“Oblivion” Restaurant in East Orlando

Guest Author: Heather McClay
As you drive along Colonial Rd/Route 50 on your way to Semoran Blvd you will pass by this place unaware of how amazing it really is- this is “Oblivion.”
The outside it looks like a biker bar, but upon closer inspection you will find out how wonderfully wrong you are. Once you step in you will notice the neon beer signs, but there is not Bud, Coors or Miller here, this is micro brew territory. If you are not a beer drinker, do not despair, they have over a page worth of ciders as well; and again, this is also a perfect place for family dinners.
The burgers are amazing, the one pictured is known as the Paradise burger and is a veggie burger, black bean patty freshly made with pickled mango and avocado as well as lettuce and mayo. I usually go with the JalePINEo burger, again another amazing burger, this one with jalapeno cream cheese and a pineapple ring. And if these weren’t good enough, they come with a choice of spud side, the high recommendation is the tater tots with Parmesan on them.
This was my fifth time coming to this restaurant and have gotten something different anytime, if you do come in hungry get the fried pickles to split; if you have gotten them before you will find these superior, if you have never had fried pickles, you will be spoiled!
But don’t just take my word for it, go and give this place a try. They are open Tuesday-Sunday opening at 4pm and they are closed Monday. Also they are one Facebook and post events as well as specials for everyday. https://www.facebook.com/obliviontaproom?ref=ts&fref=ts