won’t be disappointed!

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