My Top Ten Favorite Disney Snacks

Upon moving here back in 2011, I knew that I would enjoy every Disney treat I could get my hands on, hence why my weight is all over the place these days. Nothing would put a bigger smile on my face then being handed one of the below snacks and taking a stroll with them, or finding a quiet corner enjoying them while working on my phone. Here are my favorites….enjoy!

*Citrus Swirl….Orange soda and ice cream, the perfect duo!


*Mickey Waffles with anything- ice cream preferably

rsz_img_4153 (1)

*Raspberry Dole Whip…bascially pineapple juice and any kind of ice cream makes this so delicious!

rsz_img_9271 (1)

*Egg Rolls from Yak and Yeti….they are just yummy!


*Popcorn from any Disney Park….it’s the perfect walk and snack…pre-covid anyways.

rsz_img_3674 (1)

*The Night Blossom at Pandora….I just LOVE those Boba balls!


*The Mickey Bar…..a classic, this is not up for debate.


*Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s….there’s a reason the line is ALWAYS long here!


*Chewabacca Cookie….Chewy you say?


*School Bread in Norway… is it bread? Is it a donut? We don’t know, we don’t care- it’s delicious!


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