Chamber of Commerce for Osceola County in Florida

CHAMBERrsz_009 Located on Highway 192, in the city of Kissimmee, the Chamber of Commerce sits next to the East Campus of Valencia College. A large building, I thought it was finally time to make a visit and talk to someone about what they can give out to help with relocation.CHAMBERrsz_014

I hit the motherload of information, and it’s too long to put in one post. I will be sharing them as indiviual posts, crediting the Chamber of course, and helping out so many of you who are coming to live out their FL dreams here!

CHAMBERrsz_016 CHAMBERrsz_015 CHAMBERrsz_011

They gave me a packet of important numbers, lists upon lists that I never really thought about needing (and yeah, I LIVE here now and didn’t have it), and lots of great tips on what to see besides the theme parks. Look for upcoming posts on the critical information YOU will need moving to the Central Florida area.


If you get the chance and live here, I highly suggest stopping here to see all of the history they posted on the walls, the art they painted, and comb over the hundreds of pieces of information available.

3 thoughts on “Chamber of Commerce for Osceola County in Florida

  • Great info, thanks! Oh hey, have you been to Mount Dora? We are actually thinking of relocating there. It seems to be a very quaint historic area with lower rents. That’s Lake County though, I’ll have to check out their Chamber and see what they have to offer for a relocation package.

  • Looking forward to all the posts about the information you received. Thank you for taking the time to post all the great information you have found. It is beyond helpful for us! Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate it!!