That’s right folks, you heard correctly! Every Popcorn bucket you have seen, every Vinylmation I have collected over the years, the hundreds of pins I have held onto, plus Pop Funkos, Clothing, Magnets, Tsum Tsums, and loads more Collectibles. Fear not, if you gifted one of these said items to be sold, know I loved on it and now it’s time for someone else to enjoy it. I love that we can recycle things like this and not have to own it forever, but a piece of time, and then let it move on to the next person.

The Relocated Tourist
The Relocated Tourist

Each item will be listed on the blog, the link available on Facebook as well BUT in case FB has any problems posting it, I HIGHLY suggest you SUBSCRIBE to the so you get the emails right away and have a better chance and snagging something you’d like! The plan is to mark the item “SOLD” on the post it’s on so y’all know if it was taken or not. So if you are curious and there is no “SOLD” on it, PLEASE feel free to email me and I will let you know the status of it is.

Simba Annual Passholder Magnet

So because of the sheer volume of items, I will be shipping ONCE a week, hoping for Friday every week. This helps you to combine items- (I highly recommend the $15 USPS Priority Mail box- whatever fits for that price- same with the $20 one). It also helps me keep my sanity so that I am not running every day to ship items out.  Items must be paid by PAYPAL only (unless we have discussed something else).  Items will be a FIXED price, this will not be bidding, and it will be on a first come, first serve basis. You want the item? First person to email me and agrees to the price and shipping costs gets it- easy peasy! You will have 24 hours to make the payment on said item or it will go back on sale and offered to the second person who asked for it or back online if no others asked about it the first time.


Please be patient with me…this is 10 years of Disney collecting since we have lived here. It’s A LOT of stuff, so also be aware of that you’ll see 6 emails or more a day coming from the blog. I am letting you all know NOW so there isn’t someone complaining that they are getting “So many emails..”


I will still be posting my Disney travels and adventures on the blog as well…plus the planning posts for the big trip! (WHICH I have named and I will be announcing soon because you all are going TO LOVE IT!!)

rsz_img_8247 (1)

So “Amy’s Garage Sale” starts FEBRUARY 1st, 2021. If you are interested, SUB to the blog and WATCH your emails. Let the DISNEY GAMES BEGIN!!!!

Thank you for your kindness.

I LOVE sharing the joy of Disney, Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!