Happy St. Patricks Day…the Celebration at Downtown Disney!

It usually starts like this – “Amy, are you available to hang out today?”  Happily I love to hear an invite to anything, so hanging out with the Jacksons from TN was no different!   We planned dinner at “Earl of Sandwich” and as I got ready for the evening, I was so excited to not only meet them, but I would get to see the “St. Patrick’s Day” Celebration going on in the WestSide area.


As a local, I have decided to always park near the AMC because it is worth the walk to avoid the headache of trying to park anywhere closer, PLUS, you get to see all the cool stuff as you walk over to the other side.  Tonight was no different, and the greens that danced among the crowds clothing was pretty cool to see. They handed out free beads to everyone walking through, and the drink choices out there were crazy awesome. I wish I could say I tried one, but I was the only one driving and I am a lightweight.


I would have to say my favorite part were the statues and the Celtic Music flowing through the old Pleasure Island area.  I could have listened to them all evening, it reminded of Renn Faire and also Irish Fest in Milwaukee.  I had an amazing evening with friends I have been excited to meet for some time.  Thanks again to the Jackson family for a lovely evening.  Enjoy all of the wonderful pictures of the great time I had!

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