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*Posts will drop all day starting February 1st throughout the entire month (I don’t plan on making it longer than Feb, but it depends on how much I get sold). Make sure you are following the blog at to get the notifications in your email.

*Posts will drop 5 times during the day. I have them scheduled for 8 am, 11 am, 3 pm. 6 pm and 9 pm. NOW know this, technology and time zones seem to love to mess with me, so just make sure you have your email notifications on as well as the FB page ones so you are notified when they land.

*You must click on the link to see the items with their pictures and prices.

*Prices are fixed, there will be no bidding.

*To get item, email me at with the number and description of said item you want. DO NOT post on the FB post or Blog Post that you want the item, only emails will be accepted.

*ONLY WINNERS will be notified that they were the first to email me, along with what to pay. Emails will go out by the end of the day. PLEASE make sure to return the winner email with your full name and address for shipping. If you wonder either way, you are more than welcome to email me and ask.

*Items will be marked SOLD on the post once the item is PAID for.

*SHIPPING can be combined at the end of the day, week, or month. It depends on what you would like to wait on and see what else you would like to purchase.  A “Shipping Tab” will be started for those interested in buying for the day, week and/or entire month. You can get a lot in the $15 and $20 Priority Mailboxes from USPS- they will hold a lot of small items, so I suggest you wait to ship if you are interested in buying several things.


*I will be shipping ONCE a week, on Fridays and when they are able to pick up as well.

*The USPS has been VERY backed up these days, so expect delays in shipping whether it is first class or priority,

*Any items not sold will be put into LOTS at the end of the month, or sold again individually at reduced prices.

*Items are gently used and sold AS IS. This is a garage sale, items have been loved on, and some are brand new. I didn’t have time to iron shirts, so forgive the wrinkles, everything is clean.

*All Sales are FINAL.

*Email me with any questions you have at My goal is to make this as easy as possible for all involved- please be patient with me. Enjoy!


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