The Fountain of Nations

Guest Author: Joe Diebold

We love eating lunch at the Electric Umbrella in EPCOT. Like so many quick service restaurants in Disney it offers a bounty of sandwiches, fresh fruits and other fried delights. The reason this quick service is a must do for theDisneyCouple is the beautiful view. fon1

Living in Buffalo New York there are not many affordable dining options that include a beautiful view. The Fountain of Nations in EPCOT is a breath taking and inspirational delight that we always look forward to. This fountain that the crowds rush by without taking a moment to enjoy houses the wishes of millions that believe in the power of dreams. I can sit and watch the water dance to its choreographed melody for hours and reflect on all of the dreams that I want to pursue in my life. fon3 fon5

It doesn’t matter how you document the goals in your life. Some people keep a journal, some talk to the stars. I look forward to my trips to Disney World. I save my pennies so that I can bring them to the Fountain of Nations in Epcot to throw in as a symbol of my dreams. Everyone has dreams so take a moment to reflect and live in the moment by taking in the magic of the Fountain of Nations. fon4

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