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The MegaCon Magic

rsz_img_2328When we were getting ready to move to Florida, it was never on my list, heck my radar even, this thing called “MegaCon.”  It wasn’t until several years ago that my daughter heard about it and started to cosplay with friends.  I remember trying to wrap my head around what it all was… this amazing geekdom full of creativity and just plain fun.  Our family started going when our youngest heard Norman Reedus was attending.  Being the Walking Dead fans that we are, and she was so in love with him, that we HAD to meet him. That of course snowballed to me also meeting Alan Tudyk who was in one of my favorite moves “A Knight’s Tale.”  Both experiences were unforgettable and amazing.

Fast forward to last year meeting THE Jeff Goldblum (I still haven’t stopped shaking from that moment) and now to this year meeting Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, and Ke Huy Quan. (Emily met Zachary Levi).  A side note on the meet and greets, they are more like pose and run.  The first time we did one, I was more in shock about how fast they get you in and out.  Literally 10 seconds or less, no joke. You are ushered in, smile, say something maybe as you walk in or walk out, and hope they heard you.  With MJFox, he told Kyra to lean in more, as WE were all told in line you were not allowed to touch either him or Christopher Llyod. As you can see in other celebrity pics I have on Facebook, Jeff Goldblum is full on hugging me, Norman is hugging Emily, and the Goonies pic we all have our arms around each other.  I assume it’s because of his health and was fine with that – so Kyra and I were VERY surprised when he asked us to lean in closer to him. Then AFTER the pic was taken he leaned into me after Kyra left and that’s when I told him I loved “Teen Wolf” and he smiled and nodded. And that was it.  Now, for the money you spend, you wish you had time to talk to any of them, but the amount of people waiting for their turn for a pic is in the hundreds if not thousands, so I understand the rush. It’s the pic, the experience, and let’s be real, the bragging rights, on why we pay so much to see them.  Nothing feels cooler than meeting someone who was a big part of your life, whether they knew it or not.

If you haven’t been, and are interested in going, here is what we have done.  First, follow MegaCon on Social Media, as they send out a lot of vital information to prepare you for the weekend.  As they start to post Celebrity Meet and Greets, we begin to budget who we want to see, what we can afford, and given the heads up is nice because we can save and then pay for it before the convention. We do ours in waves- pay for the meet and greets, then buy the admission tickets to get in and finally the weekend of we pay for the merch and any other special photo opps on the convention floor . This year I did a Ghostbusters one that was SO MUCH FUN ($5) – the guys had me wear a proton pack, sit in the Ectomobile, and just BE a Ghostbuster for 10 minutes.  Yes, I AM AWARE it’s not real, it’s called PLAYING and you are a boring adult if you can’t grasp the concept of imagination anymore. I also loved the Pizza Planet Truck, sitting in the Delorean, and playing with the Star Wars characters.  Proceeds for many of them go to charities, so it’s a win win for everyone.

You can spend hour just in the photo opps area, but there is so much merchandise to look at and of course, the artist ally is simply amazing!!  I am always taken back by the talents that so many have and express it in ways I could never DREAM of.  I had so much fun just talking to artists, how they came up with their ideas, and buying artwork for our home.  Lots of Marvel and Disney characters represented, but also amazing forest scenes that you just want to walk into and curl under a big oak tree with a book.  I spent 3 hours just in the artist area on Sunday….so worth it.  And the merchandise is dripping with pop culture and I LOVE that!!  We love the Pop Funkos because you can have this small piece of nostalgia, a memory let’s say, and smile every time you see it.  I like to collect my favorite shows and movies, and I also picked up “Big Boy” this weekend. (Long live Sheboygan Wisconsin!!)  Craig and I have so much fun hunting down our favorites, getting the kids their favs, it’s just a fun family thing we do.  I bought Craig a TRON poster (the original movie), also Iron Man and Kyra got a Captain Marvel one about women empowerment, and Emily got Avengers, Sherlock, Supernatural, Spider-Man, and Shazam. Yes, we love our pop culture.

I chose a 2 day ticket this year, (Admission is around $50 a day per person) but you can get a 4 day pass to go Thursday afternoon through Sunday night.  I think next year we will shop on Friday and do celebrities on Saturday or Sunday only. This past Saturday was INSANELY busy to the point that if you truly wanted to stop and look at something, the wave of people just carried you with them.  Sunday was a lot more chill and relaxed and I enjoyed just shopping and taking it all in with space around me.  MegaCon definitely is not for anyone who has anxiety with crowds- at least not Saturday.  The food was ok, nothing to cheer about, and I definitely had sticker shock with a can of soda for $3.  They did sell a mug that you can buy for $25 and then get free refills for the duration of the convention- may do that next year. On their website it said no carry-ins but I tested that on Sunday with a bottle of water and protein bars in my bag and they didn’t say anything.  So honestly, bring your own in if you are watching your spending.

I want to add that what I love most about MegaCon is that you get to celebrate your inner nerd.  No one is judging you for wanting a pic with the Avengers, or freaking out about your favorite Carl and Ellie couple.  Everyone is in on the fantasy, the fun…it’s letting your geek fly high and proud and not giving a damn who doesn’t like it.  So here’s to the amazing cosplayers, artists, celebrities, vendors, and those who work tirelessly to put this event on- it was INCREDIBLE and I thank you for the memories. See you next year!

If you want to catch all the fun pictures of MegaCon I took, check out The Relocated Tourist on Facebook and Instagram.

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