Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A couple of years ago, I had THE most amazing trip with Craig and Emily (Hubby and youngest daughter) to Washington D.C.  I had been there a couple of time alone before, and with every visit, I try to see something more that I missed and hit the favorite stuff too. One of my favorite monuments, tributes, was to the great Martin Luther King Jr.

Matin Luther King Jr DC2

I wonder what he would think about the World today, about our United States today.  A Baptist minister, I would have loved to have seen him at the pulpit speaking his mind on the craziness we are all dealing with now.  Taken too soon from us in 1968 from an assassination, this man had so much love and wisdom left to give to this unrelenting Nation.  Voices like his are needed now more than ever.

Matin Luther King Jr DC1

When I visit “The American Adventure” in Epcot, they play the beginning of his famous “I have a dream” speech during the “Golden Dream” song sequence. EVERY.TIME. I get the chills because it was such a moment in our history, and it reminds me of the equality that so many are still fighting for today.

Matin Luther King Jr DC3

Thank you Martin Luther King Jr., for everything you did and everyone you touched, this World didn’t deserve you.

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