The Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery

On my travels through the Midwest this summer, I found myself drawn to the life and times of the great man and then President, Abraham Lincoln.  And since Illinois is his home turf, it is a treasure trove of anything and everything connected to him. Some happier than others, but none the less, still worth a visit. One of those quiet and somber places was the Cemetery named in his honor.


Located in Ellwood, IL, covering 982 acres (yes this place was HUGE), it is easily accessible and about 50 miles outside Chicago. It was dedicated in 1999 by the Department of Veteran Affairs, and is found on the grounds that formerly was the Joliet Army Ammunition Plant. Which does make me curious how that works…

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Ironically it was named after the 16th President, yet he wasn’t buried or moved here. He can be found at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, which I also spent time at- BEAUTIFUL place!


What makes this Cemetery revolutionary is that in 2015, the FIRST American federally approved monument was made to honor LGBT Veterans. VERY cool!

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I visited on a summer day, no admission required, just a simple drive in.  I stayed away from any burials going on, to pay my respects to so many there, and to see the Lincoln statue in the garden that was made.

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The statue is beautiful, inspirational words surround him, and it is worth a stop to see. It was quiet, peaceful, and I felt the love around me.  I encourage you to visit, thank you for stopping by!

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