BRAND NEW Dumbo Popcorn Holder

I can’t say when the last time I REALLY wanted a Disney Popcorn holder…probably the Mickey ones during the holidays maybe, but this? This is AMAZINGLY ADORABLE!! I am going to get one, well hopefully, but he is just way to cute not too! I found him at the Popcorn Wagon in Belle’s Village area, and I am sure he is being sold at Storybook Circus as well. But I didn’t see him at the Popcorn Wagon at the entrance/exit upon leaving today, just normal buckets.  He is $12.00 and Kristal tells me she heard he is collapsible so you can take him home on the plane-guess I will have to buy one to find out.  This makes a great popcorn holder and an even better souvenir- enjoy!

Dumbo3 Dumbo2 Dumbo1

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