Write Up Me Hearties Yo Ho … The “Pirates of the Caribbean” Pen

I don’t know how long this “Pirates of the Caribbean” pen has been around, but Kyra says she has seen it in and out of her Park for months now.  I had never seen it before, probably because it is a hot seller.  Unlike the Monorail pen, this one not only is cheaper, but it comes in 2 parts! PiratePen1

One part is the the sheath, and the other part the sword, aka the pen part.  Want to know another cool part? It writes in red, blood red. I can only assume the red is for the blood that is slayed with the sword?  I don’t mind the red, but it was a surprise since I was going to be using it as my every day pen in my purse, now I’m not sure the red is practical.  We shall see. PiratePen3

You can also attach it to the outside of a purse, backpack, etc..and the sheath is the attachment part so the pen will stay in it. It has a small stopper in it, that possibly will wear down after pulling the sword out so many times, time will tell.  Also you have to line up the pen correctly to put back in the sheath, its a triangle shape hole, but the pen isn’t a prefect triangle so you can’t just shove it back in willy nilly.  PiratePen2

It’s meant to be a fun pen, and it does actually work!  This is a GREAT present for anyone as it is such a fun small thing to have, and it is affordable- $6.95 and would work great for a small souvenir for someone. I purchased mine at “Port Orleans Riverside” on Walt Disney World Property.

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