Epcot’s 30th Celebration Merchandise

I was so excited to see all the great stuff they had for this Celebration. Found it all at Mousegears this morning, and I didn’t stand in line. I did have a good pal who stood in line at 6/7 a.m. this morning and said the same stuff was still left when we were there around 11:30. Word is they only made 300 of each of the IPhone cases- and they are VERY cool! Got one for Hubby, a shirt, the GENIUS Mickey ears cover, and several pins. Here are the pics, enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Epcot’s 30th Celebration Merchandise

  • That iPhone case is great. I still have the original booklet that the art is from…Great to see EPCOT continuing to get some love from Disney.

  • Love all the pics. Can’t wait to be there in 36 days, but who’s counting. Lol. Hopefully those iphone cases that look like spaceship earth will still be there. My DDIL will love it! I wish they had cases like that for my phone a droid!!

  • I’m surprised the dated merch is out already they usually keep that back for the actual day of anniversary, at least they have all the times I have attended…

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