Sea World at Christmas Time

Wow, that’s all I can say about Sea World, their decorations, and the crowds. Yep, Sea World looked great, the decorations were great in certain areas of the Parks, and the crowds were non-existent. Kyra enjoyed her time at the Penguin behind-the-scenes tour, while we fed a sea lion next door. The best part of our day was taking the Polar Express tour. It is included in your price of admission, and they retheme the Wild Artic ride. You can ride or walk it, and you don’t have to stay for the video portion if you don’t wish too. We didn’t and got to enjoy the decorations all by ourselves without anyone around.

We walked past the train station, presents on top of presents, and Christmas lights on trees lined the way. We found our way to the North Pole where a huge Christmas tree sits near the beluga whale tank. Santa himself is in this area as well, where you can get your family picture taken. We found the polar bear and said hello, then walked into another area where they were serving hot chocolate. We bought the kids one each, and with our Annual Pass discount only cost $3.00 for both drinks. They even included marshmallows on the top- the kids were so giddy with excitement.

The entire gift shop has been turned into a Winter Wonderland for the Polar Express fans, and they even sell the Polar Express train for around the bottom of your tree or any other use. Outside you can get your pictures taken by THE Polar Express train, and the kids thought that was so cool. If your family loves this movie, this is a MUST see!!

Enjoy the pics below, and we will be going back one of these weekend evenings to catch all the Christmas shows. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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