Merch Mondays…Color Changing Lanyards

There are two different kinds of these lanyards, and I have not purchased either yet to know how well they work. But, I thought they were pretty cool to show you all. They are hanging with the rest of the lanyards in all of the Disney Parks- enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Merch Mondays…Color Changing Lanyards

  • The t-shirts that change are pretty cool. I hope these work as well. They look like they would be a fun addition to lanyard collection.

  • I have a tote bag that changes color in the sunlight and my daughter has some hair clips that change too. They work and we have had them for a couple of years. They are not from Disney, but I’m sure it is the same thing.

  • My mom got one of the castle color changing lanyards and it works. She loves it and currently uses it for her work ID.

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