The Publix Chicken Meal Deal

If you have stayed off Disney Property or driven around the area near WDW, I am sure you have heard of the grocery store “Publix.”  You can’t throw a rock ten feet without running into a Publix here in Central Florida. I LOVE them, they are classy and they have EXCELLENT service!  And because I love them so much, I wanted to give a heads up to my readers on one of my favorite deals they have there.

It’s not a weekly deal, but an “all the time” deal which is their chicken meal deal.  Like fried chicken? I don’t know many who don’t! You get 8 pieces of DELICIOUS fried chicken, two 8 ounce sides, and four dinner rolls. The sides can be picked out in the cooler, across from where you pick up the chicken- and my FAVORITE is the sweet coleslaw and red skin potatoe salad. Oh..and the rolls are soft and delicious.

But here is the BEST part…the whole deal is $10.99!  Easily feeds a family of four- and so incredibly affordable when you compare the Park prices and KFC costs to it.  If you have the means to get off Disney Property on your vacation, I HIGHLY recommend this meal deal as it is incredibly yummy and affordable to boot! Enjoy!

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