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Introducing the Newest Addition to The Relocated Tourist Family

So many times on my adventures, whether they be Disney or on the road, I have been asked “Amy, why aren’t you a Travel Agent?” Well, I appreciate the confidence, but it takes a special, amazing, and patient soul for that important role…so I did the next best thing and asked one to sponsor me instead! I would like all of you to meet Tim and Lesley Sawhook of Exclusive Travel Partners, the coolest kids this side of Disney. I decided an interview would be the easiest way for them to have the floor and connect with each of you. So without further adieu, I give you Exclusive Travel Partners.


  1. First off, I am SO excited about our partnership! Why don’t you tell everyone why the name “Exclusive Travel Partners” and why you wanted to start it.

Hi Amy, we are so excited to work with you too!  We are Tim and Lesley Sawhook, owners of Exclusive Travel Partners.  We chose the name Exclusive Travel Partners because we pride ourselves in providing Exclusive service to our guests.  With Lesley’s eight years of Travel Agent experience and Tim’s Entrepreneurial spirit we started Exclusive Travel Partners a little over 4 years ago.  We did so with the idea that we could stand out in this industry in the best way possible.  Our core values are to Connect with people, Invest in people and Love on people.  We know that if we do that in life or in business we will make a lifelong impact in the lives of others.  


2.      What kind of travel do you specialize in and what kinds do you cover in general?

We have an amazing team of travel professionals and each one specializes in something different. We have agents who specialize in all inclusive destinations, Disney and Universal, cruise lines, group travel, domestic vacations,  European travel, Africa, etc. You name the destination, we can get you there. 


3.      With so many websites out there today to use, why use a travel agent at all? Explain.

We love to say “the internet is for looking but a travel agent is for booking”. We don’t think people realize that our service is free and you support small business, which is so important right now. We get paid a commission behind the scenes from the vendors we work with and there is no added cost to our guests.  More than anything, we are your advocate. If something were to go wrong during your trip, we are here for you. You do not lose control over your vacation, we are your guide and you can have as much or little control as you want. We save you time and money. We will match you with the perfect destination and hold your hand from the moment of booking until you return to ensure you have all of the tips and information needed to ensure your trip is all you want it to be.  This year has taught our customers how much they need us. When the world shut down this year our team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make changes, get refunds and take care of everything our customers needed. 


4.      What was your favorite trip you planned for someone and why is it your favorite?

Our favorite trip was a Make a Wish Disney Cruise line trip to Alaska for a family. Their daughter had been diagnosed with cancer and her dream was to visit Alaska. We were able to make sure they had everything she needed for her medical care on board. We took care of setting up extra pixie dust for their trip including a private meet n’ greet with Princesses on board, a princess makeover, fun gift delivered to their stateroom with her favorite treats, etc. Every trip we plan is special because it could be that families first or last vacation together, you never know. We treat everyone with love and care but this one does stand out.


5.      What do you look forward to in the future as an Agency?

We really look forward to creating more and more memories for families.  Time is such a precious resource to families and our goal is to always take the stress away of planning vacations and allow our families more time together.  


6.      Anything else you would like the folks to know?

Next time you are looking for a family vacation, adult getaway or anything in between, connect with us at Exclusive Travel Partners.  We are your go to getaway experts and we would love to serve you and your family.


The Relocated Tourist is sponsored by Exclusive Travel Partners…connect with them and connect with adventure!


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