Route 66…Luna Café and Al Capone

Excited to find every nook and cranny on the “Mother Road” also known as Route 66 in Illinois…I found myself in the itty, bitty city of Mitchell. Because I was coming through early, the Café unfortunately was not open, and possibly not open at all due to Covid at the time. It is known to be one of the few that are still in business on Route 66.

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Built in 1924, two years before the infamous road existed, it became a hot spot for gambling and scandalous behavior. It was rumored that if the “cherry” was lit up on the famous neon sign outside, that was a sign to the women in the area that the place was ready for “entertainment.”

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On top of practically being a Brothel, the place became famous for hosting THE Al Capone. He would frequent here coming back and forth from Chicago, meeting up with many a fellow gangster between those famous walls.  You can also visit Al Capone at his grave in Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery in Hillside, IL.

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The infamous neon sign still stands today for everyone traveling down Route 66- check it out next time you’re in town!



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