The Peace and Quiet of Epcot

I was in all four Parks last week, NEVER saw them that empty before in all my time on vacation and now living here. But today, I visited Epcot on my own for a virtual vacation for all my Disney pals.  I had hoped it would be “dead” but I was in shock at how quiet it really was. I did post a couple of the pictures on FB and Instagram, but I wanted everyone to see just how empty it was.

I also have to say that it was so much fun to just walk up and “do” anything. When the crowds are thick, I don’t dare say hello to Mickey or attempt to ride “Soarin.” Sure, I’ll fastpass it, but today… I just walked up and on. Stopped only to hear Puddy do this thang and then I was on the ride. I was in shock to see other rows around me COMPLETELY empty.  I have been in the biggest crowds when even getting there early meant usually a 10 minute wait.  It was FANTASTIC!

And yes, I saw Mickey. Nope, not inside his area but OUTSIDE in the walkway! He grabbed a couple kids hands and in they went. So I thought “What the heck” and I followed to get my pics taken with the fab 5 today.  I bounced from one to another, click, done. All in all it took about 10 minutes. And that was BEFORE Soarin.’

I casually walked around Epcot like I owned the place. Why? Noone was in there to care that I did. I took pictures of so many wonderful things, and I saw more Cast Members who looked bored to tears today, so I chatted it up with them. ALWAYS fun conversations with them.

I walked the World Showcase with not a care in the World, just the agenda to have a peaceful time and let others share in the magic with me.  I know what people think around me “Gosh she stares at her phone a lot” – well I am trying to share the love online, so if you see me, that’s what I am doing.  Knock on wood, haven’t fallen into any fountains yet.

I did so much in a 3.5 hour time period that I almost felt like I had missed something. I don’t do Mission:Space and I didn’t have the patience for Ellen, so it was Spaceship Earth on the way out and I was home by 1:30 after grabbing lunch.  So in conclusion, YES, I would suggest coming between Labor Day and before Food and Wine if you want the Parks to yourself- there is NOTHING like it.

4 thoughts on “The Peace and Quiet of Epcot

  • WOW!!! That is so amazing to see the parks so empty. I would love to experience it! Has it been empty for a week now? Do you remember it being so empty last year?

  • Kinda of eery – What’s the weather like this time of the year. We went one September and the humidity was oppressing and there were super bad rain storms with severe thunder and lightening.

  • Wow crazy. I always try to go in Sept or Oct. but I have never seen it that dead before and I have been many times. Too bad it wouldnt be like that when I go to the D23 Magic and Merriment event in Dec that would be pretty cool.Dizneydad Paul Indiana

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