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Why I Moved Back to Wisconsin …

Our dream of Florida, at that time, was everything we had hoped it would be.  We got to live in two beautiful homes, the second being my favorite. Our adventures were a plenty that I will eventually get around to sharing, so that your family can have them as well! But life happens, and it’s messy, and things happen.

So the simple of it, my marriage was broken. Doesn’t matter the details, if you know, I trust you, but we had our problems like most have, and between that and Emily hating school here, it just seemed like the right time to go back to the beginning.  I think some of me wanted to go back to WI because that’s where we raised our babies, got married, and lived a huge portion of our lives together. That even though we were heading back to divorce, which we did indeed file, maybe, just maybe, there was hope.  No one likes to admit that there life is a mess, and it’s too bad that sometimes we live a happy life on Social Media that it is anything but.  So we all moved back to see what the next chapter would be.

Putting the divorce aside, moving back was just creepy. It was May, it was cold and gloomy, and even though I recognized everything…our family was fractured and I was just sad. Sad that our story was going to end like this. With time I got my own apartment, was offered a full-time job, got my own car, and quickly life didn’t seem so sad anymore.  The filing was hard, but we tried to be friendly about it and just live our lives.  And then I got sick. Very sick. A bacteria was in my system that couldn’t be kicked out or diagnosed, so I spent many nights at the E.R. in pain.  My life as I knew it changed in a flash.  I started to pace, scratch and itch my skin all the time, and I had serious thoughts of suicide. By the way, it takes courage to talk about that- people freak out when you mention it, it’s a real thing.  I actually admitted myself into a Clinic to be watched and monitored… the pain was making me that crazy.  I wasn’t sleeping, and when I did I’d wake up with pain and start to pace again and again. They put me on anxiety and depression meds that wound up making it ten times worse. I tried to convince my boss that I could walk up  the wall if she asked me…yeah, I know, scary. I was finally diagnosed months later, but the mental damage was done. My memory has taken a brutal hit from it all- I think God is just trying to protect me from the deep and sharper memories during that 6 month time.

And through all that pain…Craig came back to me.

It started off small with conversations of trying to help me calm down, then taking me to the hospital, and then just hanging out with me so I wasn’t alone.  Just his presence would relax me, to know I wasn’t going crazy and someone else knew what I was going through.  Then I remember one night I was jacked up on pain meds from the ER and we had to get a prescription on the way home and I just remember asking him why I wasn’t enough, why we couldn’t make it work, and it just snowballed from there. Soon after many talks,  we went and dissolved the filing at the Courthouse and celebrated with smoothies. It didn’t mean everything was great, it meant that we were both trying again. And let me say this, it doesn’t matter how many times you try, just try.

I never saw leaving Florida as some failure, but dream fulfilled. The truth of the matter was that WE DID do what we came for.  We are just as imperfect as the rest of the World, and I feel we did what was right for our family. And of course, we DID come back. Things got better, the life we knew in WI had been put to bed a long time ago, and we had the greatest perspective now of “What If we went back.” We know now, and even though Florida still may not be our forever home, we know WI is not either.  A valuable life lesson made all around.

Don’t ever be afraid to admit when life is a mess…more people will connect with you on that than they ever will with your 100th happy selfie (Although I do love a good Goofy pic.)

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  1. I really admire your courage. Please keep up the sharing of who you are and don’t be derailed by those that might complain. I read your other post where you seemed upset that some were slamming you for just being honest about the occasional things we find about Disney that might not be real positive. Those people live in a different world than most of us and if that’s what they want to read about then by all means go find those bloggers. Reading someones opinion about something is usually helpful rather it is positive or negative. Your post today will definitely help somebody out there relate to your experience and feel like they are not alone. Sorry for making this so long, but I just want you to know that your readers are with you. We might not always comment, but we are here and sharing your life with you. We don’t want just fluff, we want it all, good or bad. Happy you’re back and those of us not living so close to the magic can live it through you. Thank you again for sharing and look forward to what’s next!

  2. When I first started blogging, people were real and that’s what drew me to blogging my own truth. But once Facebook and Instagram and similar social media sites burst on the scene, it became all about being fake and/or for commercial gain. I appreciate your honest post, hoping this is the direction we all take online. Btw, we moved to Florida 3 times so I understand the draw. Moving/leaving is a common thread among Florida transplants. Wishing you the best in your future.

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